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  • His favourite word is liberals.

Conservative MP for Regina—Qu'Appelle (Saskatchewan)

Won his last election, in 2015, with 45% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Finance June 20th, 2017

Well, Mr. Speaker, Canadians were given a choice, and one of the choices was a modest and temporary deficit. He has broken both of those promises. This means billions more taxpayer dollars spent on paying interest payments to banks and bondholders instead of investing in services, like health care, education, or new tax cuts.

Now we know the Prime Minister is not even going to try to balance the budget, but could he at least try to try, since now we know budgets just do not balance themselves?

Finance June 20th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, it is traditional in Canada to make sacrifices in order to ensure prosperity for future generations, but this Prime Minister is doing the opposite. He is asking the next generation to make sacrifices to pay for his out-of-control spending. He once again confirmed this week that he has abandoned his promise of a return to a balanced budget in 2019.

When will the Prime Minister understand that Canadians do not want to leave an astronomical Liberal debt for our children and grandchildren?

Marc Bosc June 20th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marc Bosc for his excellent work.

Marc has served as Acting Clerk of this House since 2014 and Deputy Clerk since 2005. I was very fortunate to work with him during my time as Speaker. His guidance, his advice, and his love of this place are truly second to none.

Marc is a generous, non-partisan professional. He is loyal, dedicated, and committed to always doing the right thing. He has demonstrated his sincere devotion since his days as a page, back in 1978. In addition to being recognized by his colleagues all around the globe as president of the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments, Marc is the co-editor of the second edition of House of Commons Procedure and Practice, known around here as O'Brien and Bosc. For those of us who find that book just a little too exhilarating, I understand that he is working on a book on birding, which I look forward to reading when he is finished.

In the aftermath of the shooting on Parliament Hill, Marc provided calm and focused leadership to get us through that crisis. He is a strong defender of the rights and privileges of the legislative branch of government.

Marc, I want to sincerely thank you again for your service. We will all miss you sitting at that table, and we wish you the very best in your future endeavours.

Foreign Investment June 14th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, this is not the first time the Prime Minister has misled Canadians when it comes to how our allies have reacted to one of his decisions. When he withdrew Canada's jets from the fight against ISIS, he claimed that none of our allies objected. However, we now know that is not true.

Here at home, we know all about his “consultations”. Informing someone of a decision is not a “consultation”.

If the Prime Minister did consult the United States on the Norsat sale, as he claims, could he tell us if any objections were raised and exactly who he consulted with?

Foreign Investment June 14th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, contrary to what the Prime Minister told the House, it is the cabinet that orders national security reviews of foreign takeovers. Plenty of experts are wondering why no such review was ordered for the sale of Norsat.

Now he is telling us that the United States was consulted, but the White House, the Defense department, the Treasury department, and the U.S. embassy are all refusing to comment.

Why is the Prime Minister misleading Canadians?

Public Safety June 14th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, yesterday the Prime Minister suggested that he did not have the money to give parents access to information about dangerous criminals living near their kids. This makes no sense. After all, he has found money to renovate offices, to move his friends from Toronto, and even for luxury vacations.

Why will the Prime Minister not do the right thing, help parents protect their kids, and create the publicly accessible child sex offender database?

Public Safety June 14th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, he is spending fast and loose and leaving future generations of Canadians with his bill.

For weeks, we have been asking the Prime Minister to reject the advice of his officials and take the sensible decision to make the National Sex Offender Registry public. Like me, the Prime Minister is a father. Both of us recognize the importance of protecting our children.

Why is the Prime Minister not giving all parents access to an important tool like the national sex offender registry?

Taxation June 14th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, in less than two years, the Prime Minister has turned a Conservative balanced budget into decades of Liberal deficits.

Leaving my kids with his credit card bill is bad enough, but now the Bank of Canada has indicated it might raise interest rates soon, something the U.S. has already done. Raising the interest rates by just a quarter point would mean at least a billion dollars in new interest charges.

Could the Prime Minister explain what new tax hikes he is planning or which programs he is going to cut to pay back all the Liberal debt?

Foreign Investment June 13th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister is jeopardizing our national security interests, and our allies are taking notice.

Can the Prime Minister explain what is wrong with holding a full, comprehensive national security review? Is he going to do it, yes or no? It is a clear question that deserves a clear answer.

Foreign Investment June 13th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, when the Prime Minister approves the sale of communications companies to appease the Chinese government, it raises concerns for our allies. Michael Wessel, head of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, said that Canada’s approval of the sale of Norsat to a Chinese entity raises significant national security concerns for the United States.

My question for the Prime Minister is simple. What harm would it do to conduct a comprehensive national security review of this transaction?