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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was well.

Last in Parliament May 2004, as Liberal MP for Outremont (Québec)

Lost his last election, in 2011, with 24% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Child Pornography October 3rd, 2003

Mr. Speaker--

Canadian Grand Prix October 3rd, 2003

Mr. Speaker, there are currently no players who have taken a firm position with respect to figures. We have basically heard from Mr. Ecclestone, who talked about millions of dollars. We also know that he may be able to invest some money in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Mr. Legault is currently in the process of meeting his counterparts. He has also spoken to Mr. Ecclestone. They are preparing a financing package. Before doing anything, we will have to see what Mr. Legault has to say after meeting with his counterparts, to see what the financing package would be and then determine what the Canadian government's position could be.

Our position seems entirely reasonable, and it has always been a position of leadership.

Canadian Grand Prix October 3rd, 2003

Mr. Speaker, to repeat the latter part of my answer earlier, a few years ago, when we talked about changing the legislation, it was the people on this side of the House who managed to get the change. It was the people from our Liberal caucus who got the change. Why? Because we believe in the fundamental impact of the Canadian Grand Prix.

The first phase is over, in other words, the principle of the bill, or the application of the bill. Now we are discussing the possibility of having a race without trademarks. Let us look at the financing package, and then the Canadian government will reconsider its position.

Canadian Grand Prix October 3rd, 2003

Mr. Speaker, regardless of the $80 million in economic spinoffs, the fundamental character of the event remains unchanged.

The Formula 1 Montreal Grand Prix is vital to Montreal, Quebec and the rest of Canada as well.

That said, Mr. Legault is working at this time with the Formula 1 people, and in fact met with Mr. Ecclestone this very day. They are working on the financial arrangements. Having a brand-free race is one that has been suggested right from the start. We need to let them finish their work; then we will see what request they make to the Canadian government.

Canadian Grand Prix October 3rd, 2003

I should begin, Mr. Speaker, by pointing out that the Canadian government made its position very clear concerning the Tobacco Act, and has reinforced its message that it was vital that the legislation apply here, and that it was a matter of public health.

That said, the matter of having a brand-free race has been the issue right from the start of the discussions. As we speak, we are well aware that Mr. Legault has held discussions with the Formula 1 people and Mr. Ecclestone about a funding structure. Let us allow them to finalize that structure, and then we will determine our position.

Justice October 2nd, 2003

Mr. Speaker, under the new justice system, judges have all the tools that they need in order that we have in place a good justice system. As we all know, it is possible as well to have an adult sentence.

As I said earlier there was a conference that just took place in the province of Quebec. The information that we have is that the implementation of the new criminal justice system is going smoothly. Indeed, it appears that we have in place quite a good piece of legislation with a nice philosophy as well for all Canadians.

Justice October 2nd, 2003

Mr. Speaker, as the hon. member knows very well, there are already charges that can be used within the Criminal Code in order to challenge and to charge those people.

With regard to better education through the national crime prevention program in cooperation with the provinces and territories we can have a look at that in order to proceed with an education program. We will have a look at that. I thank the hon. member for his concern.

Justice October 2nd, 2003

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank the member for his efforts in that area. It is a serious question that he is raising.

We just had an FPT meeting which took place in Quebec. We have been talking about a number of offences.

As the member knows very well, every year we are moving forward with an omnibus bill in terms of the Criminal Code, amending that legislation. We will sincerely have a close look at those recommendations.

Foreign Affairs September 23rd, 2003

Mr. Speaker, the colleague across the way is referring to an extradition decision, essentially. Given the nature of the extradition process, the various appeal processes afterward, and the fact that the Minister of Justice is also involved, you will understand that I cannot make any comment on an extradition matter.

Marriage September 19th, 2003

Mr. Speaker, we need only look at the position taken by the government, a position respectful of both rights involved.

Reference was made to respect for equality under section 15 of the charter. When we look at the bill referred to the Supreme Court to get an opinion, this is a bill that opens the door to same sex marriage while at the same time ensuring that religious freedom is protected.

We have clearly and unequivocally taken this direction, because it fully respects the principles set out in section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the right to religious freedom.