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Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was liberals.

Last in Parliament February 2023, as Conservative MP for Portage—Lisgar (Manitoba)

Won her last election, in 2021, with 53% of the vote.

Statements in the House

The Economy June 22nd, 2022

Mr. Speaker, they deny, deflect and blame.

Inflation has hit a 40-year high and Canadians are worse off than they ever could have imagined. With 7.7% inflation, it is Canadians who are suffering. While Liberals blame COVID, Putin and everything else, Conservatives have asked, and are still asking, that the Liberals cut taxes and give Canadians a break at the pumps. Even President Biden announced a three-month gas tax break, but these Liberals cold-heartedly keep saying “no”.

Liberals would rather see Canadians suffer than accept any of our good ideas. Is that not the truth?

Public Safety June 22nd, 2022

Mr. Speaker, somebody is not telling the truth, and it is not Superintendent Darren Campbell. He did not just experience this differently. We know the Liberals have a track record of interfering in investigations when it is to their advantage. When they are caught they deny it, then they deflect and then they blame. It is sickening to think that they are using the worst mass shooting in Canadian history for political gain, but it is very possible. We need to get to the truth on this.

Again, I am going to ask the minister and the government: Will they commit to a full and open investigation?

Public Safety June 22nd, 2022

Mr. Speaker, accusations that the Prime Minister used the Nova Scotia mass shooting to advance his political agenda are extremely troubling. We believe Superintendent Darren Campbell when he says that Commissioner Lucki pressured the RCMP to reveal certain information. We also believe that it is possible the commissioner was pressured by the PMO and the public safety minister's office. These Liberals have a pattern of interfering in investigations to advance their political agenda, just as we saw in SNC-Lavalin.

Will the government commit today to a full, open and transparent investigation to get to the bottom of this?

Hon. Member for Portage—Lisgar June 21st, 2022

I will leave it on the desk.

All joking aside, again, I thank everyone for their kind words. It has been a fun six months and it has been an incredible session. Our work is not over, but I know we will all finish strong because that is the kind of people we are.

I thank everyone here, including all members of Parliament, all of the support staff and the Speaker. We are getting ready to rise and go back to our ridings, so I wish all members a wonderful summer as we head back and work for our constituents.

Godspeed to everyone in the days ahead and God bless Canada.

Hon. Member for Portage—Lisgar June 21st, 2022

Mr. Speaker, that was very, very nice. It is amazing how when we want to be kind in this place, we can be very kind. It is just a little dig. I got that one.

No, that was really kind of everyone, and I do want to thank my deputy leader. I want to thank the leader of the Bloc Party. I want to thank the member for North Island—Powell River and the House leader for the Green Party and the member for Waterloo for those very kind comments.

Elizabeth, we did hug another time, one that you do not remember. It was in the studios at CTV. I think a pipeline had just been approved, so it must not have been under the Liberal government, but a pipeline was approved and Elizabeth came in and she was devastated. I was pretty happy, but she saw me and she said “I need a hug. I can't believe this pipeline was approved.” Remember that one? Yes, so we may have hugged another time.

I am very humbled and I am grateful for all of the kind words. It has really been an honour of my life to lead my Conservative colleagues and our party over the last several months, and it is not over yet. As the deputy leader said, I am still the leader until September 10, but I know this part of my leadership is coming to an end here in the House of Commons.

It has been not only an honour; I have also really enjoyed it immensely. It has been incredible to work alongside each one of these amazing MPs around me to make decisions that we believe are the best decisions for the people of Canada and our party, and we have done that together.

The last several months have been very gratifying as I have watched our caucus and our party heal some rifts and come together and be in probably one of the strongest positions that we have been in for a very long time. We are over 600,000 memberships strong. As I said to my caucus many times, we are not always uniform in our ideas and our perspectives, but we are genuinely unified in our goals.

This caucus has been an incredible group to lead, and I want to thank them for putting their faith in me. I was not expecting to be the leader of the party and it all happened very fast, literally over the course of a few hours, and there was no recess or riding week to get ready.

The House of Commons sat the next day, and I and the people around me stepped into our roles without missing a beat, or at least trying not to miss a beat, during a bit of a tumultuous time in our caucus and actually in our country. It was a pretty difficult time in the country. I want to take a moment, if I could, to thank a few people who were especially helpful during that time.

First of all are my whip, my House leader and the leadership team around me who stepped into their roles and were just amazing and so supportive, and they are very good friends. They have been servant leaders. We hear that term “servant leadership”; I would say these individuals around me have been true servant leaders to our caucus and I am so grateful for what they have done.

I also want to say a big thanks to three of my Hill office staff members, Neal MacDonald, Kim Baker and Grace Gallien. They were not hired to work for the leader of the Conservative Party, but when that happened overnight, all three of them just stepped into these roles and were amazing, and I am just so grateful. I know they sacrificed a lot.

