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Firearms   comment requires a fundamental misunderstanding of how gun laws work. We are making our firearms laws safe and sensible for Canadians. I would hope that the member for Skeena—Bulkley Valley would return to his previous position on the issue, when he said that he had received clear

December 11th, 2014House debate

Bob ZimmerConservative

Firearms  Mr. Speaker, law-abiding hunters, farmers and sport shooters know that there is only one party that will stand up for a safe and sensible firearms policy. It is not the Liberal Party, whose leader said it would bring back the long gun registry and makes claims about firearms

December 10th, 2014House debate

Jim EglinskiConservative

Public Safety committee   consequences. We are making our firearms laws safe and sensible, and we are making sure that our law enforcement and national security organizations have the tools they need to do their jobs. The one threat that seems to run through all of these initiatives is that they have been delayed

December 3rd, 2014Committee meeting

Steven BlaneyConservative

Firearms Act   fundraising pitch to stop this safe and sensible bill. Let me be clear, the Liberal leader's claims about this bill loosening safe transport regulations are absolutely false. Our Conservative government is about cutting red tape and ensuring that unlicensed and untrained people do

November 27th, 2014House debate

Ryan LeefConservative

Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act   are focusing on: tackling those who are predisposed to break the law, rather than those who are simply trying to enjoy a way of life that has been part of Canada's heritage since Confederation. The focus on safe and sensible firearms policy is the reason this bill amends the Criminal Code

November 26th, 2014House debate

Garry BreitkreuzConservative

Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act   common sense. Let us be clear. From now on, a person found guilty of domestic violence on indictment will automatically lose his licence to possess a firearm. We are putting forward safe and sensible firearms policies. That is why there is such strong support for this important

November 26th, 2014House debate

Steven BlaneyConservative

Public Safety  Mr. Speaker, our Conservative government is standing up for safe and sensible firearms policies, and I was pleased to see the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness introduce the commonsense firearms licensing act this week. For too long, hunters, farmers

October 9th, 2014House debate

Robert SopuckConservative

Firearms  Mr. Speaker, Canadians know that they can count on a Conservative government to put forth safe and sensible firearms policies. This summer in my riding, I heard from constituents who were concerned that the Canadian firearms program had reclassified two commonly used rifles

September 29th, 2014House debate

Cheryl GallantConservative