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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was individuals.

Last in Parliament October 2000, as Liberal MP for York West (Ontario)

Won his last election, in 1997, with 74% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Canadian Culture November 30th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, the NDP just confirmed my worst fear, that it basically cannot read or that it cannot read beyond the headlines.

If the leader had actually read the article she would have found that I support the possibility of constructive amendments, as does the minister of heritage, as long as they do not change the bill. I said in the article that the American ambassador has to recognize that we fully complied with the WTO decision. He has to recognize that it is our sovereign right to promote and protect our culture.

Agriculture November 27th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, we resolved the issue between the United States and Canada that was triggered by governors who clearly woke up one morning and did something that was completely illegal. The trucks are moving. Our officials are discussing these issues. Next week is the next round for discussions. We have already brought to their attention that once is enough. We call on the Government of the United States to take up its responsibility to cease and desist actions coming from its states that are clearly illegal.

Agriculture November 26th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, the minister of agriculture outlined quite well and eloquently this afternoon that the farming community is a building block of this country.

He said that the farming community will get the support of this government and that we have appealed not only to the United States and the European Union but we are also trying to find common ground with other countries, like Australia and New Zealand, and Latin America. Then the international community will be able to deal with this in an even-handed way.

Agriculture November 26th, 1998

As I was saying, Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister also raised it at the last Canada-European summit. It will be on the agenda again when the Europeans visit this capital in two weeks time.

We have appealed to both sides that the commodity base has been whacked enough without engaging in this war between subsidies from North America and the European Union. We are hopeful that they will take heed.

Agriculture November 26th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, we have the same faith in our farming community across the country. We have raised it repeatedly not only with my counterpart, Charlene Barshefsky, but also with Leon Brittan.

In addition to that, our Prime Minister has repeatedly raised this with the President of the United States and the European—

Agriculture November 26th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, we already did that a long time ago.

Asbestos Industry October 22nd, 1998

Mr. Speaker, I thank the member for his very important question.

At its meeting yesterday, the WTO reviewed our request. We knew the European Union would not agree. As a result, the decision has been postponed by one month.

On November 25 a panel will be automatically set up to examine our complaint. The goal of the Government of Canada, in partnership with the Government of Quebec, the industry and unions—

Trade October 20th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, I thank the hon. member from British Columbia for raising the question.

The position of the Government of Canada has been all along that access has been undeniably illegal. In June the WTO panel agreed with our position. Earlier today the panel once again rejected the appeal by the Australians and agreed with the Canadian position.

It just goes to show that not only do we have world class salmon, but rules in the WTO can work for Canada.

Trade October 19th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, I thank the member for his question. It is true that after the Prime Minister announced it last year Canada began official negotiations with the European Free Trade Association last Wednesday. This is a group of four European countries that has two-way trade of almost $6 billion with Canada.

After obtaining the thumbs up from consultations over the summer months with Canadians, this may be the first free trade agreement across the Atlantic. It is something we look forward to and that we embrace with full enthusiasm.

Multilateral Agreement On Investment October 19th, 1998

Mr. Speaker, I suggested six months ago—and I am happy the Bloc Quebecois shares in that—that the ultimate end game of putting in place rules for investment in the way we have rules for trade is that they need to take place at the World Trade Organization. We said very clearly to the OECD that this was just the beginning of the road.

We should attempt to go as far as we possibly can and then we should pass on the baton to the World Trade Organization. That is where the rules of trade are and that is where the family of nations is. I am happy to have the Bloc Quebecois support the government's position.