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Public Safety committee  Thank you, Minister. We are beginning a study on systemic racism today. I do not know if you are aware, but a 127-page report was tabled by your government in February 2018. It is called “Taking Action Against Systemic Racism and Religious Discrimination Including Islamophobia

June 23rd, 2020Committee meeting

Pierre Paul-HusConservative

COVID-19 Pandemic committee   we can say Islamophobia is not okay. Six Muslims at prayer in Quebec City were murdered. We can all stand up and say we denounce Islamophobia. Or we can denounce anti-trans violence against individual trans people who are murdered. We denounce anti-Semitism when we see anti

June 2nd, 2020Committee meeting

Elizabeth MayGreen

Islamophobia   in Canada at the Quebec City mosque on January 29, 2017. There is no mistaking that this attack was a result of Islamophobia. The consequence of this hate is families who are mourning their loved ones today and every day. It should never feel normal to see news about attacks like

March 12th, 2020House debate

Iqra KhalidLiberal

Foreign Affairs committee   selective enforcement of international law. Increasingly, human rights are under threat, from the plight of the Rohingya to the rise of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia to attacks on human rights defenders. Add to that an immense demographic transformation. By 2050, the world's population

March 12th, 2020Committee meeting

François-Philippe ChampagneLiberal

Pink Shirt Day   anti-black and anti-indigenous racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, gender-based violence, homophobia, transphobia or even bullying someone for wearing a pink shirt, we will stand together to fight it. We are seeing a dramatic rise in bullying and hate that is allowed to flourish

February 26th, 2020House debate

Lindsay MathyssenNDP

Religious Freedom  Mr. Speaker, three years ago, the Centre culturel islamique de Québec was the site of a tragic crime motivated by Islamophobia. An armed man became so mired in hate that he walked into a mosque, in the middle of peaceful prayers, and killed six men while wounding many others

January 29th, 2020House debate

Jagmeet SinghNDP

Canada-China Relations committee   that Islamophobia has been rising around the world and it's very concerning for many of us. The Uighurs in particular are on the minds of many of us. I'm just wondering what, in particular, our government is doing to try to help them by talking with our partners in China about the detention

January 30th, 2020Committee meeting

Lenore ZannLiberal

Religious Freedom   and the fact that I and others have to look behind our backs means we have a lot more work to do. In this House, we wear the green square today in memory of the lives lost. We owe it to the victims to confront hate and Islamophobia clearly, unequivocally and together, wherever we see it .

January 29th, 2020House debate

Sameer ZuberiLiberal

Religious Freedom   feels safe, regardless of their race, religion or origin. Islamophobia and hate crimes of any kind have no place in Canada.

January 29th, 2020House debate

Emmanuella LambropoulosLiberal

Business of Supply   survivor, I cannot accept the government's blasé attitude toward our pension fund's participation in the construction of mass detention and concentration camps in our own time. This is precisely the kind of Islamophobia that the government should be seized with. We are seeing

December 10th, 2019House debate

Garnett GenuisConservative

National Day of Solidarity with Victims of Anti-religious Bigotry and Violence   a coffee with members of the Muslim community in my riding in early January 2016 and they were worried about the rise in the amount of Islamophobia, the words they were hearing in the press and certain leadership around the world attacking Muslims. They asked me what I could do about

May 30th, 2019House debate

Frank BaylisLiberal

National Day of Solidarity with Victims of Anti-religious Bigotry and Violence  Mr. Speaker, I think the hon. member is referring to the focus on Islamophobia, which is a reasonable question. This was, of course, the date of the worst act of Islamophobia, by a wide margin, in our country's history. It is something we all hope will never happen again

May 30th, 2019House debate

Scott ReidConservative

Justice committee  Thank you to the chair and members of the committee for this opportunity to contribute to the parliamentary study of online hate. I am a professor of sociology and Muslim studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. I specialize in anti-racism and Islamophobia studies. Currently, I'm

May 9th, 2019Committee meeting

Dr. Jasmin Zine

Justice committee   hate we are witnessing today. I think it's absolutely critical, if not fundamental, to embark on such studies as this and to look a lot further into this issue with a deep thought process in place. Online hate is a key factor in enforcing hate in all forms—Islamophobia, anti

May 28th, 2019Committee meeting

Faisal Khan Suri

Foreign Affairs committee   the whole world kept silent. They say they don't want to touch the compulsory hijab issue because it will cause Islamophobia. It's because you never lived in a country, and you never experienced “women phobia”. I just made up that term. We live in a country where they're scared of women

May 9th, 2019Committee meeting

Masih Alinejad