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Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Accord Implementation Act   and work ethic of the team have been the backbone of Hibernia’s success for 26 years and will continue into the future. That future is exciting, with the potential for Hibernia to continue production for another 20 years. In Nova Scotia, one of Premier John Hamm’s most notable

September 19th, 2023House debate

Jake StewartConservative

Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Accord Implementation Act  . That is enough energy to power 3,750,000 homes. Newfoundland and Labrador has high ambitions as well. During my last visit to St. John's for the Energy NL Conference, there was extensive interest from the private sector, workers and local levels of government in the opportunities presented

September 19th, 2023House debate

Jonathan WilkinsonLiberal

Indigenous and Northern Affairs committee   the approval in principle. We worked with a number of ministers, including Chuck Strahl, John Duncan, Carolyn Bennett and of course Minister Marc Miller. I want to thank them for their support throughout. Negotiations were complete in the summer of 2022 with a self-government agreement. We

June 19th, 2023Committee meeting

Dwayne Eagle

Indigenous and Northern Affairs committee   into social programs. It actually helped with a lot of healing that needed to happen within the aboriginal community in Australia. They saw that there was a huge return on investment for those who were managing indigenous protected areas. I'll stop talking now. I would love to get your

May 10th, 2023Committee meeting

John AldagLiberal

Status of Women committee  Thank you. I'm with the Aboriginal Women's Action Network. It is 26 years old, and it is a feminist group of indigenous women. Up until very recently, we were just a volunteer group with no office and were organizing out of our homes. In our commemoration project, we held

May 1st, 2023Committee meeting

Fay Blaney

Indigenous and Northern Affairs committee  [Witness spoke in Mi'kmaq and provided the following text:] Weli ulawg, iganpugultijig Ugjit N’nueiel Lugwowagann. Nin John Martin tel’wisi. N’nu Sagamaw ugjit Gesgapegiagewag. [Witness provided the following translation:] Good evening to all members of the Standing Commitee

March 8th, 2023Committee meeting

Chief John Martin

Online Streaming Act   in Vancouver, starring Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, with a screenplay by Canadian Paul Wernick, based on a Canadian comic book character. We have Canadian Bacon. Who could forget that? There is John Candy, a legendary Canadian actor, in a story involving Canada. I talked about Margaret

March 9th, 2023House debate

Eric DuncanConservative

Procedure and House Affairs committee  Thank you very much, Madam Chair. I would like to apologize to my colleague Mr. Duncan. He has to wait for his turn to speak, but I am very much looking forward to hearing the points he has to make. I would also, in turn, like to congratulate my colleagues Mr. Gerretsen, Ms

March 7th, 2023Committee meeting

Greg FergusLiberal

Heritage Week  , this legislation would deliver on developing and implementing a national heritage plan and strategy for commemorating residential school sites, the history and legacy of residential schools, and the contributions of aboriginal peoples to Canada's history. Therefore, I ask my colleagues to vote

February 17th, 2023House debate

John AldagLiberal

Canada National Parks Act   a path forward. Across the Detroit River, the Wyandot community is also supporting this bill, and I will get into this a bit because it is international. The Wyandot community, another aboriginal organization, has sent in a letter of support for this. I want to point out

February 8th, 2023House debate

Brian MasseNDP

National Council for Reconciliation Act  . My hon. colleague and I have been working together and calling on the government to deliver on its promise of a $4.5-billion mental health transfer of new money, which it has not delivered. Call to action 19 cites: We call upon the...government, in consultation with Aboriginal

November 30th, 2022House debate

Gord JohnsNDP

Historic Places of Canada Act   MacDonald and John MacDonald. These amazing groups and individuals delivered an archaeology credit course that contributed to my high school diploma. I share my speech today, realizing how investments for youth can have lasting impacts. Qujalivakka. I am so grateful to them. Bill C-23

December 2nd, 2022House debate

Lori IdloutNDP

National Council for Reconciliation Act   Watt-Cloutier, Okalik Eegeesiak, Dalee Sambo Dorough, Cindy Blackstock, the member for Winnipeg Centre, Justice Murray Sinclair, John Amagoalik, Tagak Curley, former member of Parliament Romeo Saganash, John Borrows, Tracey Lindberg, Duncan McCue, Pam Palmeter and James Eetoolook. I

November 29th, 2022House debate

Lori IdloutNDP

Status of Women committee  , bystander empowerment, modelling healthy relationships, creating a positive sport environment, and anti-racism. This work is supported by Sport Canada, Status of Women Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. In 2019, at the request of then minister Duncan, we created mandated

December 1st, 2022Committee meeting

Lorraine Lafrenière

Historic Places of Canada Act  , the history and legacy of residential schools, and the contributions of Aboriginal peoples to Canada’s history. This first point was the content of my private member's bill, and I am honoured to see this item and the entirety of call to action 79 back before the House. I am pleased

December 2nd, 2022House debate

John AldagLiberal