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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was petitions.

Last in Parliament April 1997, as Liberal MP for Beauséjour (New Brunswick)

Won his last election, in 1993, with 76% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Agriculture April 25th, 1997

Mr. Speaker, when we look at agri-food exports it is certainly a good news story, the kind of story Canadians want to hear about.

Statistics Canada figures show that we are already exporting $18.8 billion worth of agri-food and agricultural products. We must recognize however that this could not have been achieved without the efforts by this government, and the minister in particular, in leading trade missions abroad to promote Canadian agricultural and agri-food products.

We are on the right track. We will certainly meet and quite possible exceed our $20 billion target.

If you will bear with me for a moment, since this is probably my last chance to do so in this Parliament, I want to thank you all for your co-operation and especially for your friendship.

Canada Endangered Species Protection Act April 24th, 1997

While respecting all parties concerned. Perhaps Bloc members are not mentioned, but that does not mean that-

Canada Endangered Species Protection Act April 24th, 1997

We are holding back.

Canada Cooperatives Act March 21st, 1997

moved for leave to introduce Bill C-91, an act respecting cooperatives.

(Motion agreed to, bill read the first time and ordered to be printed.)

Fisheries March 21st, 1997

Mr. Speaker, the government and the department of fisheries feel quite confident that they are abiding by the laws of the nation when they establish such a fishery for that nation.

However, we sincerely deplore the tone of the hon. member and all members of the Reform Party whenever it comes to discussing aboriginal rights to fisheries. This is really deplorable. But fortunately for those nations the Government of Canada will continue on its present course.

Fisheries March 21st, 1997

Mr. Speaker, yes, the Supreme Court clearly established that the nation in question had the right to commercial fishing and it was based on historical facts.

DFO, after several long weeks of discussion have come to some understanding, to an agreement with the nation in question whereby DFO and the Heiltsuk tribal council have agreed to harvest 100 tonnes of unallocated herring available in area eight for 1997, in three open pond licences. The 100 tonnes of unallocated herring now being allocated have a roe content of lesser quality which means, therefore, it is of lesser interest to the commercial fishermen.

Tobacco Products March 20th, 1997

Mr. Speaker, the premise of that question is completely false. For many days in the wording of their questions Reform members have tried to suggest that Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada was doing research to enhance nicotine content. We have denied that in the answers we have given in this House. Again today they are wrong. There is no such research being done by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to enhance nicotine levels.

The Budget February 20th, 1997

Mr. Speaker, since the speech from the throne and the commitment to rural economic renewal, federal departments have been working together to focus efforts.

A great variety of programs and services currently can assist rural development, yet these are not widely known. The first step has been to ensure that rural Canadians are made aware of what is already available. Communications activities are under way to provide concrete details of programs and service information to rural Canadians.

Among the many programs, the Canadian adaptation and rural development fund, noted in the House on February 6, is putting more than $100 million over the next four years into the hands of local adaptation councils across Canada.

A further $50 million capital infusion to the FCC announced in the budget will assist growth and diversification in the farm sector. The government is also pursuing further opportunities to improve the range of financial products and services available to rural Canadians.

The community access program is helping rural and remote communities access the information highway. In January a further 429 projects were funded, making a total of over 700 rural communities across Canada now being assisted.

In the 1996 budget speech, the government provided for a fund to assist 1,500 communities by 1998. In this year's budget, it sets aside another $30 million over the next three years to help some 5,000 rural communities gain access to the Internet. These community access points-

Excise Tax Act December 5th, 1996

Oh, oh!

Constitution Amendment December 2nd, 1996

Mr. Speaker, I would like to respond to the concerns raised by some members of the seafood industry about the possible loss of expertise and advocacy for seafood at the federal level once the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is created.

Clearly it is very much this expertise that underscores the safety and trade ability of Canadian fish and fish products. We export over 80 per cent of our fish products today. Our exports are worth about $3 billion a year and are in large part directly supported by the system and expertise in the fish inspection area.

Expertise, professional experience and advocacy for sea food must continue and will continue to be an integral part of the agency. Our departmental staff is trying to determine the best way to have access to these skills during the transition period prior to establishing the Food Inspection Agency and also in the longer term.

I expect the agency will work over the first year to develop the optimal organization for the future which will best serve industry and the public. Service to and interests of the seafood industry will be paramount in this process.

I would also like to confirm the minister of agriculture's intention to have strong representation of the fisheries sector on the ministerial advisory board of the agency.

We have been consulting industry groups on a permanent basis during this past year. We will continue to do so when the agency is ready to become operational.