Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was children.

Last in Parliament May 2004, as Liberal MP for Shefford (Québec)

Lost her last election, in 2006, with 23% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Criminal Code May 12th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, I am requesting that the division be deferred until this evening, after government orders.

Business of the House May 11th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, following consultation with the parties, you will find unanimous consent for the following motion:

That the Government Order for consideration of Bill S-17 be discharged and that the said bill be ordered for consideration at second reading and placed at the end of the order of precedence for consideration of private members' business in the name of the member for West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast.

Older Workers May 10th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, we know that older workers can continue to make significant contributions to the labour force and to their communities. The pilot projects have shown us this.

My question is for the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development. Given the success of these pilot projects, does the government intend to extend them or make them permanent?

Academic Success March 10th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, I am very proud to be able to tell you about an absolutely exceptional Internet site that was created by citizens in the riding of Shefford. is a virtual gateway to learning.

Its designers recognize that every student is unique and, with this site, give students an opportunity to develop that unique potential. Their mission is to encourage academic success by providing French-speaking secondary school students in Canada with an opportunity for better student-teacher interaction.

Their mandate: to optimize learning opportunities through an innovative concept of academic assistance through both virtual and real contact. This project was made possible by a grant from the Industry Canada SchoolNet program.

Congratulations to Micheline Émond and all her team. They have understood that success builds confidence and self-esteem, and academic success means involvement and an upbeat attitude.

Committees of the House February 25th, 2004

Madam Speaker, discussions have taken place among all parties and you will find that there is unanimous consent for the following motion:

That the sixth report of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs, concerning the membership and associate membership of committees, be deemed tabled and concurred in.

Contraventions Act February 23rd, 2004

Mr. Speaker, I move that the division stand deferred until the end of government orders tomorrow.

Arts and Cutlture February 20th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, on Wednesday evening, the red carpet was rolled out on Saint-Denis Street in Montreal to welcome the upper crust of the arts community for the world premiere of the highly anticipated musical Don Juan .

Critics have nothing but praise for this magnificent show. I am especially proud to hear and read comments about the young female lead role of Maria, played by Marie-Ève Janvier, a young artist from Roxton Pond, in my riding.

The very talented Marie-Ève, who has worked tirelessly, what with flamenco lessons and fencing lessons, is on her way to becoming a new entertainment star.

With more than 200,000 copies of the album sold and Don Juan nominated for a Juno Award last week, Marie-Ève, whose opening night performance won her rave reviews, must feel like all her sacrifices have paid off.

Congratulations and I wish the entire cast the success they deserve.

Regional Development February 5th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, I would like to commend my colleague, the Minister of State for Financial Institutions, for the emphasis placed on the regions recently.

He has already visited several regions and will continue to do so until next week, as part of the prebudget consultations. Tomorrow, I will be in Bromont with the minister and representatives from my riding of Shefford and representatives from Brome—Missisquoi.

People from all walks of live, all social, economic and community backgrounds, have had and will have the opportunity to express their vision for the future.

The regions are of the utmost importance in ensuring the economic, social and cultural viability of Canada.

Canadians from the regions have shared their priorities for economic and social renewal and, as mentioned in the Speech from the Throne, the Government of Canada will follow through.

Guaranteed Income Supplement November 7th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, according to international standards, the income level of seniors, already low, is dropping in Canada. We are doing everything possible to reach those who did not receive the guaranteed income supplement.

Members of this House have also taken steps to reach these individuals, and we will continue our efforts until all of these individuals have received this supplement.

The Economy November 7th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, I thank the hon. member for his excellent question and especially for referring to the good news we announced this morning.

Despite the problems we have had this year, our market performance has been very good. In October, 65,000 jobs were created and the unemployment rate dropped from 8% to 7.6%. A total of 164,000 jobs have been created in Canada since January and nearly 3 million since 1993.