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  • His favourite word is tax.

Conservative MP for Prince George—Peace River (B.C.)

Won his last election, in 2011, with 62.10% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Canadian Delegation to Israel September 15th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, it is good to be back.

On July 9, as I was travelling as a member of a parliamentary delegation to Israel, we were escorted to a bomb shelter as we toured the Tower of David Museum. Rockets fired from Gaza, by Hamas, were overhead and landing nearby. It was an eye-opening experience for all of us, and it showed us what the people of Jerusalem have to go through on a daily basis to be safe in their own city. It is something that we surely will not forget.

I wish to thank our hosts, David Cooper and J. J. Schneiderman, from the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, and Mark Waldman of the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, for their hospitality, and for making us feel safe during a very troubling conflict.

Today I want to restate Canada's support for the state of Israel, and I pray that one day the Holy Land will know a permanent and lasting peace.

Aboriginal Veterans June 20th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, I am honoured to rise to commemorate the aboriginal men and women who have served Canada.

Canada's military heritage has been enriched by aboriginal veterans who, in each major conflict that Canada was called upon to enter, proudly came forward to do their part for this land, our home.

Throughout wartime and peace support operations of the 20th century, many thousands of aboriginal men and women served in all branches and virtually every rank of the Canadian military.

Today we remember the sacrifices of Canada's aboriginal veterans and pay tribute to the more than 500 who ultimately gave their lives during the First World War and Second World War and in the Korean War.

We thank them on behalf of all Canadians. Lest we forget.

Respect For Communities Act June 17th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, I have listened to the comments of my colleague across the way with great curiosity. I am from British Columbia and have experienced InSite being an issue in my province for many years.

I have one question. I wonder if the member could answer whether she thinks injecting heroin is safe.

Safeguarding Canada's Seas and Skies Act June 17th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, the hon. member is one of the members across the way that I have learned to respect over the last three years. He is very polite, very cordial. I respect that of the member, and also that he is an economist.

We have heard a lot of comments today about raw resource development and developing our resources in Canada, especially British Columbia. However, we always hear from the NDP members what they would not do. I asked the hon. Leader of the Opposition, a couple of years ago now, what New Democrats would do, short of developing our resources. Would they refine it in B.C.? What else would they do?

The question I have for the pragmatic member across the way is, short of having pipelines and developing our resources to ship across the world where our resources are needed, what else would they do?

International Trade June 13th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, our government continues to advance the most ambitious pro-trade plan in Canadian history. In March, the Prime Minister and the president of South Korea announced the conclusion of the Canada-Korea free trade agreement. The agreement is a landmark achievement. It is Canada's first free trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific, which is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic regions in the world.

Would the hard-working Minister of International Trade advise this House on the next step in implementing this important free trade agreement, which would help create jobs and opportunities?

Trinity Western University School of Law June 13th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, the decisions made by the Law Societies of Upper Canada, Nova Scotia and British Columbia regarding the Trinity Western University School of Law are not right. They go against the Canadian values of the right to free thought and belief. Tolerance cannot and should not be used as an excuse to persecute others' deeply held beliefs.

The Trinity Western community promotes religious values and has policies that reflect those values. It is a tragic irony hat these law societies discriminate against Trinity Western University with the express intent of promoting tolerance. It is blatant hypocrisy.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the freedom of conscience, the freedom of thought, and the freedom of expression. It is against the public interest to deny future lawyers the freedom to hold and express those core values, values these associations are supposed to uphold and defend.

Information and Communications Technologies June 5th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, British Columbia is home to more than 650,000 kilometres of off-highway roads. These roads are not only used by commercial industries, such as the oil, gas, mining, and forestry sectors, but also by the public to access rural and remote areas. In recent years, high demand for radio space across all industries has put a strain on the system.

Can the Minister of Industry update this House on what our government is doing to improve the communications and safety of roads in rural B.C.?

Father's Day June 2nd, 2014

Mr. Speaker, as Father's Day approaches, I would like to speak about my dad Ernie Zimmer.

He was born to two immigrant parents who homesteaded in Roblin, Manitoba. He worked hard on the farm before moving to Dawson Creek, B.C., where he became a carpenter and met my mom and they were married.

My dad taught us, through his words and actions, that being a Christian meant living those values with integrity, humility, and sincerity. He taught my brother and I that God was number one, to work hard, be humble, be honest, and speak up for what is right.

I still remember that once I did not want to attend a meeting, as I knew I would have to stand up for what I believed. He said in his calm principled way, “Evil triumphs when good men stay silent”, so I went to the meeting.

I can still find my dear old dad at the local Tim Hortons having a coffee between working on cabinet projects. He is known as a reserved but friendly gentleman who is always willing to share a table and a conversation.

I admire my dad, more than he knows, for all that he has done for us and for being my example of what an earthly father should be.

I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day.

Petitions May 30th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, absolutely. I will try to be as brief as possible.

The petitioners call on the Government of Canada to call a judicial inquiry into RCMP and the national defence involvement in High River break-ins, the resulting search and seizure of private property without warrant, and the misrepresentation of these events by the RCMP in the media and to the public.

Petitions May 30th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, I have a petition. It is a little lengthy. I hope to get through it quickly.

Up to 273 RCMP personnel were involved in an operation that resulted in officers kicking in doors at more than 1,900 homes in High River, Alberta, between June 21 and July 7, 2013. Thirty Alberta communities were flooded in June 2013 and some were evacuated, but it was only in High River, Alberta, that police kicked in doors, searched homes, and seized firearms.

A national defence chart dated June 24, 2013, states “No further danger to civilians' life and limb and evacuations not requested”. An email from the RCMP dated June 24, 2013, at 7:12 p.m. states “As at 15:00 hours today, RCMP led by STO have completed the physical search of all homes in High River, with the exception of a small amount in quadrant 8, which is under water. Houses/buildings, 3,337; forced entries, 674; people located, 303”.

Even though the threat to human life and limb ended on June 24—