Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was women.

Last in Parliament April 1997, as Liberal MP for Cumberland—Colchester (Nova Scotia)

Lost her last election, in 2004, with 26% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Nova Scotia Teachers' College February 23rd, 1994

Mr. Speaker, Nova Scotia cannot afford to lose any more of its centres of excellence.

In my home town of Truro we run the risk of closure of the Nova Scotia Teachers' College because we train more teachers than we have jobs for.

Superintendents of schools across Canada have acknowledged the high quality training these teachers receive. CIDA and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges purchase training space for Third World teachers.

We recognize that we cannot afford duplication in educational facilities but I would like to recommend the expansion rather than the closure. We could bring the best teaching professionals to Truro and on a fee for service train teachers for the world market.

At least once a year the United States comes to Nova Scotia to recruit various trained professionals. I recommend that we capitalize on our long tradition of educational expertise and market this great resource.

Excise Act February 22nd, 1994

Mr. Speaker, I applaud the hon. member for Calgary Centre and congratulate him on his excellent speech. It was certainly very intelligent and totally comprehensive of the entire package that has been brought forward in this bill.

I would like to indicate to the member that he has convinced me as to how I should vote on this bill. In terms of his colleagues, I appreciate the point that he has brought out, that we cannot legislate social attitudes and social behaviour. We can do everything in our power in this House to look at each issue comprehensively and try to find the best solution that serves the majority of people who are law-abiding citizens.

I congratulate the member on the broadness and intelligence of his approach. I hope that he can take this to his colleagues and convince them of the merits of the bill.

Business Of Supply February 16th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, I congratulate the hon. member for her in depth remarks on social housing in the province of Quebec and in particular on her in depth knowledge of the red book and the investigations and recommendations the Liberal Party went to in bringing forward its recommendations for social housing across Canada.

We have that mandate. If the hon. member would look at the record it was the Liberal Party that brought in RRAP back in the 1970s. It will be the Liberal Party that will institute RRAP again.

The hon. member refers to the special CMHC housing projects. The money granted a few weeks ago was for special projects that were based on submissions. Perhaps the hon. member could inquire if the province of Quebec made any submissions for modern day housing, for further insulation, for new arrangements and architectural designs that were conducive to more efficient housing as we move into the 21st century.

Prince Edward Island Fixed Link February 15th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, I concur with the hon. member that we have given great consideration to minimizing the environmental effects and the disruption to our fisheries, to guarantee as much as possible that this project is of worthy consideration and is first class for this day and age.

Having said that, when talking about retraining or providing job security for those who will be displaced, it has been brought to my attention during economic development discussions with municipalities in my riding that perhaps we could take our training programs to the job site. As these men and women are working on the new project they would be given the opportunity for upgrading in literacy and computer skills, those kinds of things that take them to the next job. Has the member given any consideration to this in manpower training programs?

Prince Edward Island Fixed Link February 15th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, I congratulate the minister today for bringing this resolution to the floor of the House. It is a giant step forward for Prince Edward Island, for Atlantic Canada, and for all Canada. It takes Atlantic Canada into the 21st century. I am very proud to be part of the government that is bringing this resolution forward today.

My riding of Cumberland-Colchester takes in the northern part of Nova Scotia and abuts the Prince Edward Island Northumberland Strait. I would like to ask a question of the hon. member who has just spoken. The current ferry that joins Prince Edward Island with Nova Scotia at Caribou and Wood Islands has been a means of transportation for our tourist industry from Nova Scotia for some time. I am wondering what effect there will be when this bridge is connected from Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick.

Fisheries February 10th, 1994

My question is: What is the government going to do about this blatant injustice?

Fisheries February 10th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, in the 1994 groundfish management plan the government placed a ban on fishing southern Grand Banks 3NO cod.

In addition to other closures this means a moratorium on almost every cod stock in Canadian waters. The effects on Atlantic communities have been devastating.

Meanwhile, the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization has allotted a total allowance catch of 6,000 tonnes of 3NO cod for 1994. This means that vessels from other countries will be catching this straddling stock outside Canada's 200-mile limit while Canadian-

Supply February 10th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, I acknowledge the member's passion with which he speaks in this debate this morning. He refers to the infrastructure program and is highly critical of the fact that we will not be monitoring and watching it as carefully as we might.

Does the hon. member not have confidence that the municipalities in the province of Quebec can administer these programs and deliver what is best for the citizens of Quebec?

Supply February 10th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, I congratulate the hon. member on his topic for today. However I would like to remind him as well that we all have great concern and have campaigned on the elimination of waste to save Canada for us all.

It was this government that campaigned on the elimination of the helicopter project. I wonder if the member's remarks are geared to the government of today or the government of yesterday.

Debt Recovery Bonds February 9th, 1994

Mr. Speaker, during World War II the Government of Canada issued victory bonds as a means to pay for our war effort. Patriotic Canadians bought the bonds and thereby saved their children and grandchildren a legacy of heavy debt.

Today a new generation of patriotic Canadians is offering its financial support to pay down this country's debt.

This government could issue a debt recovery bond and sell it domestically to Canadians. We could set an attractive rate of interest and use the entire subscription proceeds to pay down the debt. Our first priority would be the discharge of our foreign debt obligations.

We owe it to our children to give them a debt free Canada. A debt recovery bond will appeal to both the patriotism and financial self-interest of Canadians. It will have the added benefit of providing taxes on the bond's interest for our federal treasury.