Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was agreement.

Last in Parliament October 2000, as Liberal MP for Provencher (Manitoba)

Lost his last election, in 2000, with 36% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Natural Gas June 14th, 2000

Madam Speaker, I am pleased to respond to the hon. member for Prince Albert on behalf of the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development concerning the department's $10,000 grant to the 1998 National Tulip Festival.

Under the theme “A Celebration of Canada's Provinces and Territories”, the 1998 National Tulip Festival was intended to mark and commemorate the wide range of cultural diversity in Canada.

Canada's north, especially the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, was a significant highlight of this particular celebration, particularly in the context of the creation of the new territory, which occurred, as members know, on April 1, 1999. Members of the House and most Canadians will recall the large and vast celebrations which occurred at that time in the northern region.

In addition to his responsibility for the department, the minister also has responsibilities in relation to Canada's north. The grant was allocated by the minister under the northern affairs program budget to contribute to and support the activities of the 11 day presentation of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, especially Northwest Territories Day on May 14 and Nunavut Day on May 16.

The festival provided a significant opportunity to raise the awareness of the public and the media of the upcoming creation of this territory, as well to heighten the understanding about the unique and diverse cultures of northerners, especially aboriginal people.

It also served to broaden knowledge about the north, the potential visitors and tourism, in this sense an investment. The funds allocated to this project were entirely consistent with the mandate and authorities of the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and supported national objectives for the territories.

Mining May 29th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, I can give the House an assurance that the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development is representing the interests and fiduciary responsibilities of those first nations people in the Yukon and elsewhere in the north. We are taking them seriously.

We are also very aware of the mining interests in and around those areas. I have personally met with those representatives from the Yukon, heard their case and heard their argument. We want a negotiated settlement with all parties so that it will work well, not the confrontational style of the hon. member and his party.

Mining May 29th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, this is absolutely untrue.

Mining May 29th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, that is not true at all. With respect to the mining interests in Yukon, I have had the opportunity to meet with the affected parties. I answered this same question last week in the House. The hon. member should have read the response. We are working very closely with those internal lists, and the interests of first nations, parks and Canadians generally with respect to that.

As a Manitoban, I can tell hon. members that the Manitoba mining community is doing very well, even in my riding.

Aboriginal Affairs May 12th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, we are well aware of the discussions and negotiations ongoing in Yukon with the treaty people and the mining interests. I have had a briefing on these particular matters and in fact met with representatives of the mining industry from in and around that community in the territory of Yukon.

We are continuing to negotiate on those specific matters that were brought forward. The minister has given his assurance to all those particular parties that we will continue to sit around the table to resolve third party interests, the interests of first nations people and the people of Yukon generally.

Nisga'A Treaty May 12th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, I can tell the House that yes, the Nisga'a people have ratified the agreement after one of the most prolonged debates in the House of Commons.

After 100 years of the Nisga'a people knocking on the door to come back into Canada, I am proud to say that today at this very hour Canadians from across the country are gathering in the Nass Valley to celebrate their entry back into Canada. We welcome them home.

Indian Affairs And Northern Development May 12th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, I do not know the context of the grant to which the hon. member referred. I would like him to table that information.

I can tell him, like other Canadians, that first nations people across the country do participate in a number of different forums with non-government groups involved in community activities. It is not unusual that they would have been involved in this activity and that we would have participated in some way to highlight native culture as part of that process.

I do not find that unusual, but if the good gentleman would table that document, I will have a look at it.

Aboriginal Affairs May 5th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, the Government of Canada takes the education of Indian children very seriously. The questions raised by the hon. member are quite inappropriate. The facts speak for themselves.

The truth is that under this administration over the last seven years more first nations people have gone to university than was the case prior to that and we have every intention of keeping that up.

Petitions April 13th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, the next two petitions I have address the same topic.

On November 24, 1989 the House of Commons unanimously resolved to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000. Since 1989 the number of poor children in Canada has increased by 60%.

Therefore, these many petitioners call upon parliament to use the federal budget 2000 to introduce a multi-year plan to improve the well-being of Canada's children.

Petitions April 13th, 2000

Mr. Speaker, I have three petitions to present this morning. The first petition concerns Bill C-23.

The petitioners draw the attention of the House to a motion passed on June 8, 1999 reaffirming the House's position that marriage is the exclusive domain of a male and a female.

They also draw the attention of the House to the introduction of Bill C-23, and the fact that there was not a free vote. They ask, pray and petition the House and the Chair that Bill C-23 hereby be withdrawn.