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Industry committee  . Intellectual property protection always involves creating a balance between protecting the economic rights of creators and providing public access to their inventions. In today's world, IP protection is one of the keys to innovation, which drives productivity, and as a result has become

October 23rd, 2012Committee meeting

Pierre Meulien

Finance committee  Ladies and gentlemen committee members, my name is Pierre Gaudreau. I am the president of the Réseau Solidarité Itinérance du Québec and the coordinator of the Réseau d'aide aux personnes seules et itinérantes de Montréal. We would like to thank you for hearing us on issues

October 16th, 2012Committee meeting

Pierre Gaudreau

CANADA-PANAMA ECONOMIC GROWTH AND PROSPERITY ACT  Madam Speaker, here is a country with a history. When we talk about these things, we often have the feeling we are discussing them with people who have little or no history. Panama has a very long history. Denial of human rights in Panama also has a very long history

June 19th, 2012House debate

Pierre Dionne LabelleNDP

Canada–Jordan Economic Growth and Prosperity Act   of our exports. Shipping raw products out of Canada is short-sighted and shortchanges Canadians. Good deals must raise the economic and social conditions in each jurisdiction. Respect for human rights and a concerted focus to raise the living and employment conditions for the people

June 4th, 2012House debate

Don DaviesNDP

Copyright Modernization Act  Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to see that so many members will hear my speech on Bill C-11. Before question period, I congratulated my colleagues from Longueuil—Pierre-Boucher, Timmins—James Bay and Jeanne-Le Ber, who are very passionate about this issue, and I congratulate them

May 15th, 2012House debate

Françoise BoivinNDP

Copyright Modernization Act   to Bill C-11. The intent of the bill is not to punish legitimate organizations that make an honest mistake in good faith, but to protect intellectual property as well as the rights of consumers. It should be noted that copyright holders can always ask for an injunction to bring

May 15th, 2012House debate

Pierre LemieuxConservative

Safer Railways Act   of Montreal and the many people who pass through that corridor from right across Canada. The minister is succeeding in building linkages with our friends south of the border in the hopes that we will have a Detroit-Windsor bridge. He has moved this bill on railway safety quietly

May 1st, 2012House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Canadian Heritage committee   is one of 42 that are recognized and supported by the province's ministry of culture, communications and the status of women. The museum is also a Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board designated institution. We are the only museum in Quebec specializing in this area, which

April 24th, 2012Committee meeting

Pierre Wilson

Safer Railways Act   to protect people, property and the environment by ensuring that the railway companies operate safely within that national framework. Once again, we liberated the market to find the best ways to achieve safety, but we created a legal framework to ensure that people and property

March 13th, 2012House debate

Pierre PoilievreConservative

Bill C-11 committee   photographers quite uneasy, as the committee has clearly seen. Even though the bill does indeed clearly establish the notion of photographic property, the term “personal purposes” is much more open to interpretation than the term we are proposing, “private or non-commercial purposes

March 13th, 2012Committee meeting

Pierre NantelNDP

Justice committee   of the number of hours and topics? Do the terms of arrest favour the security of the individual or the security of property? Is this taught? Are human rights, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and respect for privacy taught to your members? I'll let you answer. My question

February 9th, 2012Committee meeting

Pierre JacobNDP

Bill C-13 An Act to implement certain provisions of the 2011 budget as updated on June 6, 2011 and other measures

under that Act. Part 12 amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to repeal certain provisions that provide for mandatory retirement. It also amends the Canada Labour Code to repeal a provision that denies employees the right to severance pay for involuntary termination

December 15th, 2011

Jim FlahertyConservative

Government Operations committee  . Alex Lakroni, chief financial officer, and John McBain, assistant deputy minister, real property branch. Welcome back, Mr. McBain. We also have with us from the department Pierre-Marc Mongeau, assistant deputy minister, parliamentary precinct branch. It's a very interesting

November 22nd, 2011Committee meeting

The Chair NDP

Finance committee  , intellectual property, because that's the cornerstone, the pierre angulaire of our industry. There's a huge opportunity for Canada right now during the CETA negotiations, and frankly before they're even concluded, to create, number one, an effective right of appeal mechanism for innovators

October 20th, 2011Committee meeting

Russell Williams

Copyright Modernization Act  Madam Speaker, here we have another bill to modernize copyright, the same bill that was introduced by the industry minister on June 2, 2010. The short title of the bill is the Copyright Modernization Act, but I do not think this is the right title; it should have been called

October 18th, 2011House debate

Pierre Dionne LabelleNDP