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  • His favourite word is believe.

Liberal MP for Winnipeg North (Manitoba)

Won his last election, in 2015, with 69% of the vote.

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Questions on the Order Paper October 20th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, I ask that all questions be allowed to stand.

Miscellaneous Statute Law Amendment Act, 2017 October 20th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, we have had discussions among the parties, and if you seek it, I think you will find unanimous consent for the following motion. I move:

That, nothwithstanding and Standing Order or usual practice of the House, Bill C-60, An Act to correct certain anomalies, inconsistencies and errors and to deal with other matters of a non-controversial and uncomplicated nature in the Statutes of Canada and to repeal certain Acts and provisions that have expired, lapsed or otherwise ceased to have effect, be deemed read a second time and referred to a Committee of the Whole, deemed considered in Committee of the Whole, deemed reported without amendment, deemed concurred in at the report stage, and deemed read a third time and passed.

Business of Supply October 19th, 2017

Madam Speaker, I look forward to the day when we see an opposition day motion talk about the importance of our oil industry and to hear more about pipelines.

It is interesting that we are having an opposition day dealing with our forestry industry. We on this side of the House understand and appreciate how important that industry it is to Canada. As I mentioned earlier, it creates 200,000 direct jobs and many more indirect jobs. This is a government that has come to the table since day one. We have now invested well over $800 million in a fund to assist the industry.

Can we anticipate an NDP opposition day motion on the oil industry? The member may be a little offside with some of his colleagues on the pipeline issue, but I can appreciate and love Regina too. It is a great city. Could he provide his thoughts on the importance of the jobs in the forest industry?

Business of Supply October 19th, 2017

Madam Speaker, $867 million is a significant amount of money, and it should not be a surprise. From day one, this has been a priority issue for us. We know that over 200,000 Canadians are directly employed in this industry, let alone the tens of thousands indirectly employed.

The government is very keen to get not only an agreement but a good agreement, and there is a difference. The Conservatives seem to be determined to sign an agreement. Would the member not agree that it is better for us to ensure we get a good agreement? That is how we will protect the industry and those middle-class jobs, and in fact expand the industry. Should we not try to achieve that?

Business of Supply October 19th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, I do not think we have to hear from any of the Conservative members of Parliament in terms of the importance of the industry. From day one, we have had a government that has been dealing with this issue as a priority, from different ministries right to the Prime Minister's Office. There is literally hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation available. We are looking at ways to have a good agreement. Ultimately, that is what we are trying to achieve.

It is important we recognize that the former government did not get the job done. Now the Conservatives are trying to say that we should just get an agreement. They are pushing the government because they want an agreement. The Government of Canada also wants an agreement, but it does not want just any agreement, it wants a good agreement that is in the best interests of all Canadians.

Why does the member feel that the New Democratic Party is not even supporting the motion, given the fact that the New Democrats, like the Liberals, are also acknowledging the valuable contributions of the industry to our economy and Canada's middle class?

Business of Supply October 19th, 2017

Madam Speaker, it is most unfortunate that the member's passion was not there when Stephen Harper was the prime minister. The Conservative government had the opportunity to negotiate an agreement.

However, to try to leave the impression that this government was negligent in any way on this file is just wrong. We have very competent and capable ministers who have been on this file virtually from day one. He is trying to give Canadians the impression that the government does not care. The member knows there is a compensation package in place of well over $800 million. The Minister of Natural Resources talked about the importance of this industry.

The member talks about the 200,000 direct jobs. Hundreds of thousands of indirect jobs are also critical to our economy. These are middle-class jobs, which we have been emphasizing since day one. The government believes we have to not only negotiate an agreement, but it has to be a good agreement for Canadians. The government has strived to do that. Yes, it might not be on the Conservatives' timetable, but it is not important for us to meet that timetable. It is important that we get the right agreement and a good agreement for Canadians. That will secure the middle-class jobs we have today and will grow the industry, as the Minister of Natural Resources said.

My question for the member is very simple. Would he not agree that it is in Canada's best interest to not just settle on this issue, but that we strive to get the best agreement we can, which will result in more economic and social activity for all Canadians?

Business of Supply October 19th, 2017

Madam Speaker, I am glad the NDP has decided to vote against the motion presented by the Conservative Party. The member across the way is underestimating just how important these discussions are. If he listened to the Minister of Natural Resources, he would have a very clear picture of just how important the forestry industry is to this government and to Canadians as a whole, given its immense contribution to the GDP and the quality of life we have, and how important it is that it remain a top priority for this government.

We are very much aware of the impact on our workers and the industry. Would the member acknowledge, as the Minister of Natural Resources has clearly indicated, how important it is that the national government continue to work with stakeholders, in particular the provinces, because of our joint responsibility, and that we do not cave in to the Americans for the sake of having an agreement but work toward a good deal for Canadians?

Questions on the Order Paper October 19th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, I ask that all questions be allowed to stand at this time.

Indigenous Affairs October 18th, 2017

We do, Mr. Speaker, and the member said that he does too. I am glad to hear that. We should respect the process in place to deal with the types of issues the opposition has been raising. Therefore, if one has confidence in it, as the member across the way said he does, then let us accept the process and move on to talk about the issues Canadians want us to talk about.

What is more important than serving Canada's middle class and those aspiring to be a part of it, and all of those individuals who will benefit from fantastic program enhancements, whether the guaranteed income supplement, the Canada child benefit program, or the CPP enhancement over the coming years, not to mention all of those other issues? This is what Canadians want us to be talking about.

Indigenous Affairs October 18th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, what it all boils down to from my perspective is whether the member has confidence in the commissioner. Does he have confidence in Mary Dawson doing what she has been charged to do?