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Business of Supply   of the House have similar stories about immigration to this country. Also, because Canadians are fair and generous, we also believe in and support our policies on refugees and asylum seekers, people who have been dispossessed. That is why subsequent and successive Conservative and Liberal

April 24th, 2018House debate

Michael ChongConservative

Citizenship and Immigration committee   be a fair compromise or a fair solution? Canada is a pretty fair and generous country, as we all know, in these areas. Is there a limit? How would we deal with this? Given that there are huge costs already for these 900 persons, there's some suggestion here that there may be a saving

November 20th, 2017Committee meeting

Larry MaguireConservative

Taxation  Mr. Speaker, New Democrats have fought for tax fairness for generations, so we welcome the Liberals to the conversation with open arms. Yet, in typical Liberal fashion, they have somehow managed to screw up the consultation and decided to focus only on small business. The New

September 20th, 2017House debate

Nathan CullenNDP

Public Safety  Mr. Speaker, we know that Canada has a fair and generous immigration system. We welcome tens of thousands of new Canadians every year. However, the increasing number of asylum seekers who are entering the country illegally through Manitoba and Quebec is worrisome. Those who

February 21st, 2017House debate

Tony ClementConservative

Industry committee   reasonable, fair, and generous pension plans to their employees? How do we do that in a fair way?

October 17th, 2016Committee meeting

Mark Nantais

Citizenship and Immigration  Mr. Speaker, the member will know that because of privacy laws, I cannot speak to the specifics of this particular case. I will state this. Canada has one of the most fair and generous immigration systems in the world. With that said, we must ensure that we continue to welcome

February 20th, 2015House debate

Costas MenegakisConservative

Economic Action Plan 2014 Act, No. 2   is in this bill. The member talked about welfare for refugees. I wish that the NDP would stand in the House and recognize that Canada is the most fair and generous country in the world to refugees, and certainly to immigrants. Canadians have no tolerance, however, for those who would abuse

December 4th, 2014House debate

Kevin SorensonConservative

Finance committee  It addresses the objectives by giving the option to the provinces to make decisions about waiting times so that our fair and generous immigration system is not abused.

November 19th, 2014Committee meeting

Joe OliverConservative

Citizenship and Immigration  Mr. Speaker, Canada's fair and generous immigration and asylum systems are second to none. There are numerous avenues of appeal open to all of those whose cases fail at the first instance. Once those avenues of appeal have been exhausted, we expect claimants to leave the country

September 23rd, 2014House debate

Chris AlexanderConservative

Citizenship and Immigration  Mr. Speaker, Canada has a fair and generous asylum system where decisions are made by the independent Immigration and Refugee Board, not under political pressure but according to the facts. Where claims fail, there is recourse to appeals. When those appeals are exhausted, we

September 16th, 2014House debate

Chris AlexanderConservative

Questions on the Order Paper   to those truly in need. We have one of the most fair and generous immigration systems in the world. We welcome about one out of every 10 of all resettled refugees globally, more than almost any industrialized country in the world. Canada is one of the world’s largest providers

September 15th, 2014House debate

Chris AlexanderConservative

Citizenship and Immigration  Mr. Speaker, Canada has the most fair and generous immigration system in the world, the most fair and generous asylum system in the world, but Canadians have no tolerance for those who would abuse our generosity and take unfair advantage of that undoubted world-class generosity

September 15th, 2014House debate

Chris AlexanderConservative

Veterans Affairs committee   Act; the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act, 2006; and Bill C-55, the enhanced new Veterans Charter act. The objective of our request for new legislation is to produce a world-class military service compensation and pension act that is fair

April 1st, 2014Committee meeting

Richard Blackwolf

Government Operations committee   for their appearance here in the future but for fairness in general. We're talking about a lot of public funds. Obviously the Auditor General as well assumes that this person is in place and that this office is functioning. It's troubling. It seems to me that this underscores the importance

May 21st, 2013Committee meeting

Mathieu RavignatNDP

Situation in Syria   fair and generous refugee system in the world. We welcome one in ten of all resettled refugees, more than any other country. I would note that while the UNHCR is not referring any refugees for resettlement at this time, our government has been actively working on options

May 7th, 2013House debate

Costas MenegakisConservative