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Business of Supply   federal income tax on the first $15,000 of their income. In fiscal year 2024-25, that will be a $6-billion tax cut for Canadians. It is putting hundreds of dollars back into Canadians' pockets. We should be proud of the $300 or $400 going back into the pockets of individual filers

November 7th, 2023House debate

Francesco SorbaraLiberal

Finance committee  -elected in 2019, was to introduce another $6-billion tax cut that primarily benefited higher-income families. We recommend that the federal government reverse this regressive tax cut. That would save it $3 billion now and $6 billion per year when the cut was fully phased

February 25th, 2021Committee meeting

Angella MacEwen

Business of Supply   it, invest it and put it to use for their families. We are doing it again. When fully implemented, there will be, roughly, a $6-billion tax cut, which will benefit over a million Canadians and remove 700,000 Canadians from our tax rolls. As an economist, I am very happy to see that. I

March 9th, 2020House debate

Francesco SorbaraLiberal

Finance committee   efficiently. There's some funding needed in order to be able to take what's already out there, bring it together and really help it to realize savings of tax dollars for Canadians. I know that one of the big budget items this year is a $6-billion tax cut. We know it's going

February 6th, 2020Committee meeting

Daniel BlaikieNDP

Keeping Canada's Economy and Jobs Growing Act   failed us with its wretched excess, greed and failure to provide the leadership in its own corporate sector. We are going to reward that sector. The biggest ticket item in this fiscal year's spending priority is in fact another $6 billion tax cut for corporations. I come from

October 6th, 2011House debate

Pat MartinNDP

Taxation  Mr. Speaker, the clear will of Canadians was expressed in this House last night. The vast majority of Canadians are saying no to expensive risky schemes like the government's $6 billion tax cut for big business, a corporate tax cut on borrowed money, a tax cut only for those

February 10th, 2011House debate

Ralph GoodaleLiberal

The Economy   in the form of EI payroll taxes on all small businesses. In fact, its $6 billion tax cut ignores 95% of the two million active businesses in Canada. People in the region of Peel feel that the government is ignoring them too. The unemployment is high in this region but the government does

February 9th, 2011House debate

Gurbax MalhiLiberal

Citizenship and Immigration   contributing members of society. Where are the government's priorities? How can the Conservatives sleep at night when they cut $53 million from some of Canada's most vulnerable people and at the same time give corporations a $6 billion tax cut? If the government is looking for ways to pay

February 4th, 2011House debate

Bonnie CrombieLiberal

Sustaining Canada's Economic Recovery Act  , with their drivers and their full staffs. I do not know what some of them do, but it is certainly a cost to Canadians. Could the member comment on that? Also, how could that $6 billion tax cut to corporations, when we are already below the United States, be spent better with wise decisions?

November 3rd, 2010House debate

Wayne EasterLiberal

Sustaining Canada's Economic Recovery Act  Mr. Speaker, those are good questions. Let me start with the question about the $6 billion tax cut that the government is planning for corporations. Let us remember that the tax rate for corporations in our country has come down from 29% to 18%. When the Liberal Party

November 3rd, 2010House debate

Geoff ReganLiberal

Sustaining Canada's Economic Recovery Act   a $6 billion tax cut, as the hon. member rightly says, to the most profitable companies in Canada, which, cumulatively, will add up to about $20 billion, while simultaneously running a $56 billion deficit that will go up to $165 billion?

November 1st, 2010House debate

John McKayLiberal

Sustaining Canada's Economic Recovery Act  Mr. Speaker, I heard in question period today a reply from the Minister of Justice that the government is going to advance its crime agenda. The crime is the $6 billion tax cut to the corporations in this country on borrowed money. It is going to be my children and my

November 1st, 2010House debate

Rodger CuznerLiberal

House debate   for additional prisons, $30 million in additional costs for a census that will provide less reliable information, and a $6 billion tax cut for corporations that already pay the lowest corporate taxes as compared to much of the world. Let us look at a sector that I know well

October 7th, 2010House debate

Wayne EasterLiberal

Government Spending   these priorities to Canadians. He is going to have to explain why it is that it makes sense to give corporations a $6 billion tax cut when we are in a $54 billion deficit. How does he explain those priorities to Canadians?

September 20th, 2010House debate

Michael IgnatieffLiberal