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Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1   tax cuts, they will give them $14 billion in tax cuts in the fall economic statements. In Liberal fantasyland, money does grow on trees, but it only goes to wealthy Canadians. The NDP believes that regular, hard-working Canadians deserve better, and that is what they are going

April 12th, 2019House debate

Peter JulianNDP

International Trade  Mr. Speaker, we know that our country's continued prosperity depends on innovative, hard-working Canadian companies and their ability to access new markets. Increased trade improves overall productivity and creates good-paying jobs for all Canadians. Can the Minister

April 12th, 2019House debate

Kyle PetersonLiberal

Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1   their products, if they happen to get them off the field in the fall. This is not a situation that any of these people have asked for. They are hard-working Canadians. They play by the rules. They work hard, day in and day out. They pay their taxes. All they want is a government that acts

April 11th, 2019House debate

Blaine CalkinsConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1   about Bill C-97 and how our government continues to work to strengthen Canada's middle class and those people working hard to join it. The measures I have highlighted today reflect the priorities of hard-working Canadians, regardless of the stage of life they are in. By voting

April 11th, 2019House debate

Joël LightboundLiberal

Carbon Pricing   is getting more and more expensive. Among my constituents, 80% say they do not want a carbon tax and are already struggling to pay their bills. Hard-working Canadians are worse off under the high-tax, scandal-plagued Liberal government. A carbon tax will not have any positive impact

April 11th, 2019House debate

Glen MotzConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1   with another Liberal insider, rich at the expense of ordinary hard-working Canadians. When it comes to the government's budget implementation bill or the budget itself, nothing is to be believed. In 2019, there is a sense among Canadians that the promise of progress, the idea

April 10th, 2019House debate

Cheryl GallantConservative

The Environment  Mr. Speaker, last year Loblaws made $3 billion in profit, yet yesterday the Minister of Environment gave Loblaws $12 million—to do what? It was to buy fridges. This money came from hard-working Canadians, seniors and low-income families who struggle to make ends meet. You tell

April 9th, 2019House debate

Ed FastConservative

The Economy   government led by a responsible leader who respects hard-working Canadians, a Conservative government that will let Canadians keep more of their money in their pockets.

April 8th, 2019House debate

Mel ArnoldConservative

The Environment   by making greener choices. Our government is taking real action by putting a price on pollution and putting money back into the pockets of hard-working Canadians through the climate action incentive rebates. Our plan encourages businesses to innovate more and pollute less. Budget 2019

April 4th, 2019House debate

Sven SpengemannLiberal

Human Resources committee   consequences for your present and your future. I see many people who are floating their lives on credit and non-banking financial services, which puts people at really great risk. The cycle of precarious employment puts people in financial trouble and puts hard-working Canadians even

April 2nd, 2019Committee meeting

Allyson Schmidt

Beer, Wine and Spirits Industries  Madam Speaker, today I invite everyone in the House to raise a glass for some hard-working Canadians: our brewers, winemakers, distillers and farmers. They deserve it because, after today, their lives will be much more difficult, as Canadians will have to pay more to enjoy

April 1st, 2019House debate

John BarlowConservative

Housing  Mr. Speaker, I want to thank the member for Surrey—Newton for his hard work. Canadians told us that too many young families are being shut out of the housing market. Budget 2019 tackles that issue. With the first-time home buyer incentive, Canadians will save hundreds

March 20th, 2019House debate

Justin TrudeauLiberal

The Budget  These are just some of the highlights of three and a half years spent working hard every day to strengthen and grow the middle class and make life more affordable for hard-working Canadian families. Compared to where we were just a few years ago, our economy is doing very well

March 19th, 2019House debate

Bill MorneauLiberal

The Budget   to call home is not just a challenge. For too many hard-working Canadians, especially for young people, it feels like—

March 19th, 2019House debate

Bill MorneauLiberal

Justice   and stand up to defend hard-working Canadians and the communities they support. We will be unequivocal about making sure that we are growing the economy and creating jobs like the 900,000 new jobs we have created over the past three years. We will continue to focus on what matters

March 19th, 2019House debate

Justin TrudeauLiberal