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Government Spending  —; $7,500 on a swing set; $12,000 to replace a dock; and $5,000 on a golf cart. Meanwhile, 80% of Canadians and Canadian families are paying more taxes under this government. How can the Prime Minister justify that kind of spending while hard-working Canadians are just trying to make

June 20th, 2018House debate

Alain RayesConservative

National Security Act, 2017   of individual. We do not want to harm the average, hard-working Canadian who minds their own business. It is because of people like Abu Huzaifa that we want to be sure to have the tools we need to be able to intervene on time. CSIS does intelligence work and has the means. I understand

June 18th, 2018House debate

Pierre Paul-HusConservative

Carbon Pricing   prices will go way up under his scheme. Millionaire Liberals like the Prime Minister might not mind paying higher gas prices, but hard-working Canadian families do. Will the Prime Minister finally come clean and tell Canadians how much his carbon tax will cost them?

June 18th, 2018House debate

Andrew ScheerConservative

Business of Supply   that carbon taxes do not work because they create carbon leakage. Where do members think the term “carbon leakage” is found in the budget document? Subsidies and exemptions cost everyday taxpayers money. Where is the carbon leakage exemption for the average hard-working Canadian family

June 14th, 2018House debate

Dan AlbasConservative

Carbon Pricing  Mr. Speaker, our government was elected on a platform to invest in Canadians, to grow the economy, and to protect the environment. Our plan is working. Canada's emissions are dropping, and our economy is growing. Since we formed government, hard-working Canadians have created 60

June 11th, 2018House debate

Jonathan WilkinsonLiberal

International Trade  Mr. Speaker, CPTPP ratification is a top priority for our government, and we are working relentlessly in order to introduce the legislation before the House rises for the summer. The CPTPP would provide unparalleled benefits for hard-working Canadians and their families. We

June 7th, 2018House debate

Mélanie JolyLiberal

Natural Resources  Mr. Speaker, well, we only wish that were true. Canada is a country rich in natural resources, home to innovative businesses, and populated by hard-working Canadians. Our country should be attracting investment, but instead we are repelling it. In fact, we are so opposed

June 6th, 2018House debate

Rachael HarderConservative

Agriculture and Agrifood  Mr. Speaker, we on this side of the House are very proud of the support we provide to our farmers. The Conservatives cut nearly $700 million from agriculture budgets, whereas we are investing in hard-working Canadian farmers. We reached a trade agreement with Europe

June 6th, 2018House debate

Justin TrudeauLiberal

Agriculture and Agrifood  Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives like to talk a good game on farmers, but the reality is different. While the previous government cut nearly $700 million from agriculture and agrifood, we have invested in hard-working Canadian farmers. Our government signed CETA, which will boost

June 6th, 2018House debate

Justin TrudeauLiberal

Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1   during those consultations. With these proposals, less than 3% of private corporations would be affected. Ninety per cent of the tax impact would be borne by households in the top 1%; that is the very wealthiest of hard-working Canadians. Why is it important to focus on small

June 5th, 2018House debate

David McGuintyLiberal

Supporting New Parents Act   is not a choice that is available to them. Rather than just making the parental leave longer, let us also remove the federal tax from these benefits. Let us take a real step to put more money back into the pockets of hard-working Canadians. Let us help offset the cost of a parent who decides

June 5th, 2018House debate

Rosemarie FalkConservative

Instruction to Committee on Bill C-71   personnel. They come to our community of Edson because we have one of the longest ranges in western Canada. It is a mile range. I go there every year during their competitions and meet with the guys. Bill C-71 would directly affect these people. These are hard-working Canadians who

June 4th, 2018House debate

Jim EglinskiConservative

Pension Benefits Standards Act   of the unfunded liabilities that pension funds are facing, which run into major problems when there is insolvency. This bill seeks to truly improve pensions and to provide hard-working Canadians with certainty and equality. This is for hard-working pensioners who are worried about

June 1st, 2018House debate

Erin O'TooleConservative

Carbon Pricing   are concerned about their increased input costs. These families are the stewards of our land and are using cutting-edge technology to reduce their own emissions. Is the Minister of Agriculture willing to stand and oppose this carbon tax on hard-working Canadian farmers and their families?

June 1st, 2018House debate

Karen VecchioConservative

Natural Resources   to build pipelines to markets other than the United States, and it failed Canadian workers. When the Prime Minister went to Fort McMurray and met energy sector workers, he told them the government has their back. This is an investment in hard-working Canadians. The Conservatives might

June 1st, 2018House debate

Kim RuddLiberal