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Industry committee   institutions with five or more chairs—these are specifically the medium and large universities—must table a plan. It's not enough to do targets; they must also table a plan to reach the targets. As Minister Duncan was mentioning, the challenge, when you look at the targets they set

May 16th, 2017Committee meeting

John Knubley

Industry committee  Good morning, everyone. Thank you, Mr. Chair. I'm pleased to be here this morning with our deputy minister, John Knubley; our associate deputy minister, Kelly Gillis; and our assistant deputy minister, Lawrence Hanson. I'm really pleased to be here this morning

May 16th, 2017Committee meeting

Kirsty DuncanLiberal

Industry committee  Thank you very much, Chair. I'm delighted to be here again. It's great to see a lot of familiar faces and a few new faces as well. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to address this esteemed committee. I'd like to welcome ministerial colleague Dr. Kirsty Duncan, who

November 28th, 2016Committee meeting

Navdeep BainsLiberal

Procedure and House Affairs committee  John Fraser helped to maintain that.

March 21st, 2017Committee meeting

Linda DuncanNDP

Procedure and House Affairs committee  Thank you, Mr. Chair. It is a pleasure to be back here. I say that in all honesty, as I do enjoy this committee. I enjoy interacting with the members of the committee. I think it's a worthwhile enterprise. I do want to thank Ms. Duncan, Ms. May, and Mr. Doherty

March 21st, 2017Committee meeting

John NaterConservative

Operation UNIFIER  . There is a Holodomor travelling exposition, but there is also the Bitter Harvest film. I encourage people see it in the theatres. It talks about the crisis that Ukraine suffered in the past and continues to suffer. A new play has been produced in Alberta, with the support of St. John's Institute

March 20th, 2017House debate

Linda DuncanNDP

Electoral Reform committee  I get to follow up on the “male, pale, and stale”. I think I am just going to leave that one alone, actually. First, John Duncan is an old friend and a former colleague. John and I go back almost a quarter of a century. The first time we met was back in 1992. You were a brand

September 27th, 2016Committee meeting

Scott ReidConservative

Electoral Reform committee  We are going to resume with the second panel. We have three panellists: Antony Hodgson, from Fair Voting BC; Diana Byford, who is with the B.C. Citizens' Assembly; and our former colleague, the Honourable John Duncan. Nice to see you again, Mr. Duncan. We'll start with Mr

September 27th, 2016Committee meeting

The ChairLiberal

Industry committee   like to take this opportunity to also acknowledge my colleagues here with me this afternoon: Minister Chagger, responsible for small business and tourism; and Minister Duncan, who is responsible for science; and of course my deputy minister John Knubley and my associate deputy

April 14th, 2016Committee meeting

Navdeep BainsLiberal

The Environment  Mr. Speaker, during the audit, the commissioner actually heard testimony on how the government was ignoring key duties to engage first nations and Metis in environmental assessments and monitoring of the oil sands. The commissioner determined that the government had failed

October 7th, 2014House debate

Linda DuncanNDP

Business of Supply   for our local EDA, whether a breakfast or a dinner put on, and we would have a guest there, the member would not attend as a minister but as a member of Parliament. Then we made sure that no stakeholders knowingly were there. We were very careful. However, when that slipped, John

November 3rd, 2016House debate

Candice BergenConservative

Wendell Fulton   maintained strong connections with New Brunswick throughout his life. Politics always remained a passion of his, having been influenced by Louis Robichaud's program of equal opportunity. In the 1973 Saint John River flood, Wendell rescued Robichaud's papers from the Liberal Party

October 28th, 2016House debate

Matt DeCourceyLiberal

Government Operations committee  Of course, people are mobile now. A grandmother can be sending a package to St. John's, Newfoundland—

October 18th, 2016Committee meeting

Linda DuncanNDP

Environment committee   into committee business. We'll need to adopt our subcommittee report. We'll do that at the end of the meeting, if you don't mind, so that we can give our guests full attention and not delay their statements. I want to welcome Ken Hardie, who is standing in for John Aldag. Thank you very much

September 29th, 2016Committee meeting

The Chair (Mrs. Deborah Schulte (King—Vaughan, Lib.))Liberal

Electoral Reform committee   them off without a referendum, I think we have to think about that. The second thing I'd like to do is to comment on the Honourable John Duncan's point of view that we should have—I'm searching here for words. I'm sorry. We really need to have a situation where the member

September 27th, 2016Committee meeting

David Charles