What we've got

Copies of the database that powers this site.

This is a format that requires you to have a bit of database and SQL knowledge to use it. As long as you have that, though, you should be able to manipulate the data, and export it to other database systems, reasonably easily.

Here you go


The openparliament code can read these single-file databases without your needing to install and configure a database server. However, they're highly out of date.

You can download either a full version of the database, or a more manageable version which excludes debates prior to 2010. Unless you're intending to use historical Hansard data, you should probably download the smaller file.

Skinny database (Oct. 2010)—~10 MB compressed, ~50MB uncompressed

Fat database (Oct. 2010)—~200 MB compressed, ~800MB uncompressed


Postgres is the open-source database software that powers this site. The file below contains virtually the entirety of our current database. If the file below is old and you need something more recent, send me an email.

October 2013 — ~600 MB compressed