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Rail Transportation   in the regions are not important enough to the member for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Westmount. I am amazed that not one single Liberal from Quebec is standing up for the workers in La Pocatière. What is the point of voting for MPs who use our tax money to fund jobs abroad?

December 13th, 2018House debate

Gabriel Ste-MarieBloc

House of Commons   ushered in major free trade agreements, and so on. Indeed, the House may be just a building, but this building has a soul, the soul of the many great Canadians who have marked our history. I am extremely humbled and honoured to be part of a long line of MPs for Charlesbourg—Haute

December 13th, 2018House debate

Pierre Paul-HusConservative

Elections Modernization Act  . That is why I dreamed of becoming an MP since I was 15. In 2015, I had the exceptional honour of earning the confidence of the majority of the 92,000 constituents of Beauport—Limoilou. I would like to tell them that, in my view, the House of Commons represents the opposite of what

December 13th, 2018House debate

Alupa ClarkeConservative

Procedure and House Affairs committee  Just before I go to Mr. Simms, I want to follow up on one of your comments. I definitely intend to have another meeting like Tuesday's before this Parliament is over. We will not leave it until the next Parliament. It's very important; MPs want their input. I think you made

December 13th, 2018Committee meeting

The ChairLiberal

Elections Modernization Act   to be found guilty of an ethics violation. Then there was the finance minister, guilty. Then there was the fisheries minister, guilty. Now there is a Liberal MP, who we are not sure whether he has resigned or not, tied to another minister and some shady land deals, and perhaps money stuff

December 13th, 2018House debate

Todd DohertyConservative

Canada Revenue Agency Act   2002, two NDP MPs on five occasions have introduced a bill to create a Canada-wide organ donor registry and to coordinate and promote organ donation across Canada. This bill is essentially a weaker version of what we have been calling for for some time in order to allow anyone who

December 12th, 2018House debate

Marjolaine Boutin-SweetNDP

Elections Modernization Act   are here, and our ridings would be much bigger. There would be two levels of MPs in this country. However, it was very prescriptive. They spent two hours, in 2002, in St. John's, Newfoundland, talking about this system, and now it was going to take that two hours and impose

December 12th, 2018House debate

Scott SimmsLiberal

Privilege   the Atlantic. Pay equity was another win. It was my motion, just weeks into this Parliament, that put equal pay for women on the government's agenda. It was not there before. Three years later, we almost have legislation. That is a huge win. Also, with my fellow New Democrat MPs from

December 12th, 2018House debate

Sheila MalcolmsonNDP

Closure of Centre Block   history was decided in this place. This Parliament is both the stage for our history and a witness to the passage of time. Many events in our country's history—history with a capital “H”— have taken place here. I am thinking of the first female MP, Agnes Campbell Macphail, to take

December 12th, 2018House debate

Guy CaronNDP

Closure of Centre Block  . These lights shone down on Malala Yousafzai. This carpet was walked on by Barack Obama. This is just a room. This is just a place. It is a lovely room, a lovely place, filled with history and stories, but this is not the centre of our democracy. Democracy happens whenever MPs gather, roll

December 12th, 2018House debate

Justin TrudeauLiberal

Ethics  . The finance minister conveniently forgot about a villa in France, and other ministers have been found guilty of breaking rules. Now there is a massive investigation, with a big cloud of suspicion around a former Liberal MP and a Liberal cabinet minister. Can the Prime Minister tell us

December 12th, 2018House debate

Andrew ScheerConservative

Environment committee  I'd like to ask Ms. Baldwin one question, very quickly. We rural members of Parliament often advocate for more significant investments in broadband Internet infrastructure. I'm going to do this day in and day out as an MP. What kind of impact do you think that even more

December 11th, 2018Committee meeting

William AmosLiberal

Customs Act   Pierre Elliott Trudeau, at the time, implemented the War Measures Act. Was it debated here in the House? No it was not. Members were debating the Fisheries Act, because under the War Measures Act, power went to the executive and was not for MPs to debate in the House. Things were

December 11th, 2018House debate

Martin ShieldsConservative

Citizenship and Immigration committee   living in Canada. Before going to classes, and between assignment submissions, I filled out more forms, collected documents, sought the help of our MP, Alistair MacGregor, and phoned the IRCC. The whole application process was a full-time job. Finally, on May 19 of this year, I

December 11th, 2018Committee meeting

La Trinidad Mina

Christmas   with Santa for the kids, trees in our offices and flipping the switch on the spectacular Parliament Hill lights show. The halls of Centre Block sparkle with red-ribboned trees and garlands, and of course, there is always the MP for Cape Breton—Canso's annual irreverent version of 'Twas

December 11th, 2018House debate

Diane FinleyConservative