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Business of Supply   of Parliament who are suffering. They are falling through the cracks. They are waiting for their claims to be opened. That is not good enough. These are the people and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of everyday Canadians. The motion talks about the Prime

February 15th, 2018House debate

Gord JohnsNDP

Fisheries Act   of projects that may be harmful to fish or fish habitat through a new permitting scheme for big projects and codes of practice for smaller ones, so that industry partners, as well as everyday Canadians, can be certain about their responsibilities but not unreasonably burdened when

February 13th, 2018House debate

Dominic LeBlancLiberal

Child Health Protection Act   on their benefits, such as receiving a lunch, or a discount on a pair of jeans or whatnot. The outrage we heard was particularly because this affected everyday Canadians in their lives, and we had a minister of the crown who basically said she knew nothing about it and it was the fault

February 12th, 2018House debate

Dan AlbasConservative

Business of Supply   of their wealthy few ahead of everyday Canadians who are struggling to get ahead. I will briefly mention a few facts about tax loopholes. A study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives showed that 59 tax measures that mostly benefit people with above-average income levels cost

February 8th, 2018House debate

Don DaviesNDP

Business of Supply   loopholes, the Liberal government is showing us what its priorities really are. Those priorities are not everyday Canadians, or even our national heroes. Breaking an election promise, the Liberals have refused to reinstate lifelong disability pensions for veterans. The Prime Minister

February 8th, 2018House debate

Jenny KwanNDP

Business of Supply   of progressive measures that would help everyday Canadians? That does not include the time she stood to vote no against the middle-class tax break.

February 8th, 2018House debate

Kevin LamoureuxLiberal

Veterans Affairs committee   essentially become meaningless from certain members in the Canadian political system. I don't need to be thanked for my service. I have everyday Canadians thanking me for the stuff I've done. I have volunteered for charities. I've done all sorts of work and yet to hear the news the other

February 8th, 2018Committee meeting

Mark Fuchko

Canada Elections Act   everyone else. Over here we have a Leader of the Opposition who is one of us. He is one of the people. He is someone who understands what everyday Canadians go through and has their best interests in mind. That is the big difference between the Prime Minister and the Leader

February 7th, 2018House debate

Blake RichardsConservative

Business of Supply   reasonably expect him to lead our country well, to create rules and regulations, and policies and initiatives that will serve everyday Canadians day in, day out? Can we count on him for that? No. According to the Ethics Commissioner, she does question his integrity and whether he

February 6th, 2018House debate

Rachael HarderConservative

Business of Supply   guilty of receiving a benefit they were not entitled to legally receive, should they be able to keep that benefit, and more so if that benefit resulted in a cost to Canadian taxpayers? We all know that if everyday Canadian citizens made a decision that resulted in their receiving

February 6th, 2018House debate

Dan AlbasConservative

Business of Supply   to the appointments under the previous Conservative government led by Stephen Harper. This is important, because a Senate that is independent and reflects the diversity of our country is a Senate that can grapple with the day-to-day challenges that everyday Canadians are facing in their lives

February 6th, 2018House debate

Peter SchiefkeLiberal

Business of Supply   on how much they charge, and let us know who attended those events. This legislation would give the public the information they need to verify that their ministers and party leaders are acting with an openness and accountability to everyday Canadians, who expect political

February 6th, 2018House debate

Filomena TassiLiberal

Business of Supply   of reaching out to everyday Canadians. I challenge the member to tell me when a previous prime minister has gone across the country and had town halls with thousands of Canadians being engaged in a very real and tangible way. My friend across the way says that we are giving support

February 6th, 2018House debate

Kevin LamoureuxLiberal

Canada Elections Act  Mr. Speaker, one of the things we know about our leader, the leader of the Conservative Party, is that he really understands the struggles that everyday Canadians go through. Our leader was raised in a very humble, average Canadian family. There is no family fortune

February 5th, 2018House debate

Candice BergenConservative

Taxation  Mr. Speaker, they should take responsibility for this action. This economy simply is not working for everyday Canadians. Reports now indicate that a mining company received a loan from the government for $1 billion, and that is after this company apparently avoided paying nearly

February 5th, 2018House debate

Peter JulianNDP