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Natural Resources   is offering a big, fat blank cheque to a company that refuses to pay taxes here in Canada. If regular Canadians do not pay their taxes, they do not get a bailout from the federal government. Why is it giving one to Kinder Morgan Canada?

May 28th, 2018House debate

Ruth Ellen BrosseauNDP

An Act to change the name of the electoral district of Châteauguay—Lacolle   of that is going to be debated. The bill is solely about changing the name of the riding. Seriously, it is just a name change. If people are at home watching CPAC right now, they are probably a bit more engaged than regular Canadians and would know that last week we passed changes

May 11th, 2018House debate

Kelly McCauleyConservative

Oil Tanker Moratorium Act   to further the economic ability and the economic development within their own communities to give their people, their children, and their grandchildren an opportunity to have a better life. These are regular Canadians who just want a chance to develop resources in a safe manner

April 30th, 2018House debate

Ben LobbConservative

Environment committee  . Is it strong enough in this bill? More importantly, is the procedure simple enough that regular Canadians will be able to report an issue with regard to the navigation of our waterways?

April 18th, 2018Committee meeting

Darren FisherLiberal

Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1  Mr. Speaker, I would follow up on what I said previously. The CRA seems intent on getting $100 here or $1,000 there, and is going after the little fish, regular Canadians and small businesses. They are not the real tax avoiders. They are not the real tax cheats. Many of them

April 18th, 2018House debate

Richard CanningsNDP

Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1   as two Canadian billionaires, something that came out just a few months ago and continues to reverberate with regular Canadians because they see the inequality in the tax system. They see a tax system that is built to be profoundly unequal, and of course they are reacting, because

April 16th, 2018House debate

Peter JulianNDP

Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1   implementation act does is ask regular Canadians to wait. They are being asked to wait for pharmacare, until perhaps after the next election or perhaps another decade. Who knows? They are being asked to wait for pay equity, when Canadian women have already waited for decades and decades

April 16th, 2018House debate

Peter JulianNDP

An Act in Relation to Firearms   Canadians on bad assumptions. The manipulated data make it look like there is a growing problem when there is not one. The legislation targets only legitimate firearms owners and marks them. The Liberals have avoided the hard work because gang issues are hard to deal with. Regular

March 28th, 2018House debate

David AndersonConservative

The Budget  , that Liberal MPs will start listening to what is going on out there. There is a rising level of anger and frustration with a federal government that is out of touch with regular Canadians. The pre-budget decision to target people of faith for their personal beliefs has angered people

March 19th, 2018House debate

Cheryl GallantConservative

The Budget  . That is why we need to have a new look. In my opinion, it is a pox on both Houses. The Conservatives and the Liberals really do not make a difference in the lives of regular Canadian families. That is why we have a record debt load and that is why we have such crushing inequality.

March 19th, 2018House debate

Peter JulianNDP

Indigenous Peoples and Canada's Justice System   the light on something that most regular Canadians did not even know existed, that the crown prosecutor or the defence can remove individuals from jury selection just for the colour of their skin or what they look like. This is something that crosses all political lines. It is clear

February 14th, 2018House debate

Gord JohnsNDP

Business of Supply   is due to the fact that we have an income tax system that is stacked against regular Canadians. Just last month, we saw figures showing that the average income of Canada's wealthiest CEOs is 200 times that of the average Canadian worker. There is no doubt that we are seeing a massive

February 8th, 2018House debate

Peter JulianNDP

Canada Elections Act   a lot of smaller donations from regular Canadians, and we continue to get them. As a party, we do not rely on wealthy elites and pay-to-play events and such fundraisers. We really do not. In fact, I am told that opposition Conservatives just had their best fourth quarter ever

February 7th, 2018House debate

Kerry DiotteConservative

Canada Elections Act   be forced to go to ordinary Canadians on main street and make their case. That is a promise Canadians were and are on board with. Clearly, that is not a concern for the Liberal Party or for the Prime Minister. Regular Canadians do not have billionaire friends who invite them to vacation

February 7th, 2018House debate

Blake RichardsConservative

Canada Elections Act   was caught. Clearly, the Prime Minister believes that these laws are meant only for regular Canadians and not for him. That is why we have an issue with this bill. It is simply a PR stunt designed to cover up the fact that the Liberals are engaged in unethical behaviour, and it does

February 1st, 2018House debate

Blake RichardsConservative