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COVID-19 Pandemic committee   of disastrous policies brought in by this Liberal government—policies like Bill C-69, the no-more-pipelines bill; Bill C-48, the tanker ban; and the job-killing carbon tax. Alberta's energy industry creates thousands of jobs right across Canada and pays for much-needed infrastructure right

June 17th, 2020Committee meeting

Tim UppalConservative

Carbon Pricing   the government could dictate to individuals the temperature of their home or whether they drive a car or not. Clearly, no one trusts the Prime Minister with that kind of power. Again, when will the Liberals scrap this useless, unity-killing, job-killing carbon tax?

February 25th, 2020House debate

Candice BergenConservative

Relations with Indigenous Peoples   cause Canada to miss out on the second wave of the huge opportunity of LNG. In fact, the B.C. government had to agree to exempt LNG Canada from the Liberals' job-killing carbon tax hike in order to ensure that it went ahead. This is just another example of how Liberal policies

February 18th, 2020House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Agriculture and Agri-Food   Trudeau's job-killing carbon tax.

January 30th, 2020House debate

Lianne RoodConservative

Business of Supply   Columbia, which was supported by all three political parties in B.C. I am concerned when I hear about this “job-killing carbon tax”, which is the message the Conservatives are putting out, when we know that it has worked in B.C. The member talked about Scandinavia, but she did

June 18th, 2019House debate

Gord JohnsNDP

Forestry Industry   the highest gas prices in North America. Another 25¢ a litre will be the final nail in the coffin. An increase in the gas tax will only fuel more job losses for our forestry industry. These are real people and real jobs. Why do the Liberals continue to pound Canadians with a job-killing

June 14th, 2019House debate

Todd DohertyConservative

Natural Resources   tells us that whenever there is a prime minister from this family in office, our nation is at risk. Canadians deserve more than the current Prime Minister, someone who will not divide Canadians by killing pipeline projects and forcing Canadians to pay a job-killing carbon tax

June 14th, 2019House debate

Ziad AboultaifConservative

The Environment   that under the Liberal government, emissions have increased each and every year and will continue to increase and that Canada will miss its targets by 150 megatonnes. All of this despite their job-killing carbon tax, which just goes to prove that the Liberals do not have an environment

May 28th, 2019House debate

John BarlowConservative

The Environment   performers. In fact, last week we learned that, in the very same month that our government put a price on pollution in Ontario, we had the single-largest job gain on record. So much for that “job-killing carbon tax” the Conservatives warned us about. On this side of the House, we have

May 16th, 2019House debate

Andy FillmoreLiberal

Small Business   increases, like a job-killing carbon tax and higher payroll taxes, and complicated red tape that will hurt many small businesses. Will the Liberals accept the recommendations of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, or are they just going to keep calling Canadian small business owners tax

May 13th, 2019House debate

Blake RichardsConservative

Business of Supply   the wealthiest 1% of Canadians, of course, pay less. Almost half of Canadians are currently within $200 of not being able to pay their bills at the end of the month, and now the Liberals have decided to increase the cost of everything with their job-killing carbon tax. When asked

May 7th, 2019House debate

Shannon StubbsConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1   of the Canadian economy. Through policies like the job-killing carbon tax, increased CPP and EI premiums, increased personal income tax rates for entrepreneurs, and changes to the small business tax rate, the government has shown it does not care about small business owners whatsoever

April 30th, 2019House debate

Scot DavidsonConservative

Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act   out the oil and gas industry in Canada. The Prime Minister's plan to phase out the energy industry has been carried out with surgical precision to date. The Liberals' job-killing carbon tax is already costing Canadian jobs. Companies repeatedly mention that the carbon tax

April 9th, 2019House debate

Jamie SchmaleConservative

Government Programs   Minister to once and for all commit to not raising any more taxes and no surprise, he just keeps spending and making Canadians pay for his mistakes. The facts are clear. Canadians are paying more because of the government. Let us talk about how the job-killing carbon tax will cost

February 25th, 2019House debate

Bob SaroyaConservative

Automotive Industry   and signed an agreement without having the steel and aluminum tariffs removed, and now he is raising payroll taxes and forcing a job-killing carbon tax on hard-working Canadian families while giving the biggest emitters a pass and hiding its full cost. Why do workers in Oshawa have

February 1st, 2019House debate

Colin CarrieConservative