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International Trade committee   a system here that ensures the primary producer, the farmer, gets a fair price for his product. By no means are we getting rich, but we're doing okay. I believe that farmers in other countries recognize that our supply management system does work well and that we do get a fair price

February 24th, 2020Committee meeting

Wietze Dykstra

International Trade committee   milk today. The supply-managed system is the predominant reason we were able to thrive. Supply management allows farmers like my family to continue investing back into the industry, knowing that there will be stability into the future. It also ensures that we receive a fair price

February 25th, 2020Committee meeting

Joel Prins

International Trade committee   don't have a farming background, but I do come from the Prairies; and the NDP has a long history of supporting supply management, which I think we've continued to do in this debate. There's something I've been trying to understand, and maybe either of our supply- managed farmers

February 18th, 2020Committee meeting

Daniel BlaikieNDP

Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement Implementation Act  . In Canada, we have, through our supply management system, a really strong dairy sector that is reliable and strong. We know what we are getting in that product. The cost of our dairy is very reasonable. It is a great relationship between ensuring we have fair prices and providing

January 31st, 2020House debate

Rachel BlaneyNDP

Fisheries committee   the value of the licence must be maintained, just as with a farmer in the supply management system. They buy in, produce and pass it on to their descendants or sell out. Fishermen 55 or younger in the industry do have an opportunity to work, make a living, own vessels and own licences

February 4th, 2019Committee meeting

John Nishidate

International Trade  Mr. Speaker, while the Conservative Party is debating the merits of Canada's supply management system, our party fully understands that this system is a model of stability that provides fair prices for farmers, stability for processors, and safe, high-quality products

April 6th, 2017House debate

Denis LemieuxLiberal

Business of Supply   of milk and milk products of the highest and safest quality, at a fair price. Canadian dairy was the first industry to operate under supply management—a system that egg and poultry farmers would later adopt. As for the dairy sector, the supply management system is administered

April 21st, 2016House debate

Jacques GourdeConservative

Committees of the House   and farm families and 200,000 Canadian jobs; and contributes nearly $20 billion to the Canadian economy. On this side of the House, support for Canadian supply management is clear. Our system is a model of stability around the world. It provides a fair price for farmers; stability

June 7th, 2016House debate

Alaina LockhartLiberal

Committees of the House   happy with high-quality dairy products at a fair price, in accordance with the wishes of this House. To succeed, the industry needs to be supported by a regulatory and policy climate that maintains supply management and the three pillars that are currently being threatened

June 7th, 2016House debate

Jacques GourdeConservative

Committees of the House   a high quality product to consumers for a fair price with a reasonable return to the producer.” I would like to correct the member's view of what our party believes. We certainly support supply management. I heard a lot of talk coming from the other side, but there have been

June 7th, 2016House debate

Marilyn GladuConservative

Agriculture committee   of milk and milk products of the highest and safest quality, at a fair price. The system achieves these objectives by enabling Canadian dairy farmers to act collectively to negotiate prices and adjust milk production to meet consumer demand. In so doing, supply management ensures

March 9th, 2016Committee meeting

Caroline Emond

Agriculture committee   to the previous government, we met with many of the commodity groups, agriculture organizations, and the industry. Once they talked about their issues, it was very hard to find anyone who would not be supportive. Obviously, supply management always seems to float to the top of every agreement

April 11th, 2016Committee meeting

Bev ShipleyConservative

Business of Supply   have a strong system thanks to supply management, which is based on three important pillars: a farm gate price that ensures a fair price for farmers based on production costs; a milk supply that matches the demand, commonly referred to as “quotas”; and import control based on tariff

April 21st, 2016House debate

Alain RayesConservative

Dairy Producers   forward seeks to mitigate the impact of the CETA on the dairy and cheese industries and to support Canada’s supply management system, which guarantees stable and fair prices. It comes in response to the demands of dairy and cheese producers from across Canada. The Canadian government

June 17th, 2014House debate

Ruth Ellen BrosseauNDP

Dairy Producers   the impact of the agreement on the dairy and cheese industry and support Canada's supply management system, which ensures stable, fair pricing. The NDP supports producers. We want the government to walk the talk and protect Canada and its dairy and cheese industry. The government must

May 28th, 2014House debate

Ruth Ellen BrosseauNDP