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Business of Supply   is significantly out of touch when it comes after things like employee discounts, or small businesses or family farmers. We know it does not understand what it is like to be the average everyday Canadian. The hypocrisy stinks. I know that the people I represent up in northern Alberta were

October 17th, 2017House debate

Arnold ViersenConservative

Business of Supply   minister and the millionaire Prime Minister have come to possess. I understand why they would be out of touch. They do not appreciate that everyday Canadians do not have multi-million dollar trust funds handed down to them from their grandparents and their parents. The Prime Minister

October 17th, 2017House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Business of Supply   the direct bottom line of companies in which everyday Canadians invest and for which they work. No one in government has more power over taxation, regulations, tariffs, subsidies, or government bond auctions, all of which have direct impact on the fortunes of individual businesses. He

October 17th, 2017House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Federal Sustainable Development Act   remember that it is everyday Canadians who are making a huge difference. They should be encouraged to do so. Open, informative dialogue about sustainable development is very necessary. While I intend to support the bill, I hope the government will take action to address the concerns I

October 6th, 2017House debate

Martin ShieldsConservative

Situation in Myanmar   it. However, it is not just parliamentarians who are taking note. Everyday Canadians are as well. In my riding of Parkdale—High Park, I have heard from worshippers who attend at the Jami Mosque and the Hamza Mosque, but I have also heard from many others, Canadians of different faiths

September 26th, 2017House debate

Arif ViraniLiberal

International Day of Democracy   are lucky to have one of the most vibrant and healthy democracies on earth. We enjoy the privilege of that as a result of years of hard work by parliamentarians, academics, the media, civil society, advocates, and everyday Canadians. Strong democracies take work. That is why our

September 22nd, 2017House debate

Andy FillmoreLiberal

Strengthening Motor Vehicle Safety for Canadians Act   profit, which of course is advantageous to everyday Canadians. I am pleased to see that this bill does have bi-partisan support, as it should. This bill was originally introduced in 2015 under our previous Conservative government. It was slightly different. It came in as Bill C-62

September 19th, 2017House debate

Rachael HarderConservative

Hon. Member for Lac-Saint-Jean   to the table a strong perspective on what everyday Canadians are thinking. The fact that he was Minister of Transport and Minister of Infrastructure is a testament to his unique capacity to know what Canadians and their families expect from a responsible government. Under his leadership

June 20th, 2017House debate

Andrew ScheerConservative

Finance   everyday Canadians and forcing tax hikes on the most vulnerable. The deficit is already three times what the Liberals promised, and they have no plan to get it under control. Can the minister tell Canadians when the budget will be balanced?

June 20th, 2017House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Petitions   the contributions of everyday Canadians to their communities, contributions that mean a great deal to so many but often go unrecognized and unacknowledged. Medals to recognize people like that have been issued on the occasion of our Confederation in 1867, when the Fathers of Confederation were

June 16th, 2017House debate

Peter Van LoanConservative

Government Appointments   is a Liberal donor gets the job, a Liberal donor gets the appointment, a Liberal donor gets the project. Why is the minister putting the interests of Liberal donors ahead of everyday Canadians?

June 16th, 2017House debate

Todd DohertyConservative

Main Estimates, 2017-18   are here for, to look for good, solid policy ideas that are going to have a positive impact on everyday Canadians. Day after day, we are seeing decisions being made by this cabinet, by this government, and by the caucus, to ensure that Canadians will be better off as a direct result

June 14th, 2017House debate

Kevin LamoureuxLiberal

Budget Implementation Act, 2017, No. 1   national housing strategy, including provisions for how to consult and develop that plan so that decisions would not just be made at the cabinet table. Everyday Canadians would have the opportunity on an ongoing basis to feed information from their own lived experiences and those

June 9th, 2017House debate

Daniel BlaikieNDP

Canada Elections Act   cover. When people were not paying attention anymore, they just picked right back up where they left off. In the meantime, when they have to ask everyday Canadians for money, it is not so easy for them. Their fundraising dropped way off in that period of time. As the member said

June 8th, 2017House debate

Blake RichardsConservative

Excise Tax Act  , families, and for everyday Canadians, all of whom are rightfully angry and worried about their futures. This blatant tax grab is not environmental policy. It is a tax hike, a cash grab, full stop. It is all economic pain for no actual environmental gain. Immediately, I opposed

June 8th, 2017House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative