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The Baha'Is  Mr. Speaker, the Baha'is are the largest religious minority in Iran, totalling 350,000 people. Religious beliefs are the only thing that differentiate the Baha'i from the rest of the Iranian population. Iran has classified these people as unprotected infidels and has engaged

April 15th, 1994House debate

Peter MillikenLiberal

Human Rights  Mr. Speaker, the Baha'is in my community and countless Canadians are repelled by the news of death sentences passed on Baha'is in Iran. A few days ago Iran raised the bounty on Salman Rushdie's head to $2.5 million. I ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs, what is Canada's

February 20th, 1997House debate

Paddy TorsneyLiberal

Human Rights  Mr. Speaker, let me say on behalf of the government and all Canadians that these decisions are simply outrageous and we have to do everything we can to try to counter them. I will be meeting this afternoon with representatives of the Baha'i community to talk about how we might

February 20th, 1997House debate

Lloyd AxworthyLiberal

Baha'I Community  Mr. Speaker, for the past 17 years, the Baha'i of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been systematically persecuted, harassed and discriminated against, solely on the grounds of their religious convictions. The official document in which the Iranian government sets out its co

April 7th, 1997House debate

Michel GuimondBloc

Iran  Mr. Speaker, on July 21, 1998 Iranian authorities executed Ruhullah Rawhani for practising his Baha'i faith. There are presently four more Baha'is on death row. Would the Minister of Foreign Affairs please explain to Canadians Canada's position regarding Iran's abhorrent

October 7th, 1998House debate

Colleen BeaumierLiberal

Iran   their faith; and calls upon the Government of Iran to end their oppression of the Baha'i community, ensure the safety and early release of all those Baha'i imprisoned in Iran, and respect the principles of the International Covenants on Human Rights to which Iran is a party. (Motion

October 7th, 1998House debate

Svend RobinsonNDP

Iran  Mr. Speaker, they have their own ayattolah. They have their own problems. I would like to point out there are still very serious concerns relating to the detention of Baha'is for religious purposes and the detention of Iranian Jews for purposes that simply are unfounded. We

February 24th, 2000House debate

Lloyd AxworthyLiberal

Religious Discrimination   is an increasingly dangerous place for people of many faiths, depending on where they happen to be born or where they live. The Baha'is in Iran and the Christians in Sudan come quickly to mind, but Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists and all other faiths each find themselves persecuted

March 24th, 2000House debate

Bill BlaikieNDP

International Circumpolar Community  Mr. Speaker, the February 18 legislative elections in Iran profoundly changed the balance of political power in the country. The reformers of President Khatami won a majority of the seats. Canada congratulates the people of Iran for honouring the democratic spirit

April 11th, 2000House debate

Denis ParadisLiberal

Foreign Affairs   of members of the Baha'i faith. Quite frankly, words are not enough. I ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs if, at the very least, he has called in the Iranian ambassador to Canada to express Canada's disgust over these actions in Iran.

May 19th, 2006House debate

Keith MartinLiberal

Baha'i Community   in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In addition to being persecuted, they are being deprived of the most basic rights, such as the right to higher education for young people and the right to own property. Baha'is seek only the unity of humankind, the equality of men and women, the reduction

June 12th, 2006House debate

Louise ThibaultBloc

Iran  Mr. Speaker, the Baha'is of Iran have been persecuted throughout their history. With the triumph of the Islamic revolution in 1979, the persecution has been systematized. More than 200 Baha'is have been executed or killed, hundreds more have been imprisoned and tens of thousands

June 16th, 2006House debate

Bryon WilfertLiberal

Elimination of Intolerance and Discrimination  . This is because of the continuing discrimination and persecution displayed toward the Baha'i in Iran. The Baha'i teachings focus on unity and equality of all peoples and all faiths with the elimination of discrimination of every kind, encouraging all peoples to have the benefit of higher

November 22nd, 2006House debate

Anthony RotaLiberal

Human Rights  Mr. Speaker, in October 1998, the House gave unanimous consent to a motion that called upon the government of Iran to end its oppression of the Iranian Baha'i community. The government of Iran has not done so. Instead, it is increasing discrimination and other human rights

March 1st, 2007House debate

James RajotteConservative

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee  , which constitutes a substantial plurality of employment in Iran. Evidence suggests that more and more frequently religious minorities are subject to arrest under accusation of un-Islamic activities, and the Baha'i fair even worse. Members of the Baha'i faith are not afforded any

March 27th, 2007Committee meeting

Jared Genser