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  • His favourite word is way.

NDP MP for Hamilton Centre (Ontario)

Won his last election, in 2011, with 57.00% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Committees of the House November 19th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the following reports of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts: the 7th report, on Chapter 7—Oversight of Rail Safety—Transport Canada of the 2013 Fall Report of the Auditor General of Canada; the 8th report, on Chapter 8—Disaster Relief for Producers—Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada of the 2013 Fall Report of the Auditor General of Canada; the 9th report, on Chapter 1—Public Sector Pension Plans of the 2014 Spring Report of the Auditor General of Canada; and last, the 10th report, on Chapter 8—Meeting Needs for Key Statistical Data—Statistics Canada of the 2014 Spring Report of the Auditor General of Canada.

Pursuant to Standing Order 109 of the House of Commons, the committee requests that the government table a comprehensive response for all of these reports.

The Environment November 17th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, let us be clear. This is the government that has stalled real action on climate change for years, arguing that we need to harmonize our oil and gas emissions reduction with the U.S. Now that the U.S. is acting, the government is not willing to lift a finger to make meaningful changes to reduce emissions in Canada. This is not leadership.

When will the Conservatives stop stalling and start taking real, effective action to cut emissions?

The Environment November 17th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, the final communiqué from the G20 meetings this weekend calls for strong and effective action to address climate change. That of course was not the message carried by our Prime Minister, even in the face of a historic U.S.-China deal to tackle emissions.

Impatience is growing with the government's inaction. On Friday, the Calgary Herald said, “the federal government should begin to create a realistic framework and targets for its own [emissions].”

Will the Conservatives now finally take real action to reduce emissions?

Petitions October 20th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, Hamiltonians, like millions of Canadians, are angry and outraged over the Conservative plan to end home mail delivery. They know that not only are there going to be thousands of jobs lost and that it is going to hurt a lot of our seniors and disabled citizens, they also know that this is an important service. Canadians consider that it is a part of being Canadian and living in Canada. Losing this is not only losing a service, but it is losing a part of what it is to live in Canada.

I am proud to present, on behalf of the tens of thousands of my constituents who are opposed to this, a petition that outlines their anger, their upset. They are prepared to fight this, and, make no mistake, we in the NDP official opposition are going to stand and fight this everyday also.

Business of Supply September 29th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, I thought it was interesting that the parliamentary secretary affirmed, and we heard from the member for Wellington—Halton Hills, his intention to vote for it. The hon. member in his remarks I believe said that he was planning to vote against it. He is nodding his head yes. However, just a little while ago, his boss, the government House leader, moved a motion that this question be now put.

We understand, of course, that vote will be first. If that vote is first and fails, then the motion today would not be put and the hon. member for Wellington—Halton Hills would be denied his right to express his opinion on this motion, as would the parliamentary secretary. I am sure what I am describing is not true because it would be so against the spirit of what we are talking about: rights, respect and privilege.

I would like the hon. member to stand and clarify, clear the air for us and assure us that he will be voting against the motion to put the previous question so that the original motion can be put and we can all vote on it, including him and his colleague.

I would ask him to clarify that it is his intention, and I would think the intention of the caucus, to vote against that motion so that we could have the right and the respect to vote on the motion that is actually before us today.

Business of Supply September 29th, 2014

It is.

Business of Supply September 29th, 2014

That's what question period is.

Canada Revenue Agency September 19th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, in typically twisted Conservative logic, they are going hard on pensioners but easy on tax cheats.

There are new reports today that the Canada Revenue Agency has decided to eliminate 220 auditors, who are responsible for going after tax cheats. Senior auditors, who aggressively root out tax evaders, are being given the boot.

Why is the government focusing on going after the David Suzuki Foundation instead of going after tax dodgers hiding in the Cayman Islands?

Industry September 19th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, the government's answers continue to be muddy, but what is clear is that this is a deliberate attempt to shut down operations and evade pension obligations.

U.S. Steel's plan could see 15,000 retirees lose up to half of their pension. What is the Conservative government going to do about it? Why is it turning its back on the people of this region?

Industry September 19th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, yesterday we saw the Conservative ministers across the way simply wash their hands of the U.S. Steel tragedy. There is no new help for the people whose jobs are on the line. There is no new help for pension funds. And the minister from Nanticoke has been silent.

The government has failed to enforce the Investment Canada Act and failed to protect employees' pensions. Why will the Conservatives not stand up and protect these jobs and pensions?