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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was federal.

Last in Parliament October 2015, as Forces et Démocratie MP for Haute-Gaspésie—La Mitis—Matane—Matapédia (Québec)

Lost his last election, in 2015, with 12% of the vote.

Statements in the House

The Budget April 20th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, with the federal budget being tabled tomorrow, I would like to call on the government one last time to help communities and middle-class and less fortunate families instead of big corporations and the richest taxpayers.

Tomorrow, the government will renew some tax measures and announce new ones, including income splitting, which will mostly benefit the wealthiest taxpayers. In all, in 2015 alone, $2.5 billion will go into the pockets of those who already have money. Ordinary families will have to be content with crumbs.

Instead of doing that, the government could invest in the transportation sector by maintaining and upgrading rail and marine infrastructure. It could launch a second phase of the eastern Quebec forestry development program for private forests. It could support scientific research at MLI, spend money on affordable housing and come up with a meaningful contribution to stimulus plans for the regions.

The people are hoping that, tomorrow, the federal government will focus on the families that need the most help and on their communities.

Infrastructure March 31st, 2015

Mr. Speaker, although it may not seem like it yet, summer is coming, along with the construction season.

Municipalities need to get going now on planning the infrastructure work they can get done before next winter. Unfortunately, they do not know how much money they will have because Ottawa has still not reached an agreement with Quebec on the building Canada plan.

Will the minister stop telling us that it is the largest infrastructure program in history and realize that if municipalities do not have access to the money in time, there will be no credible plan in the short term?

Forestry Industry March 31st, 2015

Mr. Speaker, in the 1980s and 1990s, 72 million trees were planted on privately held forest land through a federal forest development program in eastern Quebec.

Today these trees are between 20 and 30 years old and in need of maintenance work in order to preserve their value, but the federal government has not announced any follow-up program.

On the eve of the budget, private forest owners have expectations. They need support in order to proceed with the required maintenance work and develop the wood.

Will the government support them, or will it allow a $100 million investment to rot away?

Public Safety March 10th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, the study of Bill C-51 is being derailed.

The Conservatives have turned a legitimate study into a toxic debate. The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness is fearmongering rather than fulfilling his duties. He even referred to the Holocaust to justify the bill. This shocking comparison is worrisome because it indicates that the Conservatives are prepared to twist all the facts to achieve their ends.

It is not surprising that they are refusing to listen to experts such as the Privacy Commissioner, who is worried about the impact Bill C-51 will have on freedom of expression, surveillance of civil society groups and the integrity of personal information that will be shared by the agencies and departments.

Every day, it becomes clearer that the Conservatives do not intend to let the truth and the adverse consequences of Bill C-51 extinguish the flame of terror that they are fanning. They are hanging on to Bill C-51 like a lifeline in order get re-elected, even if it means sacrificing some of the rights and freedoms of millions of Canadians.

Respect for Communities Act March 9th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, I agree to apply the vote and will vote no.

CBC/Radio-Canada March 9th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, along with hundreds of others, I was in Rimouski yesterday to reaffirm the importance of having a high quality public broadcaster for all regions of Quebec. Like the people of Montreal and Quebec City, citizens who live in Abitibi, Côte-Nord, Saguenay, the Lower St. Lawrence and the Gaspé have a right to information on subjects that affect their communities. We also want people everywhere else to hear about us.

Does the minister realize that she has a responsibility to protect the CBC, rather than simply repeating the same empty rhetoric that is insulting to CBC employees?

Employment Insurance February 16th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, instead of helping workers who lose their jobs and fall on tough times, the federal government is doing precisely the opposite and acting like a bully.

A survey released last week showed that instead of helping applicants get what they are entitled to, the federal government is making Service Canada staff use practices intended to discourage the unemployed from claiming employment insurance benefits. Then people are surprised when a record number of unemployed Canadians are not receiving employment insurance.

When will the government treat workers who lose their jobs as people who deserve respect and not as people to be fleeced?

Justice February 16th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, Quebeckers had the courage to hold a non-partisan debate on the right to die with dignity.

However, the federal government has always refused to recognize the law passed by the National Assembly. Ottawa has always responded by saying that the Criminal Code applies. This lame excuse no longer holds water, since the Supreme Court just struck down the section that banned patients from putting an end to their suffering.

Now that the Criminal Code excuse no longer holds water, will the Minister of Justice finally commit to recognizing and fully honouring the Quebec law?

Committees of the House February 4th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, the members of Forces et démocratie agree to apply the vote and will vote in favour of the motion.

Infrastructure February 4th, 2015

Mr. Speaker, when the provincial premiers met in Ottawa last week, they reiterated that it is critically important for the federal government to invest in infrastructure. They described this issue as key to economic growth.

I had the opportunity to meet with the Minister of Infrastructure several times regarding extending the runway at the Mont-Joli regional airport. Quite frankly, the minister always demonstrated a good understanding of this issue and its strategic importance for the region.

Is the government preparing to make a good-news announcement?