Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was friend.

Last in Parliament October 2000, as NDP MP for Kamloops (B.C.)

Lost his last election, in 2000, with 28% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Petitions October 16th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, the next petition from Kamloops is very lengthy. The petitioners are concerned about the unacceptable level of child poverty in Canada. They are urging parliament to fulfil the promise of the 1989 House of Commons resolution to end child poverty by the year 2000.

Petitions October 16th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, on another topic, petitioners are concerned about the high price of fuels and are calling upon the Government of Canada to institute immediately a national highway priority whereby moneys from gas excise tax would go into the development and improvement of Canada's highway system.

Petitions October 16th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, it is an honour to stand and present some petitions pursuant to Standing Order 36.

The first petition is from people from the Kamloops and North Thompson Valleys. They point out their concerns with the existing health care system and are calling on parliament to do whatever is possible to stop for profit hospitals and restore proper federal funding for health care. They are particularly concerned about the necessary funding for home care and a national program for prescription drugs.

Petitions October 4th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, I present my third petition which is also from residents of the North Thompson Valley. They are distraught by the lack of action in terms of changes to the criminal code. They are concerned about the fact that violent people are being let out of prisons, in their minds, prematurely and that there are unsafe people in our communities.

They are calling upon the federal government to amend the criminal code to prevent persons convicted of serious crimes from being released from custody pending the hearing of their appeal, except in very exceptional circumstances.

Petitions October 4th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, I have another petition from citizens concerned about the lack of a national highway policy.

They suggest that moneys collected from the excise tax on gasoline should be put into highway reconstruction and construction in order to improve the highway grid across the country. They feel that tax dollars being spent at the pump should be going back into highway development.

Petitions October 4th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, it is an honour, pursuant to Standing Order 36, to present a petition on behalf of a number of residents of the North Thompson region of British Columbia.

The petitioners point out a number of concerns about the move toward a for profit privatized U.S. style health care system. They are concerned that the federal government has not stopped the province of Alberta from moving ahead with a privatized system.

They call upon the Government of Canada to do what it can to ensure that health care is available to Canadians regardless of income or where they live across the country.

Cultural Industry September 28th, 2000


That the debate be now adjourned.

(Motion agreed to)

Cultural Industry September 28th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, I appreciate my colleague's comments. I know that there are others who wish to speak to this motion. Rather than deny them the opportunity to speak, I would certainly accept the suggestion that we adjourn the debate at this point and pick it up at an appropriate time some time in the future. I know that is probably not the correct parliamentary term.

Cultural Industry September 28th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order. I appreciate your comments. I am sure all of us in the House feel the same. We are shocked and saddened at the news.

I wonder if it would not be appropriate to simply recess the debate and perhaps make an arrangement between the parties to complete it later next week. It seems to me to be inappropriate to continue now. Perhaps I could have the agreement of the House to come up with some agreement to continue this debate.

Business Of The House September 27th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, to be fair, there have been limited consultations. This is also a kind of consultation.

Tomorrow night is the third hour for consideration of Motion No. 259, which is in my name. There is no reason we could not proceed with the vote at that time, but I thought members would likely prefer to have it deferred until maybe Tuesday of next week. My suggestion would be that we agree to consider the vote to be put and that the vote be held next Tuesday if that is acceptable.