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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was technology.

Last in Parliament October 2019, as Liberal MP for Don Valley North (Ontario)

Won his last election, in 2015, with 51% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Petitions June 20th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, I am honoured today to present a petition signed by hundreds of people in Don Valley North and across Canada who are calling on the Government of Canada to create a time bank system. Time banks in other countries help address the physical, social, and mental health needs of a growing number of seniors and persons with disabilities. Therefore, hundreds of petitioners today are calling on the government and the National Seniors Council to support the creation of a time bank system as soon as possible in this country.

Chief Electoral Officer June 8th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour today to present a petition signed by Canadians who are calling on the Government of Canada to ensure that all children in Canada have a good start in life by addressing social and economic inequality. The petitioners are calling on the Government of Canada to put children's best interests on the public agenda.

Tri-Congregational Churches June 8th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, there are three churches in my riding that have been serving people for almost 50 years under one roof. In 1970, all three churches were holding separate services in portables, so they pooled their resources and built Tri-Congregational Churches on Finch Avenue.

Last Saturday, I attended the Tri-Church community fair and open house. I was amazed at how the members of these churches played together in harmony.

I commend the spirit of co-operation of the four church reverends: Philip Der, Victor Li, Robert Reid, and Wes Chang.

At a time when so many of our institutions are breaking apart, it is heartwarming to see a community growing together.

Seniors May 9th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, imagine if Canadians who volunteer to help seniors could bank hours of credit, to be redeemed in kind upon their own retirements. In other words, young people and capable adults who provide care to seniors would bank the time and then exchange it for care when they themselves are seniors. This system would provide additional social care to Canada's seniors. It is a solution that would run on time, not money. This scheme would encourage more people to provide unpaid help to seniors in Canada. By registering, they would build up a care pension, claimable in the form of care during their own retirements.

In recent years, some countries, such as Switzerland, have experimented with time banking as part of their retirement plans. I encourage my fellow parliamentarians to support such a time-bank system in Canada.

Science and Research March 29th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to hear from the scientists in my region that after a decade of questions from their international counterparts about why the Conservative government was opposed to science, Canada is once again being viewed as a leader in science around the world and many of their international counterparts want to work in Canada.

Could the Parliamentary Secretary for Science tell the House what our government is doing to capitalize on our renewed scientific reputation to recruit the top international talent?

Hong Fook Mental Health Association March 27th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, in any given year, one in five Canadians will personally experience a mental health issue or illness. Immigrants and refugees in Canada are under more stress than people born in Canada.

Since 1982, the Hong Fook Mental Health Association has helped well over 100,000 newcomers manage mental issues. Many former clients and their family members are now among its 300 long-time volunteers. Hong Fook's 64 staff members speak seven different languages and provide culturally sensitive services within the greater Toronto area.

I salute this valuable institution for keeping newcomers mentally healthy and happy for 36 years. The name says it all. In the original language, hong fook means healthy and happy.

Interparliamentary Delegations March 26th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, pursuant to Standing Order 34(1), I have the honour to present to the House, in both official languages, the report of the Canadian parliamentary delegation of the Canada-China Legislative Association respecting its participation in the co-chair's annual visit to China from May 19 to May 26, 2017, and the 21st bilateral meeting held in China from August 16 to August 26, 2017.

Spring Festival February 14th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, on the occasion of Spring Festival, we come together to bridge our cultural differences and strengthen our multicultural society. Spring Festival is a time to celebrate the contributions of Canadians of Asian heritage to the growth and prosperity of Canada. Thanks to this country's multiculturalism, new Canadians from all parts of the world enjoy harmony, cross-cultural understanding, and mutual respect.

I encourage all my colleagues to participate in tonight's Spring Festival reception, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., in the Sir John A. Macdonald Building. It is a chance to see first-hand how Canada's commitment to diversity and multiculturalism is what makes this country so special.

Happy Spring Festival.

Interparliamentary Delegations December 13th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, pursuant to Standing Order 34(1), I have the honour to present to the House, in both official languages, the report of the Canadian parliamentary delegation respecting its participation in the co-chairs annual visit to China of the Canada-China Legislative Association held in Kunming and Hainan, People's Republic of China, October 10 to 14, 2016.

Tourism Industry December 4th, 2017

Mr. Speaker, my riding of Don Valley North is located in the greater Toronto area, which offers marquee destinations for tourists from China, including Niagara Falls, Casa Loma, Rouge National Urban Park, and world-class cuisine.

Can the parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Small Business and Tourism please update this House on the government's plan to tap into the Chinese tourism market?