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Petitions  Madam Speaker, I have a petition to present signed by a number of residents from Cambridge, Ontario, pointing out the dangers of consumption and treatment services sites and safe injection sites. The petitioners point to a notable escalation in overdose, drug trade, visible

June 19th, 2019House debate

Harold AlbrechtConservative

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee  As I said, Senator De Lima was the chair of the human rights committee in the Senate. She had started an investigation into the killings, and the president charged her with being involved in the drug trade. She was previously the secretary of justice, and in fact was known

April 4th, 2019Committee meeting

Teresita Quintos Deles

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee   as an elected official, a lawyer by training, a defender of human rights and the rule of law by choice. The next day, all of a sudden she is the so-called “mother of all drug lords”, who today, marks her 770th day in detention, based on trumped-up illegal drug trading charges that have

April 4th, 2019Committee meeting

Teresita Quintos Deles

Health committee  I have one or two questions. This is not my regular committee. There was a comment made that Mexico, and then Canada, were the sources of this drug trade. Can you give us a mix of at least an Ontario experience? Do you find it's fifty-fifty, where half of it is coming from

February 19th, 2019Committee meeting

Tom KmiecConservative

Health committee   not talking about legalizing all drugs when we talk about decriminalization. Mr. Barnum, in your testimony, you said that what you need is an ability to deal with the organized crime surrounding the drug trade. Again, in my previous practice, I took out more bullets due to the drug trade

February 19th, 2019Committee meeting

Doug EyolfsonLiberal

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee  , paramilitary, those working in the drug trade and private security firms working for resource companies. It is used as a way to silence women human rights defenders. Attacks against women are often distinguished from those against men because they are more personal in nature. I'm sure

January 29th, 2019Committee meeting

Rachel Vincent

Citizenship and Immigration committee   of free trade, extractivism, the drug trade, corruption and organized crime. It's exacerbated, as the previous speaker mentioned, by climate change. In Mexico—and I think you've probably heard these statistics before—large numbers of displacement and violence coincided

December 4th, 2018Committee meeting

Steve Stewart

Public Safety committee  That's helpful. Thank you. Is it a fair statement to say that the drug trade and organized crime are elements that INTERPOL would be quite concerned about and it actually would get some operational issues coming its way from that side?

November 22nd, 2018Committee meeting

Sven SpengemannLiberal

Foreign Affairs committee   like Mr. Kessel, that is what sovereignty means. For people who live in the north, sovereignty includes a broader range of issues. It includes search and rescue. It includes policing of things like smuggling, the drug trade or illegal immigration. It also concerns social

October 17th, 2018Committee meeting

Dr. Michael Byers

Public Safety committee   of their money through the illicit drug trade. The recruitment of young people into those things is a significant issue for us, and frankly the threat of enforcement isn't the only way to deal with that. Making investments in young people and communities to help them make better choices

September 25th, 2018Committee meeting

Bill Blair

Firearms Act   of Public Safety says, “it's the drug trade, in particular, that is an intrinsic part of gang culture and gang-related violence and arguably causes the most harm in our communities” and that it is made worse by the “opioid crisis”. What do we have? Vote 40, the slush fund, which

June 19th, 2018House debate

Kelly McCauleyConservative

Firearms Act   owners you have a problem with. It is gangs, illegal guns, and the drug trade, which will only get worse once Bill C-45 is passed later this week by the Senate. You will have nobody else to thank for that but yourself—

June 18th, 2018House debate

Ted FalkConservative

Instruction to Committee on Bill C-71   reputable research indicates that gang crime — urban or rural — is driven by smuggled firearms that flow to Canada as part of the illegal drug trade.” He said, again as an academic expert in the field of gun control and firearm law in Canada, “Analyses of guns recovered from criminal

June 4th, 2018House debate

Peter KentConservative

Public Safety committee  I understand. The nuisance alarms, which we're familiar with, are where you do detect very small amounts of drugs, and they're actually there, but the person is not carrying a significant quantity. We recognize this problem. For example, we don't swab currency, because the drug

March 20th, 2018Committee meeting

Phil Lightfoot

Public Safety committee   individuals potentially involved in the drug trade; increased disciplinary measures; and, a broadening of inmate awareness of substance abuse programs. To speak more specifically about the detection element of our approach, the focus is on reducing the supply of illicit drugs through

March 20th, 2018Committee meeting

Superintendent Warren Coons