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Questions Passed as Orders for Returns  With regard to overpayments made by the Phoenix pay system, as of April 24, 2023: (a) what was the total amount of overpayments made by the system; (b) what was the number of employees who received overpayments; (c) what is the breakdown of (a) and (b) by department, agency

June 9th, 2023House debate

Gerald SorokaConservative

Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act   to justify their desire to control our revenues. The fact is, there are many other challenges facing the public service, including the Phoenix payroll fiasco, which has caused so much confusion in the management of public servants' salaries. Delays in processing applications and calls

April 18th, 2023House debate

Simon-Pierre Savard-TremblayBloc

The Budget  .” Frankly, I do not trust a government that has not been able to figure out how to pay its own employees over the last six years, having not been able to figure out the Phoenix pay centre and paying its own employees, will somehow administer a program this large and be successful

April 17th, 2023House debate

Laila GoodridgeConservative

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Series  Mr. Speaker, it is playoff time in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. After sweeping the Blainville Armada, the Sherbrooke Phoenix will now face the Drummondville Voltigeurs. The famous “route 55” rivalry is back. Having finished in third place after a record year

April 17th, 2023House debate

Élisabeth BrièreLiberal

The Budget   by any stretch of the imagination, but the components that Phoenix Contact has been building for the last 80 years, many of them built in Milton, Ontario, really do fuel the electrification future we talk about. If someone were to open up an electric car charger and look inside, a lot

April 17th, 2023House debate

Adam van KoeverdenLiberal

Online Streaming Act   you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Fahrenheit 451 ends with the symbolism of the legendary phoenix. It is an endless cycle of long life, death in flames, rebirth and the symbolism that the phoenix must have some relationship to mankind, which

March 30th, 2023House debate

Ryan WilliamsConservative

Employment Insurance Act   insurance; there have been problems with passports and the Phoenix pay system. The problems keep piling up. This sort of thing is always happening with the federal government, but that does not stop it from wanting even more responsibility. It tries to tell us how we should be running

March 29th, 2023House debate

Xavier Barsalou-DuvalBloc

Business of Supply   to go after at the OGGO committee because of the NDP motion to do that. We also saw what they did with the Phoenix pay system. They got rid of the payroll staff, and then it turned into a boondoggle. Therefore, Canadians should know what is coming if the Conservatives come

February 16th, 2023House debate

Gord JohnsNDP

Business of Supply   since 2015, and we have been hearing about the Phoenix pay system all this time. I was a lawyer before I became an MP, and I had business clients. If they had not been able to give their employees paycheques, they would have gone bankrupt and been taken to court. I will move

February 16th, 2023House debate

Rhéal FortinBloc

Business of Supply   they are looking at this now. Did this work? We got the Phoenix pay system out of this, by consolidating services and shutting down individual departments. It looked like efficiency, but I would suggest we now know it did not work.

February 14th, 2023House debate

Elizabeth MayGreen

Public Sector Integrity Act  . Therrien also incurred the wrath of the government because she had good intentions and wanted to raise a matter of public interest that made her work highly questionable. I am also thinking of the University of Toronto's Centre for Free Expression, which said that the Phoenix scandal

February 9th, 2023House debate

Mario SimardBloc

Questions Passed as Orders for Returns  With regard to the civilian firefighters working for the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Phoenix pay system issues: (a) what is the current annual cost to manually administer payments for DND firefighters; (b) what is the annual cost to manually administer payments

January 30th, 2023House debate

Randall GarrisonNDP

World Junior Hockey Championship  Mr. Speaker, five members of the Sherbrooke Phoenix made their mark at the World Junior Hockey Championship. Two Canadians, forward Joshua Roy and defenceman Tyson Hinds, along with their coach, Stéphane Julien, proudly represented Sherbrooke at this major hockey tournament

January 30th, 2023House debate

Élisabeth BrièreLiberal

Health  Mr. Speaker, the government does not want to increase health transfers. It wants standards. What standards? What makes Ottawa think it can tell Quebec and the provinces how to do their job? Consider what Ottawa did with Phoenix, Roxham Road, the passport crisis, the old age

December 6th, 2022House debate

Mario SimardBloc

Telecommunications Act  Madam Speaker, in earnest, the government has had significant failures when it comes to procurement. I would point to shipbuilding, where we are years behind. It has also had significant failures with respect to IT. I point to the Phoenix pay system. Given these failures, what

December 1st, 2022House debate

Philip LawrenceConservative