I also want to thank my riding staff, Deb Giblin and Colleen Kyle, who have not seen much of me in six months. They have kept things going very successfully in the riding, and I am very grateful for them.

I thank as well William Stairs, my chief of staff, and Nancy Heppner, my director of communications. William actually came out of retirement to, as he said, make sure the ship stayed afloat; Nancy left her family and her home in Saskatchewan to be here for the last six months, and that is a real sacrifice. I am very grateful for what they have done.

As members of Parliament and as leaders, we get the credit a lot. We are in the limelight, but is these people, our staff members, who put up with a lot and work hard, and I want to make sure that they get the credit today that they deserve.

I do want to thank my family. My leadership came as a big surprise to my kids. They are not watching question period or the news all day every day, so on February 2 in the evening, they turned on the news and saw that their mom and grammy was the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. My children have sacrificed a lot over the last 14 years, but I know that they would say they gained a lot. Luke, Delaney and Parker are the very best kids in the world, and I am so grateful for their love and support. They are always proud of me and show it, and I love them very much. I thank them very, very much for being my kids.

I give a big thanks to my husband, my love, Michael, who has been a partner and my partner in this every step of the way. He has helped me be a better member of Parliament and a better leader because of his wisdom, his sense of humour and his support.

Although I will not be the leader after September 10, I know I still have a lot of work to do as a leader within our caucus and within our party and our movement. I am looking forward to working with our new leader and Conservatives around the country to do just that.

To close, as members know, and as the member for Waterloo mentioned, Michael and I did move into Stornoway and we will be there until the new leader is chosen. We have enjoyed being able to use it as a working house and a place for colleagues and others to gather, meet and talk about important issues facing our country.

Members will be interested to know that I am getting some mail at Stornoway addressed to past opposition leaders who lived there previously. Actually, I have gotten some mail for some of our previous leaders, and I plan to give it to them the next time I see them. However, if anyone on the Liberal side happens to know where Michael Ignatieff is these days, I think he may have won a prize in the lottery or something, because I got a piece of mail for him. Perhaps we can wait until after the next election, when the Liberals will be taking over Stornoway again. Maybe Michael Ignatieff will come back to visit and one of them can give him that piece of mail.

COVID-19 Response Measures June 21st, 2022

Mr. Speaker, gas station attendants, factory workers, nurses, janitors and farmers all show up for work, but the New Democrats, with the help of the Liberals, want to work from the comfort of their homes. How entitled are they? The New Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for propping up the Liberals and even more ashamed of themselves for not wanting to come to Ottawa to do their job.

Will the Prime Minister do the right thing and put an end to the hybrid Parliament so that we can all be here in Ottawa doing our jobs for Canadians?

COVID-19 Response Measures June 21st, 2022

Mr. Speaker, it is a repeat pattern and the Liberals are either complicit or incompetent. Either way, women are being harmed.

Now the NDP-Liberals are going to force a continuation of hybrid Parliament for another year. The Prime Minister and his Liberal ministers can travel around the world and the NDP can go on junkets, but they do not want to show up here to work. They want to collect a full-time paycheque while doing part-time work.

It is true the Prime Minister does not want to be here because he is afraid of accountability, but the New Democrats do not want to be here because they are afraid of hard work. Is that not the truth?

Sport June 21st, 2022

Mr. Speaker, yesterday we learned that government officials were made aware four years ago of reports of sexual assault by players at Hockey Canada. They did nothing and no one was held accountable. The only thing the Liberals did was give Hockey Canada another $14 million.

For a Prime Minister who claims to be a feminist, there seems to be a pattern of covering up and rewarding bad behaviour. It seems women really do not matter to the Prime Minister. How could he have let this happen?

Government Policies June 20th, 2022

Mr. Speaker, under the Liberals, those who commit a crime with a gun get to do their time at home. How is that protecting communities?

However, everything the Liberals touch is a disaster, whether it is the soft-on-crime and often misunderstood public safety minister, the heritage minister, who is taking away Canadians' online freedoms, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who invites her delegates to a party with the Russians, or a finance minister trying to spend her way out of inflation. It is all a disaster.

Is it not true that Canadians are much worse off today than they were seven years ago and that it is all because of terrible Liberal policies?

Public Safety June 20th, 2022

Mr. Speaker, under the Liberals, murders are at a 30-year high. We are seeing shootings and deaths increase. This weekend in Toronto is another sad example. However, we should not be surprised. The same minister who is busy misleading Canadians on the Emergencies Act is the one in charge of public safety.

The Liberals implementing gun bans while at the same time letting violent criminals into our communities is illogical and dangerous. Why will the soft-on-crime Liberals not do something to protect our streets and start by making sure that gangsters and drug dealers stay behind bars?