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Business of Supply   as part of their jurisdiction over property and civil rights set out in section 92(13) of the Constitution Act, 1867. As a result, it is quite obvious that this bill is an attempt to do indirectly what cannot be done directly. There have been a number of attempts along these lines

June 10th, 2010House debate

Pierre PaquetteBloc

Business of Supply   the property and civil rights sections of the Constitution; that is to say, under provincial control. Others believe the regulation of securities falls under the federal government's powers to regulate trade. There has been an academic discussion on these issues for decades, and it could go

June 10th, 2010House debate

John McCallumLiberal

National Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Heritage Day Act   issues commercial fishing licences. Moreover, the fishery has always been among the areas over which Quebec has traditionally demanded control: The provinces should have exclusive jurisdiction over the following: education, property law and civil law, hospitals, trades

June 1st, 2010House debate

Carole LavalléeBloc

Canadian Heritage committee   governing intellectual property and copyright to encourage new ideas and protect the rights of Canadians whose research, development, and artistic creativity contribute to our prosperity and well-being. Creators need the right tools to compete in global markets and build new business

April 13th, 2010Committee meeting

James MooreConservative

Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act   and environmental progress in a country in great need of such progress. I would like to point out that my colleague from Longueuil—Pierre-Boucher referred to some of the organizations that have reported on the situation in Colombia. I thank him for doing that. Colombia's human rights record

March 25th, 2010House debate

Meili FailleBloc

Hélène Pedneault  , Hélène Pedneault's trademark indignation continued to drive her to take up causes and fight for what was right. She was an activist of conviction and a convincing activist who waded into many a battle. She fought for equality between men and women. She co-founded the Eau Secours

November 18th, 2009House debate

Pierre PaquetteBloc

Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act   of certain decisions in the name of private property rights, the right to profit and to invest, no holds barred. This new provision appeared in the North American Free Trade Agreement when it was negotiated with Mexico. It absolutely did not exist in the Free Trade Agreement between

November 17th, 2009House debate

Pierre PaquetteBloc

Public Accounts committee  You used the term ”outside contracts“. That is what the Auditor General highlighted in her remarks. I have to say that the NRC is not a big player in those contracts because the majority of the contracts we award are not about intellectual property. That property belongs to us

November 16th, 2009Committee meeting

Pierre Coulombe

Public Accounts committee   of deliberate investment, process improvement and by placing a high priority on getting results from the intellectual property we create. And we are not only strong in comparison with other producers of intellectual property in Canada, but we can also hold our own internationally

November 16th, 2009Committee meeting

Pierre Coulombe

Employment Insurance Act   what is it, really? Maisonneuve en direct aired an interview with Pierre Céré. If I may, I would like to quote a portion of that interview. Pierre Maisonneuve: Are some of the opposition parties right? Is this a step in the right direction? Pierre Céré: I would say

November 3rd, 2009House debate

Robert VincentBloc

Strengthening Canada’s Corrections System Act   representatives, victims’ rights groups and honourable members. Bill C-43 proposes several fundamental reforms to corrections and conditional release to help ensure they continue to work the way they should in light of the changing nature of the offender population and the needs of victims

October 29th, 2009House debate

Pierre LemieuxConservative

Transport committee  Thank you, Mr. Chairman. One of the examples I found in my research is that of Lac Saint-Pierre, near Sorel, which was officially recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Citizens had been settled on its islands for decades without any property right. When the island

October 26th, 2009Committee meeting

Richard NadeauBloc

Justice committee  , Germany, it has been prohibited to display the logo or name of the Hells Angels in public, under threat of imprisonment, since 1986. We know that the government could, by simply issuing a government order, decide that a group is a terrorist organization and seize all their property

October 22nd, 2009Committee meeting

Jean-Pierre Lévesque

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act   property and $350,000 for all other loan purposes. Loan guarantees would now be available on farm transfers through shares of a corporation or interest in a partnership. For co-operatives, this proposed legislation would respond to the co-op sector's needs by expanding eligibility

May 11th, 2009House debate

Pierre LemieuxConservative

Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act  Mr. Speaker, the Bloc Québécois has repeatedly said that it supports Bill C-4, given that the present Canada Corporations Act has become outdated. Modernization of the act is certainly a step in the right direction, as has been said several times. The new act would take

May 5th, 2009House debate

Nicolas DufourBloc