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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was health.

Last in Parliament September 2008, as Liberal MP for West Nova (Nova Scotia)

Lost his last election, in 2011, with 36% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Farm Credit Corporation Act June 8th, 2001

moved that Bill C-25, an act to amend the Farm Credit Corporation Act and to make consequential amendments to other acts, be read the third time and passed.

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency May 11th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, I thank the hon. member for St. John's West for his question. I agree completely with him.

At ACOA we are spending a lot of energy working with the industry in export development, new manufacturing and added value training.

Team Canada, which will include fisheries business people from his province, will be taking a mission to Atlanta. We are also working very closely with the aquaculture industry as a new and developing industry. We have had great success in the development of new technologies and new species in Newfoundland.

Atlantic Trade Mission May 4th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, it will be a great pleasure for me to lead a delegation of 40 companies to the fastest growing segment of the American market. We will get a strong foothold in the southern United States. We have had great success in the northeastern United States. Our last three missions contributed $7 million in direct sales and $70 million in anticipated sales over the next three years.

I look forward to our participation with the collaboration of the four Atlantic provinces and all private industry to a successful mission.

Budget Implementation Act, 1997 April 2nd, 2001

Mr. Speaker, it is quite pertinent that the hon. member points out the distribution of the funds and the number of programs that were given in parts of the country.

I recognize, as he does, that the Atlantic participation has been underrepresented. It has been a little bit less than its population base would indicate. I let the member know that it is not lost on this side of the House.

That is why the Prime Minister announced last year the Atlantic investment partnership. Part of that is a $300 million program for innovation to help with some capacity building in Atlantic Canada so that our research institutes and our private sector are able to benefit or participate equally in the country or within programs like CFI.

The comments the hon. member made about Canada's role in the past and in the future on research and development are quite pertinent. If we want to fully participate in the new economy, I believe it is incumbent upon all of us to do our very best to make sure that our institutions and our country in general is taking full advantage of the opportunities out there, and research and development is how we will get there.

Income Tax Amendments Act, 2000 March 27th, 2001

moved that Bill C-22, an act to amend the Income Tax Act, the Income Tax Application Rules, certain acts related to the Income Tax Act, the Canada Pension Plan, the Customs Act, the Excise Tax Act, the Modernization of Benefits and Obligations Act and another act related to the Excise Tax Act, be read the second time and referred to a committee.

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency February 12th, 2001

Mr. Speaker, let me congratulate the hon. member for Bras d'Or—Cape Breton on his election to the House. I thank him for his first question. It is good to hear a good question from across the aisle.

The performance report summarizes the broad scope of ACOA's impact in Atlantic Canada. ACOA has met or exceeded its targets in terms of job creation, loans to rural businesses and assistance to new exporters.

The five year survival rate of ACOA clients is two and a half times better than that of other Atlantic firms. In addition, employee payrolls of ACOA clients continue—