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Procedure and House Affairs committee  , or in Greece, they do the following.... He could have said that in Greece, I have the contact for so and so, a commissioner who could provide you with that information. You never know what you're going to get until you start to process off. Again, I'm just dropping in on this meeting

June 5th, 2018Committee meeting

Tom KmiecConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1   sector job creation to pay for those public sector jobs. If we look at Greece before it went into its economic death spiral, it had the same type of trend. It had a reducing debt-to-GDP ratio, and then it suddenly skyrocketed. When we hit the debt wall, that figure instantly begins

May 31st, 2018House debate

Tom KmiecConservative

Finance committee  Gluskin Sheff's chief economist David Rosenberg amassed all of the debt of households, businesses, and governments in Canada and found it's three times the size of the entire Canadian economy. It's a ratio that puts us above Greece when you put all that aggregated data together

May 9th, 2018Committee meeting

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee   of Greece and Turkey. On the other hand, I want to say, there is no opposition party in Turkey. They do everything together, because their option is, if they don't, a lot of people are tortured or detained every morning. They wake up with the operation every morning. It is not regular

April 19th, 2018Committee meeting

Arzu Yildiz

Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1   economy. We can just think of Greece or Cyprus. Without economic growth, there will be no money to pay for the debt that is piling up on the backs of our children and their children. There will be no money to pay for health care, pensions, affordable housing, or cleaning up

April 17th, 2018House debate

Cheryl GallantConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1   than Greece, Spain, or other basket cases on debt around the world. This is according to Gluskin Sheff, which is a major financial firm that performed that calculation just a month and a half ago. Therefore, if we take all the debt that the Canadian economy is supporting, we

April 16th, 2018House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Finance committee  , corporate, and government—as a share of GDP is higher than debt levels in 15 or 20 other countries, including Greece, Italy, and Spain. Do you not believe that the government should look at the overall debt burden of the Canadian population when determining how much the federal

March 26th, 2018Committee meeting

Pierre PoilievreConservative

The Budget   we take the corporate, personal, and government debt of Canada and add it together, it is 300% the size of our entire economy, which is, this month, for the first time ever, the biggest in the OECD. We have now surpassed Greece as the most overall indebted people in the entire

February 28th, 2018House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Official Languages committee   my backstory very quickly. My mom was born in Greece. She went to Paris to become a French teacher. She moved to Vancouver where she met my father who is a sixth-generation Canadian from the west coast. My mom is a multicultural, multilingual, internationalist, and my dad

February 28th, 2018Committee meeting

Glyn Lewis

National Defence committee  There's always been a challenge. We went through years of challenge with the brewing conflict between Turkey and Greece. There have always been challenges within the alliance, so this isn't necessarily something new. There is enormous propensity for any nation that starts to go

February 27th, 2018Committee meeting

VAdm (Ret'd) Robert Davidson

Business of Supply   and middle-class people start not declaring their income honestly. Then we risk a real crisis. That happens in places like Greece and other countries, where there is a build up of a black market—

February 8th, 2018House debate

Don DaviesNDP

National Defence committee   been released. In formal terms, when a nation ceases to have a functioning parliament, the assembly is quite clear: they cease to participate in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. In our history, there have been times when we didn't have Portugal, Greece, or Turkey. We're

February 8th, 2018Committee meeting

David Hobbs

National Defence committee   amount in terms of heightening awareness of what the alliance does, where it does it, and how it does it, and what the peculiar circumstances of each of our nations are so that we make sure that members from Greece and Turkey appreciate what the high north looks like and what

February 8th, 2018Committee meeting

David Hobbs

Alex Lampropoulos  Mr. Speaker, I rise today to celebrate the life of an outstanding individual, Alex Lampropoulos. Born in Greece, Alex moved to Kingston in 1962 and wholly gave himself to his community. In addition to being a teacher, he thrived in the political scene in Kingston during his

February 6th, 2018House debate

Mark GerretsenLiberal

Public Safety  Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister's comparison of returning ISIS fighters to refugees from countries like Greece and Italy is an insult to these Canadians. It is also insulting to Syrian refugees who have fled their homes because of ISIS and ISIS fighters, who the Prime Minister

February 5th, 2018House debate

Candice BergenConservative