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Air Transportation  Madam Speaker, dozens of other countries have implemented the same measures. Passenger safety is a serious matter for all of us. These measures have been implemented by France, Great Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Russia, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Greece

November 24th, 2017House debate

Karen McCrimmonLiberal

National Defence committee  . That being said, I do strongly believe—and I mentioned this at the beginning of my remarks—that there's always been differences of opinion within NATO, and that's one of the benefits of having an alliance like this. You had Greece and Turkey sitting at the table not long after they were

November 20th, 2017Committee meeting

Dr. Mark Sedra

Citizenship and Immigration committee   been defeated in the majority of areas in Iraq and Syria. We urge the Canadian government to unite Canadian Yazidi refugees with their captured relatives who have found refuge in UNHCR camps in Iraq, Turkey, Greece, Syria, and Jordan. Yazidis everywhere pray that Canada

November 9th, 2017Committee meeting

Hadji Hesso

Citizenship and Immigration committee   and Greece. Our increased presence in Erbil has enabled us to engage regularly with different representatives from the Yazidi community and maintain discussions with local authorities and the United Nations. The office of the Canadian embassy in Erbil has also provided assistance

November 7th, 2017Committee meeting

Sean Boyd

Finance committee   of other countries as well that are G20 partners. Continuing on the earlier list as well, there are Peru, Ireland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Portugal, Cyprus, Iceland, Malta, Chile, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, and then there is a series of other partners on here that are also G20 partners

November 6th, 2017Committee meeting

Nicole Giles

Oxi Day  Mr. Speaker, on October 28, Greeks around the world celebrated Oxi Day. On this day in 1940, the Greek prime minister was given an ultimatum by Mussolini: allow Axis forces to enter and occupy strategic locations in Greece or go to war. The prime minister was quick to respond

October 30th, 2017House debate

Emmanuella LambropoulosLiberal

Situation in Myanmar   family had been trying to reach Canada, unable to reach safe haven in Greece. Tonight we have heard unbearable stories of sadistic cruelty and violence toward Rohingya people. Is this enough to move us to act? We are having an emergency debate in the House, but I would hope we can

September 26th, 2017House debate

Elizabeth MayGreen

Situation in Myanmar   debates about a little boy who had died on a beach in Greece, crossing the three-mile stretch of the Aegean Sea. We all remember the photograph. It was a tragedy. I was asked about this and if we should do more for refugees in that area. In response, I said that I took the point

September 26th, 2017House debate

Scott ReidConservative

Foreign Affairs committee   the impact aspect of the financing the DFI is providing. The DFI could also be involved in issuing debt into local and developing capital markets that don't currently have established benchmark yield curves, much as the World Bank did in places such as South Africa and Greece

May 16th, 2017Committee meeting

Brett House

Bill C-30 Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Implementation Act

Bill C-30 LEGISinfo First Reading Second Reading Third Reading Royal Assent Bilingual view XML PDF Short Title Interpretation Her Majesty Purpose Causes of Action Implementation of the Agreement Approval and Representation on the CETA Joint Committee Tribunals, Arbitration Panels

May 16th, 2017

Chrystia FreelandLiberal

Citizenship and Immigration committee   for their lives. The ship sank and she lost all her documents and ended up in Greece. She rapidly found that the Greeks don't care for transgendered women any more than they do in Lebanon. She's periodically beaten and evicted from one apartment after another, once the landlord realizes she

May 15th, 2017Committee meeting

Janet Altshool

Ottawa River Watershed   than many countries, such as England or Greece. It is not only the Ottawa River that is contemplated in this motion. In Ontario, the Ottawa River watershed includes some important heritage and ecological sites, such as Algonquin Park, Bon Echo Provincial Park, and Murphy's Point

April 6th, 2017House debate

Anita VandenbeldLiberal

The Budget   world went into the worst downturn and recession since the Great Depression, many countries were in massive trouble. We saw that their currency was failing, that their banks were failing, and that their whole plans were failing. We know about Greece and many of those countries, like

March 23rd, 2017House debate

Kevin SorensonConservative

Preclearance Act, 2016   will outline my most memorable experience with pre-clearance and it happened when I was on my honeymoon. It was not between our country and the United States but between Greece and Israel. I was on a Greek cruise ship which made port in Israel. Officials came by in the morning asking to see

February 24th, 2017House debate

Arnold ViersenConservative

Ottawa River Watershed   is now being called integrated watershed management, is a national and international trend. It allows for a meeting place, an agora as they said in ancient Greece, a place where we can manage human activities and ecosystems at the watershed scale. It would integrate multiple concepts

February 23rd, 2017House debate

David McGuintyLiberal