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Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act   out the oil and gas industry in Canada. The Prime Minister's plan to phase out the energy industry has been carried out with surgical precision to date. The Liberals' job-killing carbon tax is already costing Canadian jobs. Companies repeatedly mention that the carbon tax

April 9th, 2019House debate

Jamie SchmaleConservative

Government Programs   Minister to once and for all commit to not raising any more taxes and no surprise, he just keeps spending and making Canadians pay for his mistakes. The facts are clear. Canadians are paying more because of the government. Let us talk about how the job-killing carbon tax will cost

February 25th, 2019House debate

Bob SaroyaConservative

Automotive Industry   and signed an agreement without having the steel and aluminum tariffs removed, and now he is raising payroll taxes and forcing a job-killing carbon tax on hard-working Canadian families while giving the biggest emitters a pass and hiding its full cost. Why do workers in Oshawa have

February 1st, 2019House debate

Colin CarrieConservative

Environment committee   of Canadians with the global imperative to curb carbon emissions? This debate has been framed by some as a kind of Hobson's choice between two seemingly virtuous but contradictory propositions: putting a price on pollution and stopping a job-killing carbon tax. We reject

January 30th, 2019Committee meeting

Massimo Bergamini

Petitions  Mr. Speaker, on this first day in the new chamber, I am very pleased to rise to present two petitions I received from Canadians. The first one calls on the government to listen to Canadians and to abandon its recently implemented job-killing carbon tax.

January 28th, 2019House debate

Diane FinleyConservative

Carbon Pricing   to talk about this job-killing carbon tax?

December 11th, 2018House debate

Matt JenerouxConservative

Business of Supply   of that the Liberals have implemented a job-killing carbon tax that will make Canada even less competitive. The carbon tax not only ensures that companies have to pay more to the government rather than invest in growth, but also adds to the environment of uncertainty created by the Liberals

December 4th, 2018House debate

Colin CarrieConservative

Business of Supply  Mr. Speaker, at a time when the government is proposing a job-killing carbon tax that will raise the price of everything, including groceries, I am very mindful of the working poor who are trying to get by. They are reading this morning that there will be a 3.5% increase

December 4th, 2018House debate

Dan AlbasConservative

Canada's Oil and Gas Sector   Centre, the same one who stood in the House and voted with the government to kill northern gateway; the same one who voted for a job-killing carbon tax; the same one who voted to end tankers off the B.C. coast, effectively stopping a future northern gateway; and the same one who

November 28th, 2018House debate

Kelly McCauleyConservative

Canada's Oil and Gas Sector   export oil pipelines and have directly caused the price discount. The Liberals are layering on red tape and added costs at the very worst time, destroying confidence in Canada for investment. The Liberals' job-killing carbon tax is already costing Canadian jobs and driving Canadian

November 28th, 2018House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Natural Resources   pipelines. His job killing carbon tax and Bill C-69 will make that discount permanent. When will he withdraw his “no more pipelines” bill, Bill C-69?

November 28th, 2018House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 2  , agriculture and manufacturing. The government's overwhelming tax hikes and new regulations are making it harder and harder to grow and operate local businesses in Canada. This includes the Liberals' job-killing carbon tax that will not reduce emissions and will only punish families

November 26th, 2018House debate

Cathay WagantallConservative

Business of Supply   the coal industry with barely any consideration for the thousands of people, including workers, families and businesses, who will be affected by it. The Liberals are also hurting my constituents with their job-killing carbon tax that is proving less and less effective by the day. After

November 19th, 2018House debate

Robert Gordon KitchenConservative

Business of Supply   who are feeling none of the positive impacts that the government says those structurally deficit programs are supposed to do. These businesses have been hit. Many businesses have been hit and will be hit with the Liberal job-killing carbon tax, increased CPP and EI premiums

November 19th, 2018House debate

John BrassardConservative

Global Warming   pollutants. Coal is being phased out and that is a huge development in this country. There are so many investments in housing, so many investments in public transit. It is time for us to cease this never-ending cycle of criticism about some phantom job-killing carbon tax on everything

October 15th, 2018House debate

William AmosLiberal