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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was liberal.

Last in Parliament October 2015, as Conservative MP for Cariboo—Prince George (B.C.)

Won his last election, in 2011, with 56% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Natural Resources September 28th, 2012

Mr. Speaker, our natural resource sector is a powerhouse in the Canadian economy and it employs hundreds of thousands of Canadians. That is because this Conservative government has taken action to strengthen this important sector by streamlining reviews while ensuring that Canada's environment remains safe.

Could the parliamentary secretary explain what the NDP's plan to add an even greater red tape burden and a carbon tax would do to Canada's resource sector?

Petitions September 21st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, the second petition calls on the House of Commons and Parliament assembled to speedily enact legislation that restricts abortion to the greatest extent possible.

Petitions September 21st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, I have two petitions to present on behalf of constituents of Cariboo--Prince George.

The first petition calls on the House of Commons and Parliament assembled to confirm that every human being is recognized in Canadian law as human by amending section 223 of our Criminal Code in such as way as to reflect 21st century medical evidence.

Increasing Offenders' Accountability for Victims Act September 21st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, I noticed that toward the end, and even throughout, the member was talking about new programs to stem the crime rate and steer young people into education and jobs. I would hope that when the NDP members, and perhaps that member, come to committee to discuss the bill they will not just once again bring in the mantra of “we need a program for this, we need a program for that”. If they have an idea for a program, and I hope they will, the way to do it is to bring that program, the cost of the program and a cost-benefit analysis of the program. That is the job they should be doing, rather than just arbitrarily asking for a program for this. They should come prepared with their request for a program to demonstrate the cost and the benefit of it.

Copyright Modernization Act June 15th, 2012

Madam Speaker, I appreciate the member's speech and some of the important aspects he is trying to get across. We have to realize that this is a very important piece of legislation that has to address an entire industry. We can only do that by trying to find a balance. That is what this legislation has effectively done, provide a balance with flexibility built in, so that when individual concerns come up, we are able to address them.

With respect to the legislation, we want to strengthen our ability to compete in the global digital economy. This is important for Canada because it is a global digital economy.

I hope the member understands that while the aspects he is bringing up are important, as the minister stated earlier, there is flexibility within the bill to deal with situations as they may arise, as the bill goes forward, and it attempts to provide the protection that is required by both the consumers and the industry to make us competitive globally.

Copyright Modernization Act June 15th, 2012

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order. History shows that the member for Timmins—James Bay tends to wander off on a dozen or more tangents during his speeches, but we are talking about a particular bill. If I am going to sit and listen to him, I would like to have his thoughts on the specific bill because that is what is important. I wish the hon. member would stick to his discussions about the bill. I am sure he feels he has some valid points to make about the bill and I would like him to make them.

Canadian Forces Day June 1st, 2012

Mr. Speaker, this Sunday, Canadians will celebrate Canadian Forces Day. Our brave men and women in uniform serve their country with pride at home and abroad. Their dedication to protecting our freedom and sovereignty is treasured by every Canadian. Canadians show their pride and appreciation by wearing red on Fridays.

Later today, the streets of our nation's capital will be awash in red as thousands take part in a walk/run in red event. It is through events like this and the personal gestures of millions of Canadians who wear red every Friday that we can continue to thank them.

On behalf of my constituents, this House and all Canadians, I want to thank the members of our Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force for their extraordinary and brave service.

Canada Pension Plan May 18th, 2012

Madam Speaker, I rise on a point of order. I appreciate the member bringing a bill like this forward. I understand it is a very simple bill talking about bi-monthly payments. He is straying in so many different areas; I am trying to get the gist of his argument. I would appreciate learning why this would be a benefit, particularly this. Also, he has not talked about the financial obligation of the government, how it is going to pay for the extra and how much it would cost. I would like to know all of this.

Natural Resources May 17th, 2012

Mr. Speaker, the NDP leader's attack on the west is repulsive. Yesterday, B.C.'s finance minister called out the NDP leader for his incredibly stupid and ignorant comments about the role of natural resources in Canada's economy.

In British Columbia, natural resources have been an important part of our economy since before Confederation. Will the government please tell the House just how its plan for a strong and diverse economy in B.C. and across Canada includes the natural resources of the country?

Employment Insurance May 17th, 2012

Mr. Speaker, I am happy to announce that at last night's vote, my private member's Bill C-316 passed its third reading and is on its way to the Senate.

This legislation would change the provisions in the Employment Insurance Act that would allow convicted offenders to receive extensions to their EI qualifying and benefit periods that were not available to honest, hard-working Canadians. Bill C-316 would change the law so that people found guilty of crimes would no longer have their qualifying or benefit periods extended by their time spent in jail and no longer give them preferential treatment over honest, hard-working Canadians.

I thank my colleagues for supporting this bill and seeing it pass so we can continue to support Canadians who work hard and obey the law.