Evidence of meeting #61 for Environment and Sustainable Development in the 41st Parliament, 2nd Session. (The original version is on Parliament’s site, as are the minutes.) The winning word was environmental.

A recording is available from Parliament.

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Robert McLean  Executive Director, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environmental Stewardship Branch, Department of the Environment
Tovah Barocas  Director, Development, Earth Rangers
Mike Puddister  Director, Watershed Transformation, Credit Valley Conservation
Terri LeRoux  Executive Director, Credit Valley Conservation Foundation

10:35 a.m.

Executive Director, Credit Valley Conservation Foundation

Terri LeRoux

That's an excellent question. CVC does have a marketing department with experts. If it's something that's easily assessed in terms of reach and output, it's very easy to put a cost to it using standard marketing formulas. It becomes much more difficult when we're creating opportunities to share a company's message.

That speaks to the distinction I made between charitable versus non-charitable and why we keep those relationships very compartmentalized as non-charitable contributions and simply marketing relationships. We tend to assess them based on what we can provide them in terms of reach and their expected return.

10:35 a.m.


John McKay Liberal Scarborough—Guildwood, ON

Thank you very much.

10:35 a.m.


The Chair Conservative Harold Albrecht

That brings our committee to an end for today.

Thank you to our witnesses who appeared by video and in person.

Mr. McLean, I appreciate your input to help us in our study.

Thank you. The meeting is adjourned.