Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was strategy.

Last in Parliament May 2004, as Liberal MP for Saint-Lambert (Québec)

Lost her last election, in 2004, with 37% of the vote.

Statements in the House

The Environment April 2nd, 2004

Mr. Speaker, I have a question that deals with the environment.

The One-Tonne challenge was launched on March 26, 2004. Can the parliamentary secretary to the Minister of the Environment tell this House why Canadians should take part in this challenge?

New Horizons Program April 2nd, 2004

Mr. Speaker, during the last budget speech, I was truly pleased to hear the Minister of Finance announce the reintroduction of the New Horizons Program, with a budget of $8 million in 2004-05 and $10 million for the two following years. This was a recommendation of the task force on seniors, which I chaired last fall.

The New Horizons Program provides funding for community projects undertaken in every region of the country, thus contributing to the well-being of our seniors. This program also served as a foundation for the establishment of golden age clubs, including in my riding. It stresses the importance of the volunteer work done by seniors who want to maintain an active life, contribute to community life and take part in social activities.

Seniors play a major role in Canadian families and communities, and I am proud to be part of a government that helps them expand their horizons.

Liberal Task Force on Seniors February 16th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to announce that, last week, the Liberal task force on seniors tabled its report on the means through which seniors' lives could be improved.

As chair of this task force, I wish to point out the excellent work of my colleagues, who have held consultations across the country and who have met with over 325 stakeholders, including local groups, experts on issues relating to seniors and, of course, the general public.

The concerns of our seniors can be summed up in these words: health, dignity and safety. As citizens, we have a duty to see that the rights of all those who have built our country are respected. We hope that this report will help decision makers ensure that seniors obtain the services they need, when they need them, and are able to take an active part in community life. It is by creating favourable conditions for them that we will continue to benefit from their contribution—

Black History Month February 4th, 2004

Mr. Speaker, it is my pleasure to rise today to recognize Black History Month.

This is a time to celebrate the numerous achievements and contributions of African-Canadians who, historically, have done so much to move Canada toward becoming the culturally diverse, humanitarian and prosperous country that we live in today. It is also a time for most people in Canada to learn more about the experiences of black people in Canadian society and about the vital role this community has played throughout our history.

This year again, as in the past nine years, activities will be organized across Canada. My wish is that these activities have a positive impact on the lives of Canadians. Openness to other cultures enriches all who experience them.

International Cooperation October 24th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, the Minister of International Cooperation is leading a Canadian delegation to the Madrid conference on reconstruction in Iraq, attended by donor countries contributing to this cause.

Could the parliamentary secretary to the minister tell the House how the Canadian International Development Agency is contributing to efforts to restore stability and prosperity to Iraq?

Liberal Government October 24th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to speak today to acknowledge a very important anniversary.

Tomorrow, October 25, is the tenth anniversary of the Liberal Party's victory under the leadership of the right hon. member for Saint-Maurice.

Because of the proactive agenda of the government he has led, the country has enjoyed tremendous economic growth and been able to maintain quality public services.

On this tenth anniversary, we have much to celebrate and we should be proud of our achievements. The future will be built on our successes because we have put this country on solid footing.

We are now ready for a new mandate.

Official Languages October 9th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to commend the excellent work by the Standing Committee on Official Languages in producing a report called “Immigration as a Tool for the Development of Official Language Minority Communities”.

The government agrees with many of the committee's recommendations, and has already acted on some of them through the Action Plan on Official Languages announced in March.

Linguistic duality is a cornerstone of Canadian society, and the federal government considers the vitality of the official language minority communities to be of major importance.

I am therefore pleased to report that many of the standing committee's remaining recommendations will be addressed in the strategic framework to be released later this fall by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration's Francophone Minority Communities Steering Committee.

Together with our federal, provincial, territorial and municipal partners—

International Day of Older Persons October 1st, 2003

Mr. Speaker, as Chair of the Prime Minister's caucus task force on seniors, I am pleased to rise to pay tribute to the millions of Canadian men and women who are celebrating the International Day of Older Persons today, October 1.

Our government believes that no older person in Canada should suffer from a lack of services or support. The Liberal task force on seniors was created in order to focus more attention on health care and poverty, and to ensure that older persons obtain the services they need, when they need them, and that they take an active part in community life.

By creating favourable conditions for them, we will continue to benefit from their experience and their significant contribution to Canadian society.

Human Rights September 25th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, it was a huge relief to learn this morning that Amina Lawal, who had been sentenced to death by stoning for adultery by the lower court, was acquitted by the Islamic appeals court.

This 32-year-old mother was found guilty in March 2002 of having a child out of wedlock. Her daughter Wasila is now nearly two.

I want to congratulate Pierre Brun from Lawyers Without Borders, who helped defend Ms. Lawal. Mr. Brun travelled to Nigeria to defend her right to a fair and just hearing.

His unfailing dedication and tireless efforts will serve as an example to others concerned with the right to life.

The Environment September 22nd, 2003

Mr. Speaker, today, I am pleased to note that today, like more than 1,300 other cities around the world, Montreal will close a major part of its downtown to motorists. The slogan for this day is “Car Free Day”.

The first day of this kind was held in Paris in 1998. The aim of “Car Free Day” is to explore alternative modes of transportation to single-occupant vehicle usage and to promote joint reflection on possible solutions for improving quality of life in large cities.

Under the Kyoto protocol adopted in December 1997, Canada's commitment was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 6% below 1990 levels by 2012. We all know that raising awareness of the problem of greenhouse gases is very important.