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Health committee  , for example, that income inequality is rising. It's getting worse, and we think that for wealth inequality, only more so.... In fact, we have some evidence that it's the case. The racial divide is very difficult to calculate, because we don't have a lot of data. If I were to suggest

July 7th, 2020Committee meeting

Dr. Arjumand Siddiqi

Health committee   income inequality. It turns out that the largest source of racial wealth inequity is not racial differences in education or even in jobs and income. Those things matter but they are the consequences, not the causes of racial wealth inequity. The biggest source of wealth inequity

July 7th, 2020Committee meeting

Dr. Arjumand Siddiqi

Human Resources committee   for Systemic Justice for the Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph in London, Ontario. Their thoughtful commentary on the need for an ethical framework for the post-COVID-19 world is but one example of many voices of faith calling for real change when it comes to issues like income inequality

June 19th, 2020Committee meeting

John Milloy

Finance committee   income inequality moving forward. I ask because you've been around; you've been on a lot of shows, and I've been hearing that you are a supporter of it. What would you see as being the next steps to get us from where we are right now to where we need to go? That's

June 4th, 2020Committee meeting

Julie DzerowiczLiberal

Finance committee   of the Canadian population doesn't have access to benefits, because we're a transitioning economy, many people feel that some sort of an annual basic income might be one of the solutions for us to address income inequality moving forward. It was one of the ideas proposed. I don't want anybody

June 4th, 2020Committee meeting

Julie DzerowiczLiberal

Finance committee   the income inequality that high levels of government debt engender. Dr. Mintz, that was an excellent presentation, as always. A lot of people often argue that we need big deficits to reduce poverty. What they don't mention is that big debts mean big interest payments. Those interest

June 4th, 2020Committee meeting

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Human Resources committee  Thank you very much for your question. In our view, based on the evidence we have seen on public projects and public investment, there's no question that community benefits have been an incredible driver for dealing with income inequality, but equally in dealing

June 1st, 2020Committee meeting

Hassan Yussuff

Finance committee  My last minute and a bit is to Ms. Robson. Ms. Robson, I follow a lot of what you write very carefully, because I'm also very interested in dealing with income inequality in our country. We're learning a lot through this pandemic. We're learning about gaps in our social welfare

May 21st, 2020Committee meeting

Julie DzerowiczLiberal

Health committee   to feeding themselves and keeping a roof over their heads. That includes women who are involved in sex work and women who may be sexually exploited during this time through income inequality and insecurity as well.

May 27th, 2020Committee meeting

Angela MacDougall

Finance committee  Okay. I was just at the last paragraph anyway. So far we are not repeating one lingering problem from the 2008-09 crisis, where rescue packages for banks and quantitative easing favoured the wealthy and helped to widen income inequality, especially in the U.S. and Europe

April 3rd, 2020Committee meeting

Philip Cross

Opposition Motion—Pharmacare  , notably the fight against climate change and solving income inequality in Canada, which in turn will actually have benefits for our provincial health care systems. That being said, there are items within the federal purview that allow us to demonstrate leadership and assist

March 12th, 2020House debate

Sean FraserLiberal

Opposition Motion—Pharmacare   system is the most progressive in North America because income inequality, as measured by the Gini coefficient, is 0.31 for Quebec compared to 0.42 for the United States and 0.37 for Canada. I would now like to talk about Quebec's pharmacare program, which has been in place since

March 12th, 2020House debate

Luc ThériaultBloc

Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement Implementation Act  . They must address important issues, like income inequality, sovereignty and climate change. Above all, they must strengthen human rights. They must be transparent and fair for everyone. Too many trade agreements are approached with the idea of how to make the rich richer. They focus

March 11th, 2020House debate

Lindsay MathyssenNDP

Lebanon   with the worst income inequality in the world. Protesters are demanding equality and a brighter future for themselves, their families and all Lebanese citizens. Khalil Gibran, a famous Lebanese poet, once wrote, “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls”. I stand with the strong

February 21st, 2020House debate

Marwan TabbaraLiberal

Canada-China Relations committee   of messages. They relate also to income inequality and lack of opportunity and so forth. I hope there can be a peaceful way for addressing those issues being raised. I think the elections that occurred recently were a manifestation of that. It was a process where messages were delivered

February 5th, 2020Committee meeting

Dominic Barton