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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was taxes.

Last in Parliament October 2015, as Conservative MP for North Vancouver (B.C.)

Lost his last election, in 2019, with 27% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Olympic Winter Games February 13th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, the government respects the good work that the RCMP is doing to keep our communities safe. This is why we are increasing the force by 1,000 officers. It is critical, given our current economic circumstances, that we all tighten our belts. Everyone is being asked to do their fair share to help manage government expenditures. The RCMP is no different and we appreciate its support.

Heart Month February 13th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, when we flip our calendars to February, our thoughts turn to matters of the heart. While romance is in the air, we also need to pay attention to our heart health.

February is Heart Month in Canada. It is a time to reduce our risk of heart disease, Canada's leading cause of death. About 40,000 people experience cardiac arrest or a heart attack each year in Canada. Some of the contributing factors that one should be aware of include a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.

For the past three years I have served as a director of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of B.C. and Yukon. During this time I have learned that in many cases heart disease can be prevented. Being physically active, following a healthy diet, and eliminating tobacco use can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Mr. Speaker, put your heart into it; who knows, one day the life you save might just be your own.

Genie Awards February 12th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, the nominees for the 29th annual Genie Awards were announced Tuesday by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

British Columbia films, such as Carl Bessai's Normal, are among the nominees, as are B.C. film professionals Janice Blackie-Goodine and Greg Middleton, who are among the many talented nominees.

The films The Necessities of Life and Everything is Fine dominated the selection. Passchendaele, Fugitive Pieces, Amal and Mommy is at the Hairdresser's each garnered six nominations.

The Genie Awards take place here in Ottawa April 4 at the Canadian Aviation Museum. Events featuring the Canadian film industry will occur in the days leading up to the awards.

As the member of Parliament for North Vancouver, home of much of Canada's film production industry, I wish to congratulate all the nominees.

Pay Equity January 30th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, the time is right to move forward with a more modern and collaborative approach to ensuring equitable wages. This is a natural extension of the employer's duty to bargain in good faith and a union's duty of fair representation to its members. I might add that this is building on the work already done in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba.

This government is committed to the principle of equal pay for equal work, and we will proceed in that direction. Equality delayed is equality denied.

The Budget January 30th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, it is the Treasury Board's intention to treat public service workers equally and fairly during these difficult times, with responsible collective bargaining.

The Budget January 30th, 2009

Mr. Speaker, we value and respect the good work the RCMP is doing to keep our communities safe. It is critical, given our current economic circumstances, that we all tighten our belts. Everyone is being asked to do their fair share to help manage government expenditures. The RCMP is no different in this regard, and we appreciate its help.

Opposition Coalition Proposal December 2nd, 2008

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank the people of North Vancouver for exercising their democratic right and trusting me to represent them.

This week Canadians are witnessing an unprecedented attack on our democratic institutions. The most basic principle of our democracy has been assaulted, the principle that voters choose the government.

October 14 was election day. Across the country, people went to work, drove to the polls, had dinner with their families and then turned on the television to hear the news. That is how democracy works.

The results were clear. TheLeader of the Opposition was rejected with his party's lowest vote percentage since confederation. He did not just lose the confidence of the public, he also lost the confidence of his own party and he resigned. Then he found two new parties. All it took was a few secret meetings, and now he thinks he should be prime minister, with the help of the separatists and the socialists.

This is not democracy. It is time for the people to speak.