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Justice committee   by way of summary conviction for, I don't know, arson for fraudulent purposes, for example?

June 5th, 2018Committee meeting

Michael CooperConservative

Justice committee  Thank you, Minister, for that. I have to say that I think a lot of Canadians would be very surprised and couldn't think of any circumstances, whether they be for arson for fraudulent purposes, or participating in a terrorist organization, or kidnapping a minor, or advocating

June 5th, 2018Committee meeting

Michael CooperConservative

Criminal Code   be prosecuted by way of summary conviction. The maximum penalty for a summary conviction is two years less a day. Individuals who are convicted of offences ranging from promoting terrorism to kidnapping a minor to arson for fraudulent purposes to impaired driving causing bodily harm could

May 29th, 2018House debate

Michael CooperConservative

Rural Crime   and enter, and arson, increased over the last two years as well. These increases must be addressed quickly and effectively. If passed, Motion No. 167 and the information and recommendations resulting from the review could provide invaluable support not only for Saskatchewan but also

May 24th, 2018House debate

Kelly BlockConservative

Criminal Code   organization, impaired driving causing bodily harm, kidnapping a minor, forced marriage, polygamy, or arson for fraudulent purposes. Do those not sound like serious offences? The minister said that she was doing this so the serious cases could go to superior courts. I have news

May 24th, 2018House debate

Michael CooperConservative

Criminal Code   of a person under the age of 14, forced marriage, marriage under 16 years of age, advocating genocide, arson for fraudulent purposes, and participation in the activities of a criminal organization. Just reading this list is mind-boggling. Offering a judge of the courts the option

May 24th, 2018House debate

Rob NicholsonConservative

Criminal Code   for that is to allow serious offences to be prosecuted in superior court. Among the offences the government is watering down are participation in a terrorist organization, the kidnapping of a minor, arson for fraudulent purposes, and impaired driving causing bodily harm. Is the minister saying

May 24th, 2018House debate

Michael CooperConservative

Situation of the Rohingya People  , (ii) the atrocities committed by the Burmese military include sexual violence, mass killings and widespread arson and may well amount to crimes against humanity, (iii) Burmese authorities have been unwilling to credibly investigate these horrific crimes and bring those responsible

May 23rd, 2018House debate

Hélène LaverdièreNDP

Justice   organization, advocating genocide, arson for fraudulent purposes, and the list goes on. This is the Liberal answer to the current backlog in the justice system, a crisis created by not appointing the adequate number of judges to the bench. Canadians know this. When a perpetrator

May 9th, 2018House debate

Rob NicholsonConservative

Canadian Rangers   injuring six passengers and one crew member. Sadly, one of those passengers, Arson Fern Jr., passed away. The Canadian rangers arrived on site quickly, and wisely put out a call to the community to bring blankets and to assist in the transportation of survivors. The rangers worked

March 20th, 2018House debate

Georgina JoliboisNDP

Natural Resources committee   do we do during construction to save that building from arson or any type of fire condition? We've introduced requirements into the fire code to mitigate that risk as well.

March 20th, 2018Committee meeting

Philip Rizcallah

Expungement of Historically Unjust Convictions Act   and threatened him with an arson charge of which he was innocent. Using it as leverage to open Klippert up about his sex life, he readily confessed to having had intimate relations with four men there. In every court case, he pled guilty. A court psychiatrist reported that Klippert told

December 13th, 2017House debate

Michelle RempelConservative

Justice committee   unit in a vain attempt to bring the building down in flames. His arson efforts failed, and Carina, mortally wounded, was able to vacate the unit, only to die of her massive injuries en route to hospital. The accused also suffered horrible wounds stemming from the fire, suffering

November 22nd, 2017Committee meeting

Mark Farrant

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee   civilians, particularly elders, stealing livestock, and also committing arson. They literally devastated this tiny community and are burning down villages. I spoke to many of those who were displaced at the time who fled to Mogadishu and there were at least 15,000 people displaced just

November 9th, 2017Committee meeting

Laetitia Bader

Situation in Myanmar   alarm. Since August 25, more than 400,000 Rohingya have been forced to flee after facing mass arson and looting by Myanmar security forces. As they flee such atrocities, anti-personnel land mines are being placed in their path, women are being raped, and children are being killed

September 26th, 2017House debate

Ali EhsassiLiberal