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Business of Supply  . This whole debate forces us to question his sincerity, the Prime Minister's sincerity, and what their private holdings actually are. This is one more example of how far removed policy makers are from regular Canadians. If there is one thing a finance minister can to do alleviate public

October 17th, 2017House debate

Pierre-Luc DusseaultNDP

Finance committee   oil and gas, and building pipelines. Additionally, since February 2016, we have been travelling across the country speaking with regular Canadians, who tell us they want pipelines and access to Canadian oil and gas. They recognize pipelines would mean thousands of Canadian jobs

October 6th, 2017Committee meeting

John Bayko

Canadian Bill of Rights   to make life more affordable for regular Canadians. Although the Liberals often boast about their purported investments in housing, it has largely turned out to be a game of smoke and mirrors. One of the foremost examples of the government's failure to deliver is the recent

September 25th, 2017House debate

Karen VecchioConservative

Health committee   we're going to check the alcohol level of that beer and make sure it's at the right level. That doesn't happen, so I think a lot of these concerns are overblown. I would prefer to see a legally regulated market that's open and accessible for regular Canadians to enter

September 15th, 2017Committee meeting

Dana Larsen

Canada Elections Act   to gain. Canadians want a government that is going to do what is best for its people, and the Liberals are not going to find that through consultations at $1,500 fundraisers; they are going to find it through speaking with regular Canadians and working on their behalf. I know my time

June 15th, 2017House debate

Alex NuttallConservative

Canada Elections Act   of 2017 was that their fundraising dried up. When they had to go to regular Canadians and ask them to contribute to their party, it dried up. The Conservative Party raised double what the Liberals raised, and if we add in the leadership candidates, it was triple what the Liberals

June 8th, 2017House debate

Ron LiepertConservative

Cannabis Act   States. Canadians have been refused for honestly speaking about their past indiscretions. Does this mean the Prime Minister is simply above regular Canadians? The NDP has a 45-year history of championing marijuana decriminalization. Changes to the law are long overdue, especially

June 6th, 2017House debate

Rachel BlaneyNDP

Taxation  Mr. Speaker, the truth is that the Prime Minister just cannot help himself from nickel and diming regular Canadians. First, he went after their Saturday night by taxing beer, wine, Uber, bus passes. Now he is going after their May long weekend camping trip too. He is hiking fees

April 12th, 2017House debate

Rona AmbroseConservative

The Budget   are the results? The Prime Minister is now in his second budget, clinging to this failed Liberal idea of taxing and spending because it seems impossible for him to understand what regular Canadians are actually going through out there. Canadians needed a break. That is what they were hoping

March 23rd, 2017House debate

Rona AmbroseConservative

Business of Supply   Canadian families get by. Tomorrow Canadians, regular Canadians, want to see a plan that makes their jobs and their families a top priority. They want a break from the government. They want a plan that gets spending under control, focuses on real-life job creation, and stops

March 21st, 2017House debate

Rona AmbroseConservative

Ethics  Mr. Speaker, Canadians are seeing a very disturbing pattern here with the Liberals. A giant pharmaceutical company or a billionaire with his own island, the Prime Minister is at their beck and call, even if it means breaking the law. However, for regular Canadians struggling

February 23rd, 2017House debate

Nathan CullenNDP

Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act   through special, secretive commercial tribunals, as opposed to the regular Canadian court system that all other Canadians, and indeed foreigners, would have access to in this country. I wonder if the member for Calgary Nose Hill could explain to the House why the Conservatives think

February 10th, 2017House debate

Erin WeirNDP

Public Safety committee   own tragedy. We all know safety is a non-partisan issue, and we know it's everybody's concern. I'm speaking to you today not as a legal expert, that's for certain. We're not a vast organization with a lot of resources. I'm just a regular Canadian citizen. Most important, I am

February 6th, 2017Committee meeting

Sheri Arsenault

Canada Pension Plan   the LICO, has gone from 29% in 1970 to 3.7% today. In fact, not just seniors but regular Canadians are doing a great job of saving by themselves. They do not need big government intervention to tell them how to save. What will happen, though, with this CPP increase, this tax

November 29th, 2016House debate

Tom KmiecConservative

Government Priorities   Canadians with payroll tax increases, a carbon tax, and a small business tax increase. Canadian families are struggling, and the Prime Minister is spending all this time with billionaires and celebrities. When will the Prime Minister start hearing the pleas of regular Canadians and stop

November 24th, 2016House debate

Pat KellyConservative