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House debate  Madam Speaker, it is important to note that there was no hidden report. The breakdown in emissions originating from the oil sands sector in 2009 is captured in several categories, including fossil fuel production and refining, mining and oil, gas extraction and fugitive sources.

June 14th, 2011House debate

Michelle RempelConservative

The Budget  Mr. Speaker, in March we presented the next phase of Canada's economic action plan, a positive plan to keep taxes low, and support jobs and growth. Canadians want the budget and its important economic measures passed without delay. Later today, Parliament will vote to approve

June 13th, 2011House debate

Michelle RempelConservative

The Budget  Mr. Speaker, as I rise for the first time in the House, I would like to thank my constituents, the voters of Calgary Centre-North, who not only brought me into the House but also delivered a strong, stable Conservative majority government to our country. My colleague spoke to th

June 9th, 2011House debate

Michelle RempelConservative