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Red Tape Reduction Act   will strip an old regulation. It sounds so simplistic, but what it speaks to is incompetence, the incompetence of the ministers in the various departments who are not overseeing the regulations right now. They think the Muskoka minister is somehow going to be able to handle the thousands

February 3rd, 2015House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

Parliament of Canada Act   that the minister had come up with his own homemade forms. It was like the Muskoka minister saying to people to fill it out and they might get a free set of Muskoka steak knives at the end of it. If not, at least a sunken boat would be raised, they would get a lighthouse and a lake would built

November 18th, 2014House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

Northwest Territories Devolution Act   season for these guys. If someone wants to dump tailings or run a pipeline through, this is their baby. Out of the 97 lakes and rivers that are protected, 12 of them are in the riding of the Muskoka minister. Lake Rosseau where Goldie Hawn gets her feet wet in the summertime

December 5th, 2013House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

Economic Action Plan 2013 Act No. 2   anything from the Muskoka minister's gazebo scandal? Did it not learn anything about the importance of dealing with funds in a non-partial, careful fashion so that the precise purpose of what these funds are developed for is implemented? We went through the process in the Northwest

October 29th, 2013House debate

Dennis BevingtonNDP

The Environment  Mr. Speaker, the Muskoka minister made sure that his lakes and rivers were protected in the budget, just not other important waterways that support recreation and fishing. The Bowmanville Creek in the riding of Durham is a great example. The creek has recently seen salmon

November 8th, 2012House debate

Dan HarrisNDP

The Environment  % of Canada's lakes and rivers, and the remaining 0.3% are in Tory ridings, which brings us to the Muskoka minister. Will he explain to us why the property values of the uber-rich cottagers in his riding merit protection, while the rest of Canadians are being tossed overboard?

October 31st, 2012House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

The Environment  Mr. Speaker, they talk about millionaires bombing around on their Sea-doos. That is the reason the government is bombing through with this legislation, so the Muskoka minister can cut special environmental deals to his millionaire friends, while the rest of Canada's lake users

October 30th, 2012House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

Copyright Modernization Act   Korea, comes from the diplomatic cables of the former industry minister, the famous Muskoka minister, who, when staff were meeting in Washington, said to put us on the piracy watch list because it would help us. Imagine a government whose idea of trade is to have this made up

June 15th, 2012House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

Ministerial Expenditures  Come on, Mr. Speaker. This is a question of fairness. It is not like we are asking them to take public transit. Let us look at what they spent at Davos. The Muskoka minister racked up $8,000 on a limo that sat idle. We are not asking him to hitchhike. We are not asking him

June 6th, 2012House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

Ministerial Expenditures  Mr. Speaker, obviously we have touched a nerve here, because the Minister of Finance, the Muskoka minister, and the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, the three musketeers, have the nerve to preach austerity while whooping it up like royalty off the taxpayers

June 5th, 2012House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

Points of Order   demeaning comments like Muskoka minister et cetera in their comments, and share that with caucus. We will do the same.

May 17th, 2012House debate

Michelle RempelConservative

Ministerial Expenditures   the Muskoka minister who not only blew through the $50 million slush fund, but who has a driver at his beck and call 360 days a year. On talk radio last night, it was asked how often an average Canadian took a limo. People said maybe once, maybe for their prom. Therefore, is every night

May 3rd, 2012House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

Ethics  Mr. Speaker, all Canadians work long hours, but they do not expect to get personal chauffeurs. However, they do expect that cabinet ministers will treat their taxpayer dollars with respect. The Muskoka minister himself had a driver on standby for 360 days. How is that reasonable

May 2nd, 2012House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

Ethics  Mr. Speaker, speaking of non-answers, the Canadian Association of Journalists has just voted the Conservative government the most secretive in Canadian history. We can look at the minister the government put in charge of spinning the openness. The Muskoka minister ran a $50

April 30th, 2012House debate

Charlie AngusNDP

President of the Treasury Board   at the request of the municipality, but we have evidence this is simply not true. It was the Muskoka minister himself who had the project removed from the list. Could he explain why he came to the committee and then misrepresented such a basic fact?

December 7th, 2011House debate

Alexandre BoulericeNDP