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Affordable Housing and Groceries Act   interest rate hikes ever seen in Canadian history, while putting Canadians most at risk in the G7 of a mortgage default crisis. The Canadian dream is gone. Everything is up in this country: rents, mortgages, food prices, the debt and taxes. It is sad that the only thing that is truly

December 5th, 2023House debate

Jasraj Singh HallanConservative

Business of Supply   for, what life has now become after eight long years of Liberal government, the policies it has enacted and the living hell that Canadians are living through because of the Liberal policies. Today, we are going to talk about the carbon tax. There are many terrible policies the Liberals

December 7th, 2023House debate

Corey TochorConservative

Government Business No. 30—Proceedings on Bill C-56   members are aware that the most recent deficit this year was at $46.5 billion. The President of the Treasury Board and the finance minister were off by over $6 billion. Certainly, $6 billion is an absolutely incredible amount, but this shows the lack of respect they have for Canadian

November 23rd, 2023House debate

Stephanie KusieConservative

Government Business No. 30—Proceedings on Bill C-56   been severely increased to the detriment of consumers and wage earners. The Bank of Canada is strangling our economy with massive interest rate hikes. The NDP-Liberals keep turning the screws on Canadians with every increase of the carbon tax and with the introduction of a second

November 23rd, 2023House debate

Brad RedekoppConservative

Government Business No. 30—Proceedings on Bill C-56   inflation. Meanwhile, interest rates are rising at the fastest rate in Canadian history and have reached a 22-year high. Interest rates are projected to be hiked even further. When it comes to essentials like groceries, prices have gone up a staggering 70%, resulting in nearly two

November 23rd, 2023House debate

Michael CooperConservative

Committees of the House   to cost our produce farmers upwards of $6 billion to make that happen. Can members imagine what we are going to face in food security if we already have Canadians who cannot feed themselves? We have two million Canadians using a food bank. There are 800,000 who use a food bank

November 29th, 2023House debate

Lianne RoodConservative

Business of Supply   the increased basic personal amount, which we raised to $15,000 in 2023-24. That will provide Canadians $6 billion of tax relief from coast to coast to coast. This is money in the pockets of Canadians. For my family, my little daughter is at day care. The families that use that day care

November 28th, 2023House debate

Francesco SorbaraLiberal

Government Business No. 30—Proceedings on Bill C-56   of an average home is government gatekeepers adding unnecessary red tape. That means that over 60% of the price of a home in Vancouver is due to delays, fees, regulations, taxes and high-priced consultants. The NDP-Liberal government has poured billions of dollars into housing programs

November 23rd, 2023House debate

Tracy GrayConservative

Carbon Tax   would say it is the Bloc Québécois, which continues to prop up the Liberal government by supporting drastic carbon tax hikes. I am amazed that the Bloc claims to care about Quebeckers, yet supports a second carbon tax that will raise the price of gasoline by up to 20¢ a litre

November 22nd, 2023House debate

Richard LehouxConservative

Committees of the House   in the history of free trade negotiations, Canada is again betraying Ukraine by adding a carbon tax to our free trade agreement with Ukraine. I will ask the question again: Is this what Ukraine came to Canada asking for? The Prime Minister has the audacity to virtue signal and, in essence

November 22nd, 2023House debate

Dave EppConservative

Fall Economic Statement   to do, but our economic plan is working. Now, I do not want to deny the reality that many Canadians are facing today. I absolutely understand that after three difficult years—with a global pandemic, global inflation, and global interest rate hikes—Canadians are worn out, frustrated

November 21st, 2023House debate

Chrystia FreelandLiberal

The Economy   carbon tax or to convey that they are afraid to walk their local streets at night due to violent crime being increased by 39% under the NDP-Liberal government. The $600 billion in inflationary spending and countless tax hikes by the NDP-Liberals has led to Canadians being unable

November 20th, 2023House debate

Stephen EllisConservative

The Economy  Mr. Speaker, Canadians renewing their mortgages at today's rates will see an increase from 2% to 6% or higher. The IMF warns that Canada is the most at risk among G7 countries for a mortgage default crisis. What do we get? We get $20 billion in new inflationary spending

November 22nd, 2023House debate

Shuv MajumdarConservative

The Economy   working people living in their cars and nine in 10 young Canadians feeling they will never own a home. People are losing hope and the Prime Minister is just not worth the cost. The Liberal $600 billion of inflationary debt and countless tax hikes are increasing the cost of all we buy

November 20th, 2023House debate

Tracy GrayConservative

Fall Economic Statement   start cancelling billions of dollars to fossil fuel companies. We could put in place what the hon. member for Kitchener Centre has put forward in Motion No. 92, an excess profits tax on the obscene profits and war profiteering of big oil. We could do that, but we cannot continue

November 21st, 2023House debate

Elizabeth MayGreen