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The Budget   where commodity prices have doubled since they took power. There is no excuse for these deficits. The Liberals are blowing their inheritance. Much of what they are doing does not benefit Canadians. Some $500 million will be taken from hard-working Canadians and spent in an Asian

February 28th, 2018House debate

Andrew ScheerConservative

The Budget   an average of about $9,000 in total benefits, tax free, each year. Over the last year, we have really seen these investments pay off. The Canadian economy is doing remarkably well. Over the last two years, hard-working Canadians have created nearly 600,000 new jobs, most of them full

February 27th, 2018House debate

Bill MorneauLiberal

Pensions  . Last month, the Prime Minister said that displaced Sears employees could fall back on El and CPP. Sadly, he does not understand that in Canada, the scales are weighted in favour of large corporations and the richest in society. Hard-working Canadians play by a different set of rules

February 14th, 2018House debate

Scott DuvallNDP

Natural Resources   any real national leadership himself. Wishful thinking will not get this pipeline built. It has been 441 days since this project was approved. When will the Prime Minister open his eyes and start supporting hard-working Canadian families who are depending on this project?

February 13th, 2018House debate

Jamie SchmaleConservative

Business of Supply   supporting the hard-working Canadian families in the oil and gas sector. I fear that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Natural Resources have made a fatal miscalculation in the standoff between Alberta and British Columbia. The B.C. government says that the proposed ban is designed

February 12th, 2018House debate

Jamie SchmaleConservative

Business of Supply   my time today with the member for Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock. I proudly stand with the hard-working Canadians who are waiting to get to work building the Trans Mountain expansion, waiting to start their next, higher-paying technical job so they can give even more

February 12th, 2018House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Canada Elections Act   raising more than the Liberal Party. Why does the Conservative Party raise more than the Liberals? It does so because of hard-working Canadians who feel the Conservative Party reflects their views. It does so because the Conservatives have a leader who is committed to Canadians

February 9th, 2018House debate

John NaterConservative

Ethics   caucus voted against the Prime Minister being held accountable for his actions. What this means is that it is now an open buffet for Liberal entitlement and corruption. Why can the Prime Minister not just respect hard-working Canadians and pay back that $200,000?

February 9th, 2018House debate

John BrassardConservative

Business of Supply   statistics that describe the reality for people in Canada. By 11 a.m., on January 2, Canada's top paid CEOs had already earned what the average Canadian earns in a year. In other words, the top paid Canadian CEOs earn more in a day and a half than millions of hard-working Canadians

February 8th, 2018House debate

Don DaviesNDP

Business of Supply   but it robs the government of the revenues needed to deliver the programs on which Canadians have come to rely to improve their quality of life. Hard-working Canadians who pay their fair share of taxes expect the government to do its part to crack down on tax cheating. This is what

February 8th, 2018House debate

Julie DzerowiczLiberal

Business of Supply  . We just want a simple answer. CEOs should not be getting a tax loophole that costs Canadians almost $1 billion, while small business people and hard-working Canadians pay their fair share of taxes. The Liberals talk about spending a billion dollars, a billion dollars chasing who

February 8th, 2018House debate

Gord JohnsNDP

Business of Supply   are not seeing our country grow from the model we currently find ourselves in. By 11 a.m. on January 2, Canada's top-paid CEOs had already earned what the average Canadian earns in a year. In other words, the top Canadian CEOs earn more in a day and a half than millions of hard-working

February 8th, 2018House debate

Tracey RamseyNDP

Business of Supply   and pay their taxes, and the Canada Revenue Agency is working hard to ensure that nobody avoids paying their fair share. Our effort is crucial in ensuring that the Government of Canada can deliver the programs that hard-working Canadians rely on and deserve. What remains an issue

February 8th, 2018House debate

Kamal KheraLiberal

Canada Elections Act  . It is especially not cool when someone is taking taxpayer money from hard-working Canadians. Now these are people who know what it is like to work hard for a dollar. That is precisely what the Prime Minister is doing. He is taking from hard-working taxpayers. He is even refusing to pay back

February 7th, 2018House debate

Kerry DiotteConservative

Canada Elections Act  , because the Leader of the Opposition stands up for regular everyday Canadians and understands what they are going through and does not feel he is entitled and better than everyone else. He wants to accomplish something for everyday, hard-working Canadians, and that is what he will do.

February 7th, 2018House debate

Blake RichardsConservative