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Young Offenders Act   related, one major offence of concern is arson. About 13 per cent of all arson cases involve children aged 12. About 6 per cent of the offences by children under 12 involve violence, for a total of 275 victims. Only 4 per cent of the victims of these assaults were family members

November 8th, 1996House debate

Jack RamsayReform

The Criminal Code   possession of an unregistered firearm which could be stiffer than penalties people are receiving right now for assault, arson or drunk driving causing death. It is absurd, but that is the Liberal concept of justice: treat vicious, depraved monsters with a lot of TLC but come down like

October 3rd, 1996House debate

Lee MorrisonReform

Corrections And Conditional Release Act   order, arson, prostitution and use of offensive weapons. Western solutions are not adequate for Quebec. Quebecers are peaceful people. They advocate civic-mindedness, tolerance and balanced solutions to their legitimate concerns regarding public safety. Although not perfect, Bill C

September 27th, 1995House debate

Pierrette VenneBloc

Camp Ipperwash   example. Sexual assaults, firearms discharged at persons, arson, break and enter go uninvestigated. In fact Ipperwash-

September 27th, 1995House debate

Art HangerReform

Petitions  Mr. Speaker, the second petition calls for stronger enforcement of the section of the Criminal Code which deals with arson.

June 14th, 1995House debate

Leon BenoitReform

Social Security Programs   is known as moral hazard phenomenon. In simple language it is due to insurance induced changes in behaviour. The greater number of fires that occur in insured restaurants is due in part to outright arson. However, many additional fires are started because in insured restaurants less

October 7th, 1994House debate

Herb GrubelReform

Supply   that dynamite, arson and theft warrant investigation. I have a general question: What is the basis-I would very much like to know that-and the scope of the contacts which CSIS has with foreign intelligence services and with the Communications Security Establishment of the Department

September 29th, 1994House debate

Antoine DubéBloc

Justice  Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Solicitor General. Convicted killer and murderer Colin Joseph Wood, a non-citizen, recently escaped from a minimum security prison. Mr. Wood has a long history of various crimes such as drug trafficking, arson, fraud, break-ins, weapons

February 10th, 1994House debate

Myron ThompsonReform