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Salaries Act   to talk about his socks, and introducing hollow, meaningless bills, like Bill C-24, that waste Parliament's time? It is a little ironic that the government is introducing this bill. It speaks to the government's priorities. It is making life more difficult for everyday Canadians

December 7th, 2017House debate

Michael CooperConservative

National Impaired Driving Prevention Week  , it is imperative for all of us to shine a light on the inadequate amount of information available to everyday Canadians about the consequences of prescription drugs and their impact on one's motor skills. We also know there are countless instances of people being under the influence of drugs

November 23rd, 2017House debate

Larry MaguireConservative

Cannabis Act   need a new approach, one that takes care of our children and punishes organized criminals rather than everyday Canadians. The cannabis act would revamp the Government of Canada's policies in three key ways, to legalize and strictly regulate cannabis use in Canada. First, we

November 22nd, 2017House debate

Peter SchiefkeLiberal

National Security Act, 2017   for everyday Canadians about the security of information around them and how it gets used. The government needs to figure out what to do with returning ISIS individuals and deal with them appropriately to ensure our safety. However, I do not think that is relevant to this bill. Bill C-59

November 20th, 2017House debate

Wayne StetskiNDP

National Security Act, 2017   be limited. We owe it to all those who work for the cause of protecting Canada from threats, both foreign and domestic, to ensure that the risk and execution of such attacks are mitigated. We owe it to everyday Canadians, people who are living good, honourable lives and are seeking

November 20th, 2017House debate

Glen MotzConservative

Finance committee  , the government claims it's in favour of tax fairness, yet it is favouring well-connected and wealthy insiders, allowing them to avoid paying their fair share of taxes while raising the tax burden on everyday Canadians. The fact that the government is fighting so furiously to keep this debate

November 9th, 2017Committee meeting

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Cannabis Act   individuals. We can see the Liberals are not worried about raising taxes on everyday Canadians. When we look at legalizing marijuana in order to tax it, suddenly it all makes sense. This is not about legalizing marijuana, or keeping it out of the hands of kids. It is not about making our

November 9th, 2017House debate

Arnold ViersenConservative

Ethics   everyday Canadians, but for throwing back the big fish. This is the same CRA that forgave the clients who made millions from the KPMG scheme, and this is the same CRA that failed to act on the Panama papers. When will the minister stop defending the CRA and start standing up

November 7th, 2017House debate

Guy CaronNDP

National Defence committee  , but I find it a very big challenge to talk to a lot of everyday Canadians in my riding about the purpose of NATO and what our military is about. I find myself explaining things that I never thought I would have to explain. The other thing I am happy to do is be part of the NATO

November 6th, 2017Committee meeting

Rachel BlaneyNDP

Ethics  Mr. Speaker, it did not take long for the Liberals to start acting like Liberals, placing wealthy friends ahead of everyday Canadians. In March of this year, the Liberals voted in favour of the NDP's motion calling on the government to take action to tackle tax haven

November 6th, 2017House debate

Rachel BlaneyNDP

Department of Public Works and Government Services Act   and the events of Confederation itself were not worthy to be celebrated as part of Canada 150. Despite that fact, everyday Canadians from across the country have taken it upon themselves to celebrate the people, events, and accomplishments of Canada's history themselves. Canadians care about

November 6th, 2017House debate

Peter Van LoanConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2017, No. 2  Mr. Speaker, every family looks at whether they can pay their bills at the end of the month. The government is raising taxes on everyday Canadians. The average family is paying $800 more a year in taxes. Besides that, it is adding, on average, $500 per person to the national

November 2nd, 2017House debate

Arnold ViersenConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2017, No. 2   government is dumping a bale of hay on the camel's back, with higher taxes on small businesses and taking away tax credits, and it goes on. Canadians cannot take any more. The government needs to take a hard look at what it is doing and the damage it is doing to average, everyday

November 2nd, 2017House debate

Kelly McCauleyConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2017, No. 2   2017, will continue to improve the lives of everyday Canadians. I want to turn for a moment to talk about poverty on a wider scale. Last week, the finance minister tabled the fall economic update, which included further measures to boost the Canada child benefit

November 2nd, 2017House debate

Chris BittleLiberal

Health committee  . What I and my colleagues at Canadian Doctors for Medicare, as well as doctors across the country, can convey to you with a high degree of confidence is how such a program will have a tremendous and positive impact on the health of everyday Canadians, the patients we see in our

October 19th, 2017Committee meeting

Dr. Danyaal Raza