Evidence of meeting #48 for Industry, Science and Technology in the 41st Parliament, 2nd Session. (The original version is on Parliament’s site, as are the minutes.) The winning word was million.

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John Knubley  Deputy Minister, Department of Industry
David Enns  Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Management Sector, Department of Industry
Philip Jennings  Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry Sector, Department of Industry
Lawrence Hanson  Assistant Deputy Minister, Science and Innovation, Department of Industry

11:55 a.m.


Brian Masse NDP Windsor West, ON

The problem is that they are building in foreign countries with Canadian money.

11:55 a.m.

Deputy Minister, Department of Industry

John Knubley

Again, I think it's very essential that we are participating in the supply chain, and Flavio Volpe from the Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association recognizes that. He said:

...this is great news for our companies and their employees, and we’re confident that the stronger connection with Volkswagen, created through this loan, will help Canadian toolers and parts manufacturers win new business with VW.

That is the objective, to win new business with Volkswagen.



Brian Masse NDP Windsor West, ON

It's even greater news for Mexicans and Americans.

Thank you.



The Chair Conservative David Sweet

Colleagues, it looks like questions have been exhausted.

We will have bells any moment.

I want to thank you and all your colleagues very much, Mr. Knubley, for your very concise answers.

This meeting is adjourned.