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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was lot.

Last in Parliament October 2015, as Conservative MP for West Nova (Nova Scotia)

Won his last election, in 2011, with 47% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Children's Wish Foundation February 7th, 2012

Mr. Speaker, yesterday marked the inaugural presentation of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals. Among the recipients was a young constituent of mine, Bryden Hutt, from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

As an infant, Bryden was diagnosed with Omenn syndrome. This is a rare disease that is basically a lack of immune system. He received a lifesaving bone marrow transplant a few years later. Support from the Children's Wish Foundation allowed Bryden to travel to Walt Disney World; a trip he was able to share with his donor, a German boy.

Bryden was so touched by this gift that he dedicated himself to raising money for the foundation so more children could have their own wishes granted. Over the past few years, he has raised $35,000 for the foundation. Thanks to his selfless dedication to others, Bryden has allowed other children to experience the joy of having a dream come true. As the youngest recipient at Monday's ceremony, Bryden Hutt is an inspiration to all of us.

I congratulate Bryden.

Committees of the House December 12th, 2011

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the second report of the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs in relation to commemorative celebrations in the 21st century.

Committees of the House November 30th, 2011

Mr. Speaker, I have the honour to present, in both official languages, the first report of the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs in relation to the Supplementary Estimates (B), 2011-12.

Remembrance Day October 31st, 2011

Mr. Speaker, 93 years ago, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the guns of the First World War fell silent. On November 11, our nation will pause to remember the generations of Canadians who have bravely served our country, and we will honour those who continue to serve today.

With the First World War centennial approaching, let us take a moment to remember some of the historic milestones that contributed to our proud military heritage and helped shape our country: the Battle of Passchendaele, the Battle of the Somme, the Battle of Beaumont Hamel and the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Throughout these battles, regiments from across the country fought together to forge a new and stronger sense of Canadian identity.

This important chapter in our history must not be lost, and we should all encourage young Canadians to take an active role in remembrance by taking an active role ourselves.

Lest we forget.

Veterans Affairs October 27th, 2011

Mr. Speaker, I know a chair must be fair and neutral, but the bizarre behaviour of this member forces me to answer with what he has been trying to do in the last number of days.

Our committee has been looking very carefully at the accusations he made about great cutbacks and loss of opportunity for veterans. That was proven by the witnesses to be absolutely wrong. Our government has made major commitments to veterans and will continue to do so because it is so important.

The fact that the member continues to disrupt the committee is something he has to look within himself for. The committee membership—

Bay of Fundy October 20th, 2011

Mr. Speaker, as I said in the House in March, the Bay of Fundy is Canada's finalist in a prestigious global campaign to identify the New 7 Wonders of Nature. I am pleased that other colleagues have spoken in Parliament in support of the Bay of Fundy.

Time is running out and we need the help of all Canadians. Our Bay of Fundy belongs in the company of other prestigious finalists, like the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef and the Galapagos Islands.

The top New 7 Wonders of Nature will be announced on November 11, just three weeks away. A win for the Bay of Fundy would have huge significance for Canada on a global scale. It may be one of the best known destinations in the world.

I am once again asking all members of the House to support this initiative and encourage their constituents to vote for the Bay online and by text. With the help of Canadians, we can ensure that on November 11, Canadians will be proud to hear the Bay of Fundy declared one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

A vote for the Bay of Fundy is a vote for Canada.

National Parks October 17th, 2011

Mr. Speaker, in the past six years, our government has taken action that will result in an increase of Parks Canada's network of national parks and national marine conservation areas by 50%. This morning the Minister of the Environment was in Nova Scotia to expand on this commitment to create new protected areas.

Could the parliamentary secretary update Canadians on what took place in Halifax today?

Veterans October 6th, 2011

Mr. Speaker, when the new veterans charter was introduced, our Conservative government promised Canada's veterans that it would be a living document, and we kept our promise. This week, the enhancements to the new veterans charter came into force. Through these enhancements, we are providing improved care and financial assistance, an enhanced earnings loss benefit and options for disability award payments.

Canada's veterans requested changes to the new veterans charter and we responded.

Enhancements to the new veterans charter are just one way in which the Conservative government is working to provide our veterans and their families the support they need. We must never forget the wonderful contribution these great Canadians have made to our country.

The Budget March 24th, 2011

Madam Speaker, I am pleased to rise to ask a couple of questions of the member, a fellow Atlantic Canadian. We certainly share some concerns.

I was surprised, though, that she referred to beer advertising, because I think it was her leader who compared beer advertising and the Canadian flag, which probably gave a sense of where the Liberal priorities might be sometimes.

I was also surprised at her comments about the ferries. I would have thought she would be singing from the rooftops about the fact this government provides brand new ferries to Marine Atlantic for Newfoundland, recognizing the incredibly important constitutional obligation to look after transportation connections across the country. That is certainly an obligation that has been honoured. I understand that most Newfoundlanders are very pleased that this Conservative government has put new ferries in place. Maybe the member can clarify that. Maybe I am wrong; maybe the old ferries should have been left in place. I might have misunderstood that.

I would also like the member to comment on the growth of the deficit. I remember the comments from Newfoundland. Even though they supported the stimulus spending, the sense was that we were wasting a lot of money on stimulus spending and wasting too much money on signs about stimulus spending, which I understood just pointed out how many projects there were.

I wonder if the member would want to comment on whether she felt those stimulus projects were in fact a benefit to Newfoundland.

Petitions March 24th, 2011

Mr. Speaker, I wish to present a petition from the congregation of St. Luke's Anglican Church in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. The petition is in support of the elimination of poverty in Canada.