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Indigenous and Northern Affairs committee   the approval in principle. We worked with a number of ministers, including Chuck Strahl, John Duncan, Carolyn Bennett and of course Minister Marc Miller. I want to thank them for their support throughout. Negotiations were complete in the summer of 2022 with a self-government agreement. We

June 19th, 2023Committee meeting

Dwayne Eagle

Online Streaming Act   in Vancouver, starring Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, with a screenplay by Canadian Paul Wernick, based on a Canadian comic book character. We have Canadian Bacon. Who could forget that? There is John Candy, a legendary Canadian actor, in a story involving Canada. I talked about Margaret

March 9th, 2023House debate

Eric DuncanConservative

Procedure and House Affairs committee  Thank you very much, Madam Chair. I would like to apologize to my colleague Mr. Duncan. He has to wait for his turn to speak, but I am very much looking forward to hearing the points he has to make. I would also, in turn, like to congratulate my colleagues Mr. Gerretsen, Ms

March 7th, 2023Committee meeting

Greg FergusLiberal

National Council for Reconciliation Act   Watt-Cloutier, Okalik Eegeesiak, Dalee Sambo Dorough, Cindy Blackstock, the member for Winnipeg Centre, Justice Murray Sinclair, John Amagoalik, Tagak Curley, former member of Parliament Romeo Saganash, John Borrows, Tracey Lindberg, Duncan McCue, Pam Palmeter and James Eetoolook. I

November 29th, 2022House debate

Lori IdloutNDP

Status of Women committee  , bystander empowerment, modelling healthy relationships, creating a positive sport environment, and anti-racism. This work is supported by Sport Canada, Status of Women Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. In 2019, at the request of then minister Duncan, we created mandated

December 1st, 2022Committee meeting

Lorraine Lafrenière

Canadian Heritage committee   accountability with Sport Canada. Minister, the person to your right knew of these allegations four years ago—just two weeks after then minister Kirsty Duncan made a major announcement about safe sport. He didn't even see fit to ensure that the minister, who just two weeks earlier had made

July 26th, 2022Committee meeting

John NaterConservative

Canadian Heritage committee  At that time, then minister Kirsty Duncan made an announcement. Two weeks later, these allegations came to light, and no one within the department saw fit to notify the minister or the minister's office of these major allegations from one of the largest national sports

July 26th, 2022Committee meeting

John NaterConservative

Canadian Heritage committee   on the status of the investigation. The minister's office wasn't advised. When transition documents were prepared for former minister Duncan to Minister Guilbeault and to Minister St-Onge, were these issues with Hockey Canada flagged in any of those transition documents?

July 26th, 2022Committee meeting

John NaterConservative

Judges Act  . The current process for complaints of misconduct against judges was introduced in 1971. Pierre Elliott Trudeau was our prime minister, and the minister of justice and attorney general at that time was future prime minister John Turner. I think we could agree in the year 2022

June 16th, 2022House debate

Eric DuncanConservative

Budget Implementation Act, 2022, No. 1   Democratic Party that made that happen in this budget implementation act. The previous member for St. John's East was just here today. I just had an opportunity to speak to him earlier today, and I can say his name now. Last year, in the previous Parliament, Mr. Jack Harris brought

June 6th, 2022House debate

Heather McPhersonNDP

Budget Implementation Act, 2022, No. 1   lost 25,000 units a year. We are talking about over 750,000 units to this day in the shortfall of co-op housing. I was visiting my friends John and Beth last night, who live in co-op housing here in Ottawa. They received safe and secure housing. They were on a wait-list for four

May 9th, 2022House debate

Gord JohnsNDP

Economic and Fiscal Update Implementation Act, 2021   on a “stop the harm” tour, listening to people in Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, Edmonton last week, Saskatoon and Toronto. I was in Montreal today, in my colleague's home province, listening to frontline people. I hope he does the same, because they will tell him it is an economic issue

May 2nd, 2022House debate

Gord JohnsNDP

Procedure and House Affairs committee   concerned about your well-being and how you are doing means a lot. Certainly, MP Duncan, kudos to you for your continued leadership. I still look back at the time when you were in Saint John. We did an announcement with Brilliant Labs on coding. I will never ever forget. We walked

April 15th, 2021Committee meeting

Wayne LongLiberal

Books of Remembrance   away on May 10. They are Private Francis George William Floyd, Flying Officer Reginald James Dew, Private Joseph Clough, Corporal Patrick Duffy, Private Clayton Morningstar, Lieutenant Charles Casimir Von Straubenzee, Private Duncan McKinnon, Private Arthur Murphy, Private Stephen

May 10th, 2021House debate

Alex RuffConservative

Procedure and House Affairs committee   in to this and listening with bated breath to every word that Wayne Long is going to say, or MP Duncan, MP Turnbull, MP Normandin, MP Kent, MP Calkins and MP Amos, what have you? Do you think they're all tuned in with their little notepads, taking notes and saying, “Look at these guys go. Look at them

May 4th, 2021Committee meeting

Wayne LongLiberal