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Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was industry.

Last in Parliament October 2015, as Conservative MP for Egmont (P.E.I.)

Lost her last election, in 2015, with 29% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Employment Insurance October 8th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, let me be clear that this change is all about fairness. Maybe the member can tell his constituents and Nova Scotians how many regions there are in Nova Scotia.

The Environment October 8th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, at this stage, the only work that is being conducted at Cacouna is exploratory work, and this work has been carefully reviewed by scientists and authorized by scientists, contingent on the very strictest conditions. DFO has scientists specifically devoted to marine mammals, including St. Lawrence belugas, and as I said, projects will only move forward if they are safe for Canadians and safe for the environment.

The Environment October 8th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, we have said that projects will only move forward if they are safe for Canadians and safe for the environment.

TransCanada has not even submitted the construction of a marine terminal at Cacouna for review, so how can we turn down something that has not been applied for?

Fisheries and Oceans October 2nd, 2014

Yes, Mr. Speaker, certainly our officials are investigating. I share the concerns of my colleague with regard to the exceptionally low runs of Atlantic salmon, but we are doing a lot of things, a lot of management measures, because conservation is the number one priority of our government.

Along with things that have been identified, such as conservation and protection, I can assure the hon. member that in 2013 alone, there were almost 65,000 hours dedicated to the monitoring and enforcement of Atlantic salmon throughout Atlantic Canada.

Fisheries and Oceans October 2nd, 2014

Mr. Speaker, on the expansion of mussel leases in Malpeque Bay, there has been no decision, but I can say that science will guide that decision, along with consultations with stakeholders.

Fisheries and Oceans October 1st, 2014

Mr. Speaker, unfortunately, the decision to prohibit directed fishing of shrimp in 3L was not surprising. Several other groundfish stocks will be seeing an increase in total allowable catch, such as redfish, Greenland halibut, and witch flounder.

We know that effective fisheries management must rely on scientific advice. I hope that the member is not suggesting that we ignore science, and fish stocks collapse.

The Environment September 30th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, we do take it seriously, and that is why we have only authorized a minor geotechnical survey to take place in the Cacouna area.

The work was authorized based on scientific information and under the very strictest conditions that would mitigate any potential harm to the marine life there. The actual construction of the marine terminal has not been submitted or reviewed, and it has certainly not been authorized.

The Environment September 29th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, this decision was made by scientists and was based on science. After DFO conducted its review and delivered the authorization based on scientific expertise, under the strictest conditions, this minor exploratory work was granted. Authorization was granted.

As far as scientists speaking, the House should know that over the last two years, DFO scientists have done over 600 interviews with the media.

Intergovernmental Affairs September 29th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, the authorization that was granted by the federal government was for minor exploratory work only. Any application for the building of a terminal has not even come forward yet, and when it does it will be subject to the full NEB environmental process.

However, the Quebec court decision has nothing to do with the review conducted by DFO. Quebec conducts its own reviews, under its own laws.

DFO conducted its review and delivered an authorization which was based upon scientific expertise, and under the strictest conditions.

Fisheries and Oceans September 25th, 2014

Mr. Speaker, perhaps the member did not hear my answer.

This is a test fishery with a 2,000 tonne quota for the entire fleet, large and small ships. The larger ships had opted not to participate in this test fishery for the last few years, and this year they did.

This is currently being reviewed.