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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word is farmers.

Conservative MP for Grande Prairie—Mackenzie (Alberta)

Won his last election, in 2015, with 73% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Government Accountability March 24th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, the Liberals keep saying that they want to make this place work better. Well, I have a great idea: how about when we ask a question, they actually give us an answer? We have asked legitimate questions today, and nobody has given this side any answers.

We have asked about their secret negotiations and payments to Beijing. We have asked about the Prime Minister's abuse of taxpayers' money for his vacation. We have asked about his plan to permanently avoid accountability, his cuts to defence, his attack on the Alberta energy sector, his increased taxes on every hard-working family. If he wants to make our democracy better, why does the Prime Minister not start answering questions and quit trying so hard to make his life easier—

Questions Passed as Orders for Returns March 23rd, 2017

With regard to studies related to the legalization of illicit drugs conducted since November 4, 2015: (a) what are the details of any studies conducted by the government on the subject, including (i) who conducted the study, (ii) when it was completed, (iii) which drugs were studied, (iv) what were the findings of the study, (v) what was the internal tracking number of the study; and (b) what are the details of any outside studies conducted for the government, including (i) who conducted the study, (ii) when it was completed, (iii) which drugs were studied, (iv) what were the findings of the study, (v) what was the internal tracking number of the study, (vi) what was the vendor name, (vii) what was the amount of the contract, (viii) what was the date of the contract?

Questions Passed as Orders for Returns March 23rd, 2017

With regard to the purchase of televisions, since November 4, 2015, broken down by department and agency: (a) what is the total value of televisions purchased; (b) how many televisions have been purchased; and (c) what are the details of each purchase, including (i) make and model, (ii) size, (iii) price per unit, (iv) quantity, (v) was the television a 4K television, (vi) was the television a 3-D television?

Government Accountability March 7th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, Canadians expect the Prime Minister to answer questions in the House.

Let us review question period thus far. We have a Prime Minister who will not answer questions about his own ethical violations. We have a finance minister who continues in his carbon tax cover-up. We have a minister of industry who still will not admit to Canadians who he is selling our seniors residences to. The cover-ups, the misleading, and quite frankly the outright lack of integrity are what the Liberals have become.

When will the Prime Minister start leading the government the way Canadians expect? When will he clean up this mess?

Justice March 7th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, in 2015, Constable David Wynn was shot and killed in the line of duty. This incident was completely preventable. His killer was out on bail at the time, notwithstanding that he had 50 prior criminal convictions, 38 outstanding charges, and several failures to appear. Yet, due to a loophole in the Criminal Code, none of that was brought to the attention of the judge at the bail application hearing.

Today, Shelly MacInnis-Wynn is in Ottawa to draw attention to legislation that my colleagues have proposed that would close the loophole that cost her husband his life.

In the past, the justice minister has said that she will oppose this legislation. However, I wonder today if she will put aside partisan politics. Yes, she is on the red team and my colleagues are on the blue team, but I wonder if she would consider the good that we could do by working together to honour the memory of Constable Wynn, and ensure that no family ever suffers such a great loss as to know that their loved one's death could have been prevented if only this law had been passed.

Stuart McLean February 16th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, yesterday Canada lost a brilliant storyteller. Stuart McLean had a lengthy career in radio, but it was as the creator, author, and performer of Vinyl Cafe that Canadians from all walks of life came to hear his greatest works and meet the characters who quickly became part of our families: Dave, Morley, the kids, and the neighbours.

Years ago around Christmas time, my wife Michelle and I discovered the story “Dave Cooks the Turkey”. It has become a Christmas tradition in our household, as important as any other festive preparations, to listen to the fictional account of Dave forgetting to buy the family Christmas turkey. Those who know Stuart's work know and only can imagine the hilarity that follows.

Today we share our deepest sympathies with Stuart's family, colleagues, and friends. May they be comforted in the knowledge that Stuart's stories that drew us together all these years will continue to bring joy for years to come.

Ethics February 8th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, Canadians are not buying these lines from the other side.

Under the Liberal government, Canada 2020 has become an extension of the government. It has received tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds from multiple ministers. Canada 2020 has even boasted about setting up offices in the parliamentary precinct.

Canadians are not buying this, and they are not buying that the Prime Minister should continue to be able to funnel taxpayers' money to his friends. When will the Prime Minister put a stop to this?

Questions Passed as Orders for Return January 30th, 2017

With regard to the website: (a) what are the details of all briefing notes, memorandums or dockets related to the website or the contract with Vox Pro Labs, including the (i) date, (ii) sender, (iii) recipient, (iv) title, (v) summary, (vi) file number?

Questions Passed as Orders for Return January 30th, 2017

With regards to expenditures by Minister’s Offices, since November 4, 2015, and broken down by Minister’s Office: (a) what is the total amount spent on external translators; and (b) what are the details for each of the contracts or expenditures in (a) including (i) date, (ii) vendor, (iii) amount, (iv) description of work or project, (v) file number?

Ethics November 28th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister has stated that Chinese nationals were at the Liberal Party fundraiser so that he could “draw in investment” from these billionaires. He secured some investment all right, $1 million for his family-run foundation.

Canadians deserve answers. These events break every element of the Prime Minister's ethics rules.

When will the Prime Minister finally come clean with Canadians and admit what he gave in exchange for this $1-million payment